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Her Escape

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Sex. Pete and a girl he met, named Jess.

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First FOB related sex story. No slash- but a story between Pete Wentz and a girl named Jess. Jess isn't based on anyone I know.


As I neared the bedroom door- her body came into view. Nearing closer her face came into view. Her eyes were still directed on the wall as I entered. It was now visible from the running eye makeup that she had been crying. This perhaps wasn't the time, but something about the image was erotic. Her tears slowly gliding down her soft cheeks, only to then fall on the skin of her collarbones.

Stepping into the room Jess was finally aware of my presence. She moved up onto her left hand, wiping the eyeliner filled tears. Large smudges were visible on her face- but only slightly. A slight smile, enlightened her previous dark features. I returned the grin, but I knew they pain she was going through. Her mother was just pronounced dead after a large bus and car accident.

I sat on the side of the bed running my fingertips up and down the tanned skin of her thighs. Jess sat their wearing a pair of black lacy- skimpy cut underwear and one of my hoodie jumpers, which was a dress on her lean petite body. Goosebumps slightly appeared on her skin, I was having an affect on her.

Looking at her face, I knew she wanted to escape. Escape into a world of lust, passion and love. Leaning forward I pressed my lips softly to hers. I had known her for over nine months now, seven of which we'd slept together. But some of this time I got the wrong signal. A kiss, a touch was my way of testing her waters. Jess leaned forward, kissing me hard. I immediately reacted, pressing the same force into the kiss. Her soft fingertips now ran through my hair, perhaps even giving her a support as I felt her body slowly give way into the feeling.

Her slender legs were now straddling me as our kisses became more fierce and hurried. I pushed my own jumper up as I began pushing her body closer to me, by her lower back. My fingertips now pressed on her hips, making her slightly gasp. This gesture from her broke the kiss. I ran my lips slowly down her neck, until I reached her collarbone. Biting down softly on her skin she moaned.

I left her neck, bringing my hands to the jumper. Slowly I unzipped the jumper, kissing my way down the centre of her chest. The jumper was finally off and lying behind me on the bed. Returning to her lips I kissed her once again lustfully, my tongue entered into the familiar taste. But this time there was an extra ingredient- vodka. This had obviously been the way she was coping with it. Still I focused on her body and reactions. I noticed that she began grinding down on my painfully hard erection. The affect wasn't only on her, but me now. Not only was she doing that but her hands left my hair to lift up the shirt I wore. Once again it came off with ease.

The two of us didn't return to our previous places of before, but instead looked at each other directly in the eye. I knew from her dark, lustful look she wanted to continue. From her view she no doubt knew I wanted the same. It appeared Jess did as she moved forward and began trying to undo my belt. Her head was bent in concentration and I began nipping at her earlobe and neck. I then whispered softly into her ear, "If you can't get it undone then i guess you can't get to my-"

I was cut off by Jess finally releasing the belt from its buckle. I knew I now had to stop her action so I could get her out of the lacy underwear. I moved forward, holding her by the waist and standing up. On cue she wrapped her legs around my torso. From this movement I could feel the heat and wet from her centre. Not only that, but her nipples racked at my skin. The sensation set my skin on fire. I moved onto the bed where I laid Jess' body. Her breathing was ragged and fast, making her breasts move in an erotic way. Moving on top of her I kissed her navel before moving up and capturing her lips again. I knew Jess' attention was now fully focused on this moment, so I moved my hands down to her panty line.

Jess moaned instantly, as she felt my hands guide their way under the material. My hands touched the wetness, this lubricating my two fingers as they entered. Jess' back arched, moving her away from me more. She was enjoying it, but she'll enjoy it more when I move my fingers. I did just that, my fingers moved in and out of her pussy. Her arms reached around my bare back. Her nails racked my skin, this making me move them faster. I then began to feel her walls tighten around my fingers, I didn't want her to come- not just yet anyway. Thrusting in one last time, I then released my fingers. Jess groaned- I knew she was close and this was building up her frustration.

Her eyes opened and looked at me once again. Her pupils are dilated, like when you take a drug. Only this drug is me. I watched as a smirk appeared on her face. I wasn't going to let that go. I bent my head down giving one sharp lick to her clit. I could taste her. I moved my head to her mouth, kissing her fiercely so she too could taste herself. She obviously could and I knew when her hand grabbed at my erection through my jeans. I moved back from her mouth with a groan.

"Damn Jess! You know you shouldn't do that!"

Jess immediately giggled at my reaction. She wanted to enforce them too. She moved up to my pants, slowly undoing the top jeans button. Her head bent as she kissed and flicked her tongue once at the sensitive place. Undoing my zipper she relieved me of my pants. They were removed quickly and thrown into an unknowing corner. She pushed me onto my back, where I watched her straddle me. She sat there for a moment before kissing me passionately, then sliding straight onto me. Through the kiss I heard Jess moan in relief for finally getting to this stage. She broke the kiss and moved away. The rhythm built up at she rode me hard and fast. I wasn't going to let her sit there. I moved up, grabbing her lower back and flipping her onto her back now.

I thrust in hard and began moving at the same rate as our hips grinded. Jess laid on the bed grabbing at the sheets. The whimpers and moans from her swollen lips made the atmosphere as I continued. After a number of moments Jess' reactions changed. From her face and the feeling around my thrusts I could tell she was trying to hold of her orgasm. I knew soon enough mine would come as well.

It wasn't long before Jess' body shuddered and climaxed. The feeling was too much as I blew my load into her pussy. I rested there for a moment before withdrawing and rolling onto the side of the bed. I could still here Jess' ragged breathing. I knew she'd enjoyed it and was fulfilled. I turned to my side to see Jess' eyelids dropping elegantly. I knew she was tired from the crying and sex. I placed a delicate, loving kiss on her pink, swollen lips before saying,

"I love you Jess."


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