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Stratton begins his journey home with Dedric. Stratton has to leave Karina behind and is left heart broken. But it seems like Dedric and Kratos have something planned for Dedric's return.

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Finally the next day had come. Stratton had woken up and had got all his stuff together. Emy floated onto his shoulder and yawned still tired. She noticed that Stratton didn't seem too happy about having to leave. "Are you alright Stratton?" She asked concerned.

"Yeah, I'm just really going to miss her." He said as he began to get his purple clothes on. As he put on his boots he noticed that Emy was giving him a concerned look.

He just ignored it and finished dressing. He picked up Ozma and walked out of the room and saw a servant standing in front of him. "If you have gathered up all your items please follow me." She said smiling at him and noticing he didn't make a move back to the room she started to walk.

He followed her and soon found himself at the front of the castle. He noticed that Dedric was already on horseback, and that the King and his daughters were there. He smiled at Karina as he walked forward.

"It's good to see you up Stratton." The King said with a smile. "Dedric here was about to leave without you." Dedric just smiled.

"Good Morning Stratton. I pray that you slept well." Dedric said smiling at his friend. 'He's so much like her.' He thought to himself menacingly. 'It's almost sickening... almost.' Dedric turned away from Stratton. "Princesses I must be on my way. Hopefully I will be able to return shortly." He smiled as he noticed Vivian still was acting head over heels for him.

Stratton turned to Karina and blushed. "W-Well I guess I'll be seeing you." He said his tone uncomfortable. She just was smiling at him but the look in her eyes was one of a deep sadness.

"Till next time then." She said and she then turned and ran back into the castle. He just frowned as she ran off, and he found his horse and quickly hopped onto it.

"We'll come back and visit soon, won't we Stratton?" Emy said with a smile knowing that she was just trying to cheer him up.

"Of course I'm going to be coming back." He said smiling. "Nothing can keep me away from her." He smiled at Dedric. "I'm ready when you are." He said as he rode up next to his new found friend.

"Alright, till next time your Majesty." Dedric said with a slight bow. The King just smiled. "Come on Stratton." Dedric gave the rings a quick whip and the horse went darting off.

Stratton smiled and cracked the rings on his horse and was soon giving chase to Dedric. The chase didn't take too long and Stratton had caught up to Dedric.

The path they were on was a mountain path it was about wide enough that two carts could almost fit on it. Over the ledge was a bunch of trees that formed a larger forest. And Beyond them there was a giant body of water that went as far as the eye could see. The water sparkled from the sunshine and gave it a very majestic look. Stratton slowed and looked out to the water. At thinking of its beauty his thoughts returned to Karina, and he got slightly depressed.

"What's on your mind?" He heard Dedric ask and noticed he was staring back at him. Stratton just got a little uncomfortable. "Oh, it's about her then. I see." He said and turned back to the path. "Don't fret Stratton, I can guarantee that you'll see her again." He noticed that Stratton smiled.

"Thanks Dedric." Stratton said his good mood returning.

"So Stratton it's going to be about a three day's ride back to our kingdom, what do you want to talk about?" Dedric asked as Stratton rode up next to him.

"Well... why don't you tell me a little about yourself?" Stratton said as he tried to keep up pace. Dedric smiled.

"Alright Stratton." Dedric then took a deep breath. "My full name is Dedric Reides, my father was a great heroic Birdling Knight, but apparently the only thing he wasn't great at was his duty to his family. My mother was a human, and she was trying her hardest to try and support us. You see I wasn't very popular with many people when I was younger. People where against cross-breeding back then."

Stratton noticed that Dedric got a somewhat sad look. "I was teased and beaten by kids and adults. But one day thanks to a great hero who had taken care of me after my parents died I vowed to become more powerful, and brave. So I decided to join the Protectors." He then seemed to shiver slightly. "And soon after I found the orb of power I had been seeking. And after absorbing it, I was changed into one of the most powerful magic users to ever exist. But that's enough about me for a while. Why don't you tell me a little about yourself?" Dedric said smiling.

"Well my full name is Stratton Allen Triedes, and I live with my father in the kingdom." He just took a deep breath. "My mother died about three years ago, and the worst thing is since she was an adventurer I really hadn't seen her since I was about five. I really can't even remember her face." Stratton got a saddened look. "And since my mother had been killed my father and I really don't see eye to eye anymore."

"May I ask why?" Dedric said trying to be polite.

"Well my father is against the fact that I go around adventuring. I know he's just worried for my safety, but he still treats me like I'm a little kid." Stratton started to get a little anger in his voice.

"Don't worry Stratton; I know your dad loves you." Emy said to him while she was resting on his shoulder.

Most of the trip Stratton and Dedric made small talk to pass the time, and when they finally reached the bottom of the mountain the sky had begun to darken. "You ready to set up camp Stratton?" Dedric asked as he dismounted off the horse and began to tie the rings to a tree.

Stratton dismounted and tied his horse next to Dedric's. He then helped gather some plants and broken branches to start a nice warm fire. Emy lay down and Stratton sat down as Dedric flicked a thing of purple magic onto a piece of the wood pile and it ignited into a large fire. "You should get some sleep Stratton I'll keep the first watch." Dedric said as he sat back and almost put himself into a trance. Stratton just smiled and laid his head on his bag and Emy curled up against his chest and he fell asleep.


"Work harder!" Kratos yelled at the fellow Narl all of which were in a now abandoned town. "We all must be prepared to take the capital! Dedric will be returning soon and then we attack!" He snarled at a group of Narl's that he passed by. As he walked over to the edge of the town and looked out into the field there was at least about six thousand Narl's all training and sparing.

A smile appeared at Kratos's lips. He truly had become a great leader for his brothers. He sat on a cutting stump that was nearby and watched as his brothers trained. When he could remember the days when he was younger.

The fields of the town he had grown up in where stained red from villager's blood. He stood in the field a psychotic smile on his face. In the distance the cavalry was already riding to try and save the town from its attacker. Kratos had managed to have his sword gigantic sword by then and was ready to attack the men showing up to slay him. Kratos suddenly came back to reality and sighed. The anticipation for the coming fight was lingering in the air. It was so much so that he could almost grasp it.

He quickly stood up and walked over to a railing that overlooked the field below. He leaned on it and his look became a softer one. He looked around to make sure that none of his brothers were looking. 'Abby...' He thought kinda depressed. He stood watching his brother's fight as his thoughts traveled through the skies.


Dedric stared at Stratton's sleeping form. He could so easily just snap the unsuspecting boy's neck, and then nothing would be able to stop him. Yet he felt he was responsible for the fact that Stratton was in this situation in the first place. He stared at the now brightening sky. He had meditated most the night but hadn't gotten any sleep, he just smiled though. This wasn't the first all-nighter he had done so he felt fine. He looked over to Stratton again. He then nudged Stratton with his right hand.

"Time to wake up Stratton, we need to get moving." He said and Stratton's eye's opened. He mumbled something as he started to awaken. Emy yawned and started to look around.

Stratton picked up Emy and held her in his hands. "Come on Stratton. We still have a ways to go." Dedric says as he unties Stratton's horse and hops onto his. Stratton walked over and hops onto his horse and begins to follow Dedric.

As they walked in silence for a while Stratton began to notice that Dedric seemed troubled by something. "Is something wrong?" He asked concerned that his friend seemed bothered by something.

Dedric looked over to Stratton. "Oh it's nothing. Don't worry yourself." He said to him smiling but then returning to his bothered state. 'He's so much like her.' He got a slight depressed look, and closed his eyes as they rode along.

The sun had already made its way above the horizon and was starting to light the sky. It all seemed so peaceful. The long stretch of the field was a site to behold. Wild flower's and other beautiful looking plants grew everywhere. But unknown to both Dedric and Stratton, a group of about five Bandits' we're waiting for them ready to ambush them.

Dedric was almost asleep when he heard the Bandits' attack. Three of them had leapt through a bunch of high grass and one of them had stabbed Stratton's horse and had him pinned to the ground with dagger's to his throat. The remaining two went for Dedric. Dedric hopped off his horse and the first guy swiped towards Dedric with his dagger. Dedric just stepped back and then elbowed the guy in his back making him stumble forwards. The other one then stabbed forwards and Dedric did a spin to dodge the attack and with his hands in karate chop position he did a quick spin with his hands and they both glowed a bright purple for a second and the guy's hand hit the ground.

Dedric had cut it about in the middle of his forearm. The guy screamed and his buddy was already charging Dedric going for the kill. Dedric turned and extended his right hand forwards and a blast of the purple energy hit him in the chest. As it went through though it sent the guy flying backwards, and when the guy landed on the ground he was already dead.

"Shit! You killed Jean and Detri!" The one holding Stratton down yelled pissed off. Before Dedric could turn his attention to them he spun Stratton up and positioned himself behind Stratton, still holding the dagger to his throat. "Alright now mate! You better surrender, or we'll cut your friends throat!" Dedric's pupils got very tiny suddenly and his stare would chill even the most wild of beast's souls.

"If you even damage a single hair on him, I'll make you beg for death." Dedric said with his voice filled with Malice. Emy had hidden inside Stratton's shirt, but she was freighted not only by the Bandits' but by Dedric. She had never heard such intensity in someone's tone.

The Bandit seemed to be startled by Dedric's tone as well. "Alright, if you're going to be that way... kill him Chase!" One of the Bandits's pulled out a very long Katana. "I'll kill you!" The Bandit screamed as he charged Dedric. Dedric just stood his ground and brought both his arms to his sides lifting them a little so they wouldn't get near touching him, and both his arms from his hands to his elbow's where covered in the purple energy. He let out a battle cry and charged the Bandit that was charging him. The Bandit brought the blade up as Dedric was just about in reach and then started to bring it down so it would cut Dedric in two. Dedric just lifted his right arm and brought it into an upwards chop. As his arm connected with the blade thanks to the energy engulfing Dedric's arm it cut right through the sword and as the bandit began to realize Dedric's left arm was already positioned and he impaled the guy through his chest.

As the guy fell dead the Bandit with the dagger to Stratton's throat scowled and the other remaining bandit pulled out a throwing Knife and threw it at Dedric. Dedric just turned and sent a blast of the purple energy that engulfed and destroyed the knife but continued moving till it hit the bandit in the gut. The Bandit fell to one knee and coughed up blood then collapsed. The last Bandit just put the dagger closer to Stratton's throat. "Now I'd back off, if I were you. Unless you want to kill your friend." Dedric just scowled but backed down. "Good, good. You know we where just going to rob you, and leave. But now, now someone has to pay for the death of my partners!" The Bandit began to press the blade harder onto Stratton's throat when Emy leapt out of Stratton's tunic and screaming the entire time latched herself onto the guys face.

"Stratton! Use Ozma!" Dedric yelled and Stratton grabbed behind him and drew Ozma out.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" He screamed as he hacked at the guy's gut. The guy let out a garbled gurgled gasp as he fell to the ground dead.

Emy got off of the Bandit's face and looked to Stratton. "Are you ok?" She asked him concerned when she noticed that he was bleeding from a cut on his neck. Stratton held his right arm on the cut.

"Yeah I think I'm alright." Dedric came rushing over to him.

"Let me see the cut Stratton." He said Kneeling down next to the slightly panicked boy. As Stratton moved his hand Dedric smiled. "Don't worry Stratton, you'll be fine." Emy smiled in delight.

"Yay!" She yelled and flew over to Stratton and landed on his shoulder. "I was worried for a minute there." Dedric noticed that Stratton's horse was dead.

"Well, we should keep moving." Dedric said and started to get on his horse. "Come on Stratton. You can ride with me." Dedric extended his right hand and Stratton took it and he pulled him up onto the horse. Stratton was sitting in front of him though. As they rode Stratton could feel the question of what Dedric had done to the Bandit's burning into the back of his mind.

"Dedric?" Stratton asked. "What did you do to those Bandit's back there?" He asked sounding a little nervous. Dedric on the other hand just smiled.

"Well Stratton I'm sure you like almost everybody else has heard of magic, right?" He asked smiling. "And well my magic is very unique compared to other peoples. For example: most people are born with the magic they can control. Like how Elves and Mystic's are born with natural magic. However mine, I gained from searching for a magic orb. And after having absorbed the orb I gained these powers." He said with a slight chuckle.

Stratton just felt a little embarrassed. "Sorry I was just curious." He said looking down. Dedric just began to laugh to himself.

"You don't have to apologize Stratton. Curiosity is sometimes a good thing." Dedric smiled as they continued to ride towards the Kingdom. As Stratton looked ahead though Dedric looked throughout the landscape. 'Kratos better be ready.' He thought with menace.

The rest of the day was rather boring considering the fact that they went through the excitement of being attacked. When they we're about halfway through the fields the sky started to darken. "We shouldn't set up camp. I fear there is a chance that there might be more bandits in the area." He said and looked down at Stratton.

Stratton just yawned and his head leaned down. "I think I'm gonna get some sleep while I can." He said as he closed his eyes. Dedric just smiled and kept riding.

About ten minutes of silence passed. "You're him aren't you?" Dedric heard a voice and then noticed Emy was awake.

"And who do you think I am?" Dedric said smiling down on her.

"You're the one that Yuri considered her other child." Dedric got a look of shock on his face and just looked away and kept silent.

"You are, aren't you?" Emy asked and he just looked down at her and nodded slightly.

"I-I considered her to be my mother." He said as tears began to fill his eyes. "Yet as I grew older I began to see her as so much more." He noticed that Emy was looking sad. "She was the sweetest creature I had ever happened upon, and I still miss her to this day." He noticed that Emy was starting to sniffle. "Come. Let us grieve together." He said extending his hand to Emy.

Emy got up onto his left shoulder and nuzzled up to him. "It's strange when she died it was almost as if I lost a mother as well." Emy said tears falling from her face. "After all she was the one who created me." She sniffled but then felt Dedric's hand starting to pet down her back she smiled and nuzzled closer.

"Just promise me that you won't tell Stratton." Dedric said as he pet Emy. "If Stratton was ever to have a sibling it would be a mistake if I was that sibling." As he talked he was looking down at Stratton's sleeping form.

"I promise." Emy said and laid down in the curve on his neck.

Dedric rode most of the night in silence. 'These two are very special.' He thought to himself. Emy was asleep on his shoulder and he himself was starting to feel tired. 'They bring out a side of me that has not emerged for years.' He slowly began to close his eyes. 'Yuri...' He thought before dosing off.

After a while the sun began to rise as the horse trotted along. "Wake up bird boy." Dedric heard a voice whisper to him and as he opened his eyes he noticed that Kratos was walking alongside the horse.

"Kratos! You fool!" Dedric said keeping his voice low but leaving the anger in his tone. "What if Stratton had awoken?" Dedric said as he trotted along.

"Well if I remember correctly it was only supposed to be you who was on this journey." Kratos said smiling, his sharp teeth showing. "Just wanted to let you know that my brother's and I are ready." Kratos turned around and just put up his left hand. "I'll see you in the city." He then started to walk away.

An evil smirk crossed Dedric's lips. Everything was going just as planned. They would finally destroy their greatest threat. Dedric noticed that Stratton was starting to stir he smiled as he whipped the rings and the horse started to run. "We're on the home stretch Stratton." Dedric said laughing a little as he spoke. Emy had awoken and Dedric could hear a gasp out of her.

What they rode towards was a mighty city. Houses layered a lower area and in the middle of the town stood a huge castle. As Dedric rode past one of the guard towers he heard a voice. "Hey Lord Dedric has returned!" He heard a voice and smiled.

Stratton was now fully awake. He looked around the city roads and noticed the street he was on. Before he could say anything Emy had spoken up. "Aren't we close to home Stratton?" She asked and Dedric looked on his shoulder at her. He then started to slow the horse till it was just trotting slowly along.

Stratton noticed his birth home as the horse was about to pass a dirt road. His house was on what looked like a farm. Dedric slowed down as he neared the dirt road. "I take it this is your home?" He asked knowing full well that it was Stratton's home.

"Yes." Stratton looked on at his home as though it wasn't real. "Oh, thanks again for the ride." Stratton said as he dismounted off the horse. Stratton grabbed his small amount of belongings and started down the road.

As Emy was flying she felt a hand stop her and looked to see Dedric holding her, his eyes had gotten a strange look in them. "Take care of him Emy. He's seen enough death and tragedy in his life." With that he let go of her and started to slowly trot the horse towards the Castle.

Emy flew over to Stratton confused. She could tell that something was bothering Dedric. She flew over to Stratton and landed on his shoulder. "It's kinda strange isn't it?" She asked and he looked over to her. "You know, being home and all." She looked at the small house and suddenly felt a sadness wash over her.

Stratton just sighed as he opened the door and walked inside. "I'm home!" He yelled and noticed that his Dad was sitting at the table eating.

His father just looked up. "Well come on, come sit and relax." He said as he continued to eat. Stratton whole mood just seemed to worsen. He did walk over and sit down though.

"Can't you just once at least act happy that I'm home?" He asked annoyed. His father seemed just as annoyed as he did.

"Why should I be happy at your return when you haven't even come by to visit for almost an entire season? And why should I rejoice over the fact that you deliberately disobeyed my orders and went out adventuring?" He then picked up a piece of chicken and snapped the bone in half before continuing to eat.

"Well how can you expect me to not want to become an Adventurer?! Mom was one!" He yelled angrily. Emy just winced and hid at the other end of the table.

His father suddenly stood up. "I would expect you to be more level headed then your mother was!" He said angry now too. His father was about 5'9" and had a muscular build from working on their crops and fields. "How could you be so arrogant to even consider being an adventurer after your mother didn't come back? Do you want to share the same fate?"

"It'd be better than dying in fear of the outside world!" Stratton yelled and after he did the entire household went completely silent. Stratton looked up and noticed the vacant look on his father's face.

After that they both just sat back down in silence and he kept eating as Stratton just seemed to be seething. Emy just let out a sigh of relief. His father ate part of a boiled carrot then looked to Stratton. "So how long will you be visiting this time?" He asked trying to break the silence.

"Why do you care? I'm a failure in your eyes anyway." Stratton stood from the table and walked into his old room. Emy just winced at Stratton's comments and then looked to Stratton's father.

"You know he didn't really mean that." She said to him and he looked down at her.

"Yes I know. I just wish I could get through to him sometimes." He then finished eating and stood from his place. "I just don't want to lose anyone close to me like I lost Yuri." He picked up his plate and put it in huge pot that was full of water.

Emy looked at him sadly. "I don't know what I'd do if for any reason Stratton was killed." She rested her head on the table. "After all he's the reason I'm here." She smiled slightly at the thought of how Yuri would have taken that comment.


Dedric rode into the castle and quickly dismounted off his horse as he noticed that King Freidies himself was walking towards him. "My Lord I have returned from the Kingdom of the Birdling's." Dedric said bowing.

The King quickly approached him. "Please Dedric rise. We have much to speak about." Dedric smiled as he followed the King.

As soon as they got to the throne room the King went and sat down. "So Dedric, tell me exactly what I wish to know." The King said getting right to it.

"Well my lord, the Birdlings don't seem to have much military might at the moment. And from what I could find out they we're extra nice to me as though they greatly fear angering your mighty nation." Dedric said finishing.

Freidies chuckled as he rubbed his chin. "That's very good Dedric. Now have you found anything we could use as an excuse to attack them?" He asked looking at him.

"Sorry my lord, but there was no reason that their allies would except as a reasonable cause." Dedric bowed down. "Forgive your servant for not completing his mission." He could hear the King chuckling as though his bow was some how funny.

"Rise Dedric you have served me long enough that you have gained my trust. And don't fret we'll find a reason for attacking." Dedric smiled.

"Please pardon me my Lord; I am tired from my journey." The King just nodded and Dedric started out of the room. 'What a fool.' As he got to his room he closed and locked the door.

He then pulled out an orb from under his bed. The ball was about the size of a crystal ball except that it had a murky blue look to it. Dedric put his hand over the orb and the blue started to swirl and he smiled when it showed Kratos. "Are you ready partner?" Dedric asked and Kratos smiled.

"Just tell us where to attack." Kratos said smiling. Dedric just grinned at him.

"Ok. First of all we're going to destroy this place during nightfall, that's when the troops will be switching posts so they'll be vulnerable. And as for you Kratos I trust you'll be able to take the armory? That's where all the troops will head as soon as the alarms start to toll. So if we take that spot your Narl's will just slaughter the lot of them." Dedric finished and looked at Kratos.

"Alright pencil neck we've got a deal. But what are you going to be doing while we're fighting?" Kratos said looking unsure of him.

"I'm going to take care of the king and I'm going to actually start the spark that will consume this place." He then looked at Kratos. "So till nightfall." He moved his hand over the ball and it clouded back over. Dedric just laid back. 'Time to get some rest.' He then shut his eyes for a nap.


"Alright! We move out at dusk!!!" Kratos yelled and all the Narl gave a roar of approval back. He stood and put his fist in the air as they roared. 'For years I've considered these brain dead monsters as my brothers. Yet they where the only ones who ever did really except me for who and what I am. Ugh... This isn't the time for this.'

Kratos started to walk around and noticed that some of the Narl's armor wasn't on. "Armor up you scum!" He yelled at them and they quickly scrambled to get their armor on.

As Kratos walked over to a secluded spot he sat down and got into a cross-legged position. He then began to meditate for the upcoming battle. As he meditated the other Narl all we're scrambling and doing last minute sparing to prepare for the ever approaching conflict.


Stratton sat in his room depressed over the fact that his father didn't seem to like him since his mother died. He could still remember the day that they buried her remains. {Flashback} Stratton stood at the far end of her grave. He felt so ashamed to even be present for he couldn't even get within a few feet of her grave. Silent tears where streaming down his cheeks. "We now lay to rest Yuri Stallion Lents, she was a noble hero and truly she will be forever missed." As the Priest laid her to rest. Stratton fell to his knees and cried. Emy rubbed against his neck and cried with him, but his father didn't comfort him. "Mom..." He whimpered as the coffin was lowered and they started to pile dirt on top of it. {End Flashback}

Would his father ever be there for him? Or would he always leave Stratton feeling like he had been disowned. Stratton covered his head in his hands and tears started to well up in his eyes. As he started to cry he suddenly heard a voice. "Stratton?" He looked up to see Emy floating in front of him.

"Oh Emy." He said his breaking up. She was pulled into a hug as he began to sob uncontrollably. "Why did I even want to come back? I mean dad still doesn't like me." He said through sobs.

Emy just let him hold her as he sobbed. "Stratton it'll all be ok. You still have me, and I promise I'll never leave you." She then started to lick his hands. Stratton looked down at her.

He then pulled her close to his face and hugged her lightly, though for her would be like a tight hug. "I don't know how I'd survive without you Emy." He leaned down and kissed the top of her head lightly.

Emy just smiled brightly at Stratton as he hugged her. "Nothing can take me away from you." She said and licked his cheek. Stratton smiled.

He then sat up. "So what do you want to do?" He asked seeming in a cheerier mood.

She smiled. "Why don't we go find the tree that used to be our fort?" She asked and he smiled.

He laughed. "Sure, that could be fun." He put her on his shoulder and walked out of his room and the house. He went into the backyard and went through some golden wheat fields till he found a giant tree that at the bottom of it was a small wooden house. He smiled and walked over to it. "Man how long has it been since we've been here?" He said smiling as he went inside it.

Both he and Emy spent most of the day in the small house having fun with each other. Before long it had gotten to the point when he would be getting something to eat for dinner. "Should I really go back?" He asked Emy in concern.

"Let's just go back. If you want we could leave tomorrow." Emy said trying to just convince him to go back at that moment.

"Alright." Stratton said as he started to walk towards home. Stratton had reached home and walked inside and found a place had already been set for him at the dinner table and his father was walking back to the table drying his hands with a rag.

"Go wash up Stratton. I've already set you a spot." Stratton smiled and went over and washed off his hands and walked back drying his hands on his clothes.

"Look Stratton. I want to apologize for earlier. I know that sometimes I'm not the best father in the world. And it's just I worry about you. I just don't want to lose you like I lost your mother." He said while Stratton was sitting. "Can you forgive your old man?" He asked looking at Stratton.

"Of course I can dad. But you shouldn't worry; nothing bad is going to happen to me." He said smiling in confidence. Stratton's father just smiled.

"Eat up Stratton. It'll be dark soon." He said as he began to eat a rabbit he had caught earlier.


Meanwhile during the shift change... "Well I'll see you guys in my next shift." A soldier said walking out of the Armory. As soon as he left Kratos smiled while hiding in an alleyway.

"Bout time I get to have some fun." He said as he opened the Armory door and peeked inside. There was only one guy writing something down on a desk in front of him. He smiled and quickly snuck in through the door but as soon as he stood his size and gaze caught the guard's attention.

As the Guard looked up Kratos's huge hand grabbed him by the face. "Pardon me." He said as he crushed the guys head in his hand. He then threw the guy across the room and his body crashed into a wall making a loud crash. As a Guard ran in and saw him he just smiled and got into a ready position. As the Guard drew his sword and charged Kratos just stood unflinching. Before the Guard brought the sword above his head Kratos charged forwards quickly and grabbed the guard by the head. With the force of the guard running forward and Kratos pulling his head backwards the guy's neck snapped like a twig.

Kratos smiled and drew his sword as he heard a bunch of metal footsteps running up the stairs towards him. As the Guards run into the room and see Kratos this time he doesn't give them a chance and he lets out a monstrous roar and charges forwards. His first slice with his sword cuts one of the guards completely in two, like he was tissue paper. The Guards let out battle cries and attack as Kratos unleashes hell down on them. Meanwhile outside Kratos's Narl companions where already attacking citizens and they where setting fire to the different buildings.


Laughter, all he could do was laugh at the destruction he was witnessing. Dedric smiled this was turning out perfect. But now was his part in the mayhem. He quickly left the safety of his room and headed towards the kings chamber. As he walked in he noticed a bunch of his defense advisors trying to advise him on how to defend his already falling nation. "My Lord!" Dedric yelled and everyone looked towards him.

"The Enemy has taken the Armory. Our troops are weaponless." He said and smiled inwardly at the look of horror on the Kings face. Even his advisors looked horrified.

"My lord we must get you out of here and to safety." One of the Advisors started when Dedric lifted up his right arm and send a blast of his magic through the guys back. As the advisor lay dead the other two turned to him. "What the hell are you doing?!" His arms became enveloped with the energy and he hacked one of them down and then rammed his arm through the last ones chest. The Last one actually lifted off the floor and above Dedric as he died. Dedric send the body flying to the side and looked to the king.

The King looked at Dedric as though he was staring at a vengeful god. "W-Why Dedric?" He asked scared. Dedric however just smiled.

"Because..." He put up his hand and aimed it at the Kings chest. "You're in my way!" He then sent a blast through the King a smile on his face as he watched the King die. Dedric walked forwards and found the experimental labs of one of the advisors and found five giant barrels labeled 'Exploding Rocks' He smiled as he picked them up two at a time.


Stratton heard the screams coming from the city while in his bedroom and quickly ran out of his room and out front. He found his father holding a halberd end, but the pole was shortened so it was an axe. "Stratton, I want you to run." He said pulling the axe up as a group of the townspeople began to run past the dirt road and down the streets as Narl's gave chase. A large group of them stopped though and looked up towards the farm. As they let out a screech more Narl's where starting to show up. And they began charging the place. "I said Go Stratton!" He yelled as He brought the axe into one of the Narl's guts and as it fell hacked at another's head.

Stratton pulled out Ozma. "Dad let me help!" He stabbed forwards getting one of the Narl's in the gut and then pulling the sword out and hacking off its head. As he began to hack and slice down the Narl's he noticed that even more where showing up.

"Son Run!" His father yelled again.

"No Dad! I won't leave you here to die!" He yelled back as both of them hacked down another Narl. It wasn't long till the Narl's bodies had started to pile up on the road. As Stratton and his Dad begin to realize that they may have just one a huge Narl started up the road followed by a bunch of other Narl.

"I see you've both managed to kill many of my brethren." Kratos said to them as he looked down at them both. "I can tell you this much. I will not allow either of you to spill the blood of one more of my brother's this night." Kratos brought up his huge sword and brought it above his head. "Yah!!!" He then brought it down and both Stratton and his father jumped out of the way as the sword hit the ground. Stratton had managed to jump further away and Kratos brought his sword up to Stratton's dad. "Die!" He yelled as he brought the sword down at him again, but Stratton's Dad Rolled to the side again. And this time had managed to get back up on his feet. Kratos turned and let out an angry growling yell.

Stratton's father ran over to Stratton and picked him up and moved him towards the fields. "Stratton run!" He then pushed Stratton forward. Torches had started to get thrown into the field and on the house as Stratton began to run through the field and through the spreading fires. When he looked back he saw his father on his knees in front of Kratos and Kratos's blade brought straight up and then brought down with such force that his father split in two. Stratton had just made it out of the fields and dropped his sword when he saw that sight.

"NO!!!!" He screamed into the flames. "Dad..." He said really softly. Emy looked back at the Great Nation they had once been a part of, the buildings where on fire and parts of the castle were being blown apart. Emy felt tears in her eyes as she looked back to see the huge Narl walking away from Stratton's father's corpse. Stratton stayed where he was too afraid to move and paralyzed by grief. 'What am I going to do now?' He thought to himself as he watched the flames of the fields and the city burning. The screams of the former citizens rising above all the carnage and burning themselves into the minds and ears of any who heard them.

"Stratton we have to go!" Emy almost yelled and when Stratton looked she had tears flowing down her face. "If we don't leave, we'll die!" She yelled again and Stratton picked her up and turned around and fled.

'I shouldn't be running. I should go back and take revenge for my father.' He thought to himself as he ran. Tears began to fall from his eyes and fell off his face as he ran full speed. The image of the giant of a Narl still imprinted into his mind, and his nightmares.

Emy looked back at the crumbling nation in the distance. 'Keep running Stratton.' She thought. As she stared at the rising black smoke. 'Let's always keep running.' She thought as the screams and the smells of burning people and houses and fields seemed to come back. 'Let's never go through this again.'
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