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Forgive Me

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His lifeblood, warm and red, runs over my hands. I watch my brother gasp for air that will not come and I stand before him feeling his life trickle between my figures.

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Forgive Me

His lifeblood, warm and red, runs over my hands. I watch my brother gasp for air that will not come and I stand before him feeling his life trickle between my figures. I smirk as he sinks to his knees, weak and helpless. I raise my hand to my mouth and taste his blood, bitter, metallic, and better then all the sweets in the world.

"Sasuke." He manages to rasp out my name. I leer down at him, nothing can ruin this moment of triumph.

"Yes Itachi?" I ask, twisting my voice to fill it with false concern "Is something wrong?" He's down on his hands now coughing up precious blood.

"Forgive..." He begins only to be cut off by a bloody cough, "Forgive me." He forces out. My face twists out of its impassive facade into a mask of rage and hate.

"No." I spit, all toying has fled my voice now, and I kick him hard in the side, I can hear his ribs snap. The sound sends a wave of pleasure down my spine. I listen as his raged breathing ceases, but I stand long after his blood cakes on to my hands. I wait for the sense of fulfillment that doesn't come. I fill empty and more alone then I have ever felt. I try to recapture the feeling of victory, but it is now only a fleeting memory. I am left with his words ringing through my head, /forgive me/. I spit on his corpus in disgust even in his death he torments me. Surely the ecstasy of achieving my life's goal will come; but all that comes is the feeling that I have lost my purpose.

I turn and walk away, lost, a planet-less moon. My brother's blood clings to me and his words chase me. My pace quickens till I am running. The emptiness is spreading through me like a plague. I have killed him, but I am still too weak to destroy him. I can feel my chest grow tight. I stumble and fall the rough ground cuts my knees. What is my purpose? I stare at my hand, red with his blood and I vomit. I feel compelled to wash myself of him, to rid myself his existence. I stumble down the path till I find a stream. I plunged my hands into the icy water and watch as it washes the blood from my hands, but it won't wash the blood from my clothes. I rip them from my body and set them on fire. The flames dance before my eyes; eyes of a boy, eyes of a man. My father's face dances in the flames, looking through me as always. My mother's face is next; smiling and covered with blood. I scream as his face mocks me from the flames.

"Forgive me." He mouths. I throw my head back and howl toward the velvet sky. I wait for the pain, but it doesn't come. If you don't have a reason to be you cannot live, you only exist. Things that only exist can't feel. I know the pain won't come, because I know it can't come. Why should I continue to exist if I cannot live? I struggle to find a clean kunai in my discarded bag. I raise the kunai to drive it into me, to let it end my existence, but strong pair of hands stops me.

"Live for me, Sasuke." A voice whispers. One hand gently removes the kunai from my numb fingers, the other strokes my hair. My limbs begin to feel weak and I collapse into their waiting arms. A voice murmurs soothing words in my ear. The dull ach of chakra loss fills my bones. I feel my consciences slipping away from me. I reach for it but it escapes and I feel the blessed black embrace me.


AN: I hope you liked it! I had fun writing it, so I hope it was enjoyable to read.
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