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Chapter 29:Anyone see this coming?

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Kara deals with the fued between Ryan and Brendon.

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"The baby???" Lilee asked.

Brendon lowered his head and sighed. "Yes, Lilee, the baby."

She shook her head and started walking around the room restlessly. "Our baby? The one everyone was being super supportive about until the second?"

He nodded. "I have no idea why. But he said it was something on /MTV/." He looked at her. "All over the news-Ryan said Pete was the one who pointed it out to him." He breathed heavily. "Now Ryan's pissed because he thinks it's gonna ruin everything we have."

"That-how... how the hell could they've found out?"

"They got pictures of us... they already know we're dating." He shook his head. "We've been stalked."

Lilee threw herself on the bed. "And where did they put those pictures?"

"Magazines... tv. Every music station we have something about us is there."

"Crap..." She said. "I can see why Ryan's mad but he can't blame it on you! It wasn't your fault we got caught. It is you're fault I'm pregnant but... it's stupid. He should blame the press. Talk to them or something..."

"Can we worry about it in the morning? I'm too exhausted to talk about this now..." Brendon sighed, jumping into the bed.

Lilee turned her head to his direction. "Fine... I need to talk to Kara about this... this is so messed up."

"Night." He kissed her on the cheek.

Lilee rolled her eyes. "Night."


The next morning was a quite one. Spencer and Jon took it badly.

"That's it!!!" Kara finally said. She smacked both Brendon and Ryan in the head. "What the hell is wrong with you guys?!" She got up, knocking one of the chairs to the floor. "Why aren't you talking? It's been almost a month! You haven't spoken to each other! Not on stage, not in interviews! You're starting rumors about the band breaking up! What the hell is happening?"

"At the moment breaking up seems like a great idea for the band right now, Kara!" Ryan yelled.

Spencer had a shocked look on his face. "And all of a sudden you're making the decisions? What the hell happened to you guys?"

Ryan looked at Spencer with angry. "Well, we can all blame this on 'mr. I'm ruining everything' here!!!" He said pointing to Brendon.

Lilee was just about ready to burst into tears. Was it her fault they were like this? If she hadn't been here in the first place, would they be here now? She shook her head and put it on the table.

Kara sat down besides her. "I don't get you... you guys are making everything worse around here." She said, calmly, already in tears.

Jon was the only one who noticed this. "Guys shut up! You're making them upset!!"

Brendon felt deeply with shame. He took Lilee's hand and took her to another room. "Blame it on me then... I honestly don't give a crap at the moment. I have too much going on right now to care about this... If you want me to leave... then fine... I'm goin', bye."

As soon as he left, Spencer slammed his fist on the table. "See what you're doing? Lilee needs us! You don't have to care about Brendon, fine Ryan but Lilee, she's fucking 18 years old and pregnant. She doesn't need this in her condition!"

"Spencer's right." Kara said, wiping away tears. "You're just making this worse. Who cares if this got out? What's more important? Your fame? Or Your family? Which includes Brendon in it." Kara said shortly before storming out of the room.

Spencer and Jon followed.

Ryan sat there, still and shook his head. "What have I done?"


Later on that day Brendon was in his room reflecting on everything that had happened that morning.

'This isn't normal. It is my fault. I was the one who got her pregnant... the one who got caught with her. I shouldn't have dated her in the first place. I'm better off just leaving. Ryan was-' His thoughts were interrupted by a soft knock at the door.


"It's umm, it's Ryan."

Brendon sat still. "Come in..."



"Umm, I'm really sorry about the way I've acted. Spencer and Kara were right. Fame isn't as important as family... I don't know why I got so angry, just the thought of los-"

"Stop. I know what you're saying and I forgive you. I can blame myself on the pictures but I wasn't gonna make such a big deal out of it. So something like this gets out... big deal."

Ryan nodded. "Yeah. I didn't like the idea of breaking up either..."

"I didn't like it either."


Brendon stalled for a second before grabbing Ryan's hand and shaking it. "Best friends." Ryan pulled Brendon into a hug.



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