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Ove the Stars

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summary on the inside of the first chapter. please read and review.

Category: Jhonen Vasquez - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Parody, Romance - Characters: Johnny C. - Published: 2007-04-03 - Updated: 2007-04-03 - 351 words

Summary: What if Johnny C. was real? It's not the same maniac as in the book but it's so close it's scary. The real like Squee moved away and someone new buys the house. Bylley (billie) a 17 year old girl moves in with her family only to find that she is living next to her favorite comic book character. Can she help him become a better person or will Johnny keep killing people? I'm only posting this for my own amusement so if you don't like it don't review. If you do please, please review.

Going Under

A.K.A: Ley
height: 5' 6"
weight: 110 lbs
(more with messenger bag)

LIKES: stars, escaping reality and creating her own in stories, writing stories, cherry Brainfreezy, raspberry FizWiz, all kinds of movies, Johnny C., her family, dreaming, happy noodle boy (no matter how stupid he gets), Nailbunny.

DISLIKES: when Johnny kills people, Mr. Eff, Psychodoughboy, Devi, that big guy who decides when to turn off the Brainfreezy machine (oh, he shall pay!), when people read her stories without an open mind and then call her weird, people who call her weird, Devi.

BACKGROUND INFO: Bylley's (pronounced Billie) background is unknown. She barely remembers past her 16th birthday (which really sucks because she is now 17 going on 18). All she has ever known is her mother and sister Jessie. She does not know what happened to her father. Every time she asks nobody gives he ran explanation. Only excuses. She writes stories to replace the memories that elude her.

Dear Reader,
What would happen if your favorite comic homicidal maniac was real? What would happen if you moved next door to him? What if you were the only survivor who entered his house? What if you befriended him? What would happen if you fell in love with him? Well it happened to me. And I'm still alive. Or am I? Did Johnny kill me one night and I'm typing this through a writer who has no social life to speak of? Well that's for me to know, and you to find out.
Yours truly,
Bylley C.
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