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It's not E-Bay, it's W-Bay--Wizard Bay. (The Giant Squid is listed as a character. This is a dirty, rotten lie because a character is needed to publish a story. Forgive me.)

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This is a parody within a parody. Backstreet Boys' "I Want it That Way" was parodied by Weird Al with his clever "E-Bay" which was parodied by the adled me with my "W-Bay." Got it?


A used jinxed blackboard,
A replica Philosopher's Stone,
A sphinx with riddles to say
I bought on W-Bay.
My house is filled with this crap;
Shows up in wiz-wrap
Most everyday
What I bought on W-Bay.

Tell me why
I need another House-Elf?
Tell me why
I got that biting bookshelf?
Tell me why
I bid on Crouch's old toupee?
They had it on W-Bay.

I'll buy your knick-knack,
Just cheek my feedback.
"A++!" They all say.
They love me on W-Bay.

Gonna buy
A slightly damaged Timepiece.
Gonna buy
A really nifty portkey
From some guy
I've never met at Durmstrang.
Found him on W-Bay.

I am the type who
Is liable to snipe you
With two seconds left to go -(whoa)-
Got sickles and galleons
Or knuts by the dozen;
I've always got the dough.

I'll buy
Your sneakoscope.
Sell me
Your lunascope.

-(I'll buy, I'll buy, I'll buy, I'll buy)-

I'm highest bidder now!
Junk keeps arriving by the owl
From that worldwide wizard sale!
Hey, a Viktor Krum ashtray;
I bought it on W-Bay.
Gonna buy
A Chudley Cannons lunchbox.
Gonna buy
A pair of screaming toe socks.
Gonna buy
A tissue used by Morgan le Fay-
Found it on W-Bay.
Gonna buy
A Celestina Warbeck poster,
Acid pops and magic toaster.
Don't know why
The kind of stuff you'd throw away
I'll buy on W-Bay.

What I bought on W-Bay.

Author's Notes: This sort of parody shouldn't even be allowed. I'm calling my therapist.

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