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Metropolis: The God Awful Small Affair

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Metropolis is a unified City that is the most advanced of the entire planet. The person who is in charge of everything, even though he does so by his own means lost a daughter and had been emotiona...

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Chapter I
The Girl with the Mousy Hair

Metropolis, the most technologically advanced city in the entire world. Buildings went high above the clouds, robots worked in this society to keep things tidy and in order, since the city was about as big as two continents. Although robots worked for humans, there were those who despised them. One such person was the founder, and ruler of Metropolis's son. Demetrius, for his own personal reasons hated robots, and didn't trust them. Demetrius was a nineteen year old who had short brown hair. He stood about 5'8", and almost always had black glasses on. Underneath those glasses were bright hate filled green eyes. He always wore black cloths and over that he had on a green vest. Demetrius also always carried a handgun with him. Demetrius had become an officer of an almost secret police. If any robots started to act strangely, or did something that was not in their programming, he was to eliminate the robot as a precaution.

Demetrius walked past a group four smiling kids who had a robot that was holding balloons for them. Demetrius stopped and pulled his gun as they had past. "Don't move robot." He said menacingly. The robot stopped and turned and faced him as the kids stopped smiling at seeing the gun in Demetrius's hand. "Tell me. Is doing this function within your programming?" He asked the gun still aimed.

"I am confused, what function are you asking of?" It said in a very monotone voice.

"Wrong answer." Demetrius pulled the trigger. The kids screamed as the head of the robot was blown completely off. The body still stood though and sparks were flying from it. It took a step forwards and then collapsed to the ground the balloons flying into the sky passing the rail cars, and finally reaching above the highest buildings.

Meanwhile Medesto walked one the ground levels of Metropolis. The lower levels were for the bums and where most of the Robots resided. They had no day light, and a green fog was always present. Only lights on buildings and from open doorways gave out light. Medesto was a tall man, at about 6'5". He wore a cape with his aristocratic looking outfit. His outfit was red in most spots but had black, and a silk white mixed in spots. His cape was black on the outside and red on the inside. Medesto was 53 so his hair was a grayish white. His eyes where the most noticeable thing about this man besides his size, his eyes where a very bright blue which gave him a rather gentle look. A man about 6'2" walked with him. This man had a limo driver hat on that he never took off. He was extremely muscular, and he wore a black suit with a white undershirt and a black tie. If you could see his eyes you'd see a very dark brown color. This mans name was Kieran and Medesto's bodyguard.

Medesto walked into a building that was rather run down looking. As he walked inside a woman behind a counter gasped. Then seeing the questionable look on his face she quickly responded. "Forgive me? I didn't expect you to check on the progress so early." She said hoping he wasn't angry.

Medesto just smiled. "Please show me to my daughter." The woman almost seemed to hop out of the seat.

"Right away, but the doctor is most likely still doing work on her." Meanwhile in the other room, a man not even 29 was working at a computer. He was sitting in a chair that could spin in circles but also had a joy stick on the right side of it. The Doctor was paralyzed in his legs. He had short dyed green hair with yellow tips. He wore orange rimmed goggles and purple tinted lens. And his eyes were a really dark blue color. He wore a regular doctor's uniform, though from his looks you could tell he wasn't a normal doctor.

He was typing away on a very long keyboard that spun almost completely around him; he was using a speed of typing only one who had been typing for years could do. The computer he was typing at was huge, and had three screens. All the cords leading to a giant circle in the middle of the room where there was a pod. He turned a lever around and steam shot out of it. He had just finished working on what she would look like. He spun around in his chair and went to a different screen and started to type on that as the three screens turned into a green X-Ray showing the object inside the Pod.

"Excuse me Doctor?" He heard his nurse and stopped typing and turned his chair.

"Oh Medesto, please come in, I've just finished on working on the way she'll look. Oh and forgive me for not standing." He said with a smile on his lips. "May I ask? Why are you here? I told you that I wouldn't manage to get really far into making her for about six months. You do realize it's only been four right?" He asked with a small amount of sarcasm.

"Can I see your progress?" Medesto asked. Looking to the pod in the middle of the room.

"Sure. Just remember though that she won't have any hair yet." The Doctor presses a button and a metal slid on the pod opens revealing the body of a young girl. Part of her body was still having skin being put on over the black near unbreakable glass that covered her circuits.

Medesto put his hand on the glass, a sad look on his face. "I'm finally going to have you back. My little Keiku...." He couple of tears fell from his eyes as he stared at the bald shell in front of him. "Doctor?" Medesto asked. "You are positive that since you have her preserved brain that you can bring her back, and she'll be just like she used too?"

The Doctor just smiled. "Yes I assure you she'll remember everything." He said with a reassuring tone.

Medesto smiled. "Keep up the good work Doctor. And remember if you pull this off, I'll set up an estate for you up were there's sun."

The Doctor smiled. "Well I better get back to work." The piece of metal went back down hiding Medesto's daughter from sight again. The Doctor began to type on the computer again.

Medesto left the room and started outside. "I was good to her wasn't I Kieran?" He asked seeming somewhat depressed.

"Of course you were. It wasn't your fault either sir. You should stop beating yourself up over it." Medesto smiled and they walked over to an elevator and walked inside, and started to head up towards the actual city.

"Sir remember that you have a party to attend to tonight. And after looking at the time we should really head you back and have you getting prepared for the reception, and you'll have to speak with the people tonight as well." Kieran said. The doors opened and light poured into the elevator. Medesto walked out and went over to his own personal rail car. He had made it so that personal automotives be banned from use. The Planet was damaged thanks to the over use of cars, and hover cars. So he did this for the survival of all things.

Meanwhile in a nearby part of the city stood a boy. This boy had short brown hair and pale blue eyes. He had on tan shorts, and a red shirt. And a blue button up shirt over his red one that he didn't have buttoned. The boy stood at only about 4'7", and looked to be about 13 years old. It wasn't going to be long until the reception. And he couldn't wait till then. He stood on a moving sidewalk and looked at the tall buildings around him. As he went he smiled. He finally got to his home and walked in through the doors. "I'm home!" He yelled as he walked in. He noticed his friend stick his head around the corner.

"Bout time you showed up Keith. I thought you where gonna miss the show for sure." Keith smiled at his friend. His friend had a light blue hair, and soft brown eyes. He stood at about 5'1", and he wore brown pants with straps that went over his shoulders. And over that he wore an old WWI coat. On his head he wore a gray Irish cap.

"Have you heard exactly what their doing this year Tom?" Keith asked.

Tom just laughed. "Do we ever know?" He then kinda frowned. "It's too bad that Medesto's daughter won't be there this year. She's quite a hotty."

Keith looked at Tom. "Didn't she die a couple of months ago?" He asked walking into the kitchen and grabbing a soda.

"Yeah, but I mean damn, if I could have gotten near enough to her. I would've asked her to be mine." Keith just took a giant gulp.

"You'd ask any piece of eye candy to be yours wouldn't you Tom?" Tom just laughed and patted Keith on his back.

"We better get going, or we'll be stuck having to watch through our window." With that Tom grabbed his Key's and started to head outside.

Keith just sighed and finished his can of soda and tossed in the recycler. "Hey Tom wait up!" He yelled after his friend. As he chased after him, when they both made it to the giant celebration area heading up to the Grand Ball it was almost filled to the brim.

"Told you it was a good idea that we left!" Tom yelled to Keith.
Meanwhile Medesto stood in the Ball room as all the Aristocrats started to come in. He managed to talk with most of them about politics, to the finances of Metropolis. He also was given a lot of sympathy by everyone over the recent death of his 13 year old daughter. He had lost track of time, and soon it was time to go out to the balcony and talk with the people. As he walked out onto the balcony tens of thousands of people cheered as he lifted his arms up. "Oh what a great City this has turned into!" He yelled and an automatic voice amplifier made it so the entire crowd could hear. "Has their ever been a time that the human race has prospered so well? I tell you throughout all the history books, and texts it seems no other time period has had it this easy. It seems though that some of you come here with Heavy hearts. Over the fact that the heir to this great society had passed away not even half a year ago. But my Daughter, my flesh, and blood! Was in constant suffering. It was cruel how one day she was forever gone from our lives, yes!" Medesto's voice cracked a little. "But she deserved more in life. Yet now I know that she watches over us. She will never let this great society crumble; she watches how her people miss her. How her family misses her. Yet I still remember when she was little, one thing that she truly enjoyed was the fireworks that we'd shoot off to explode through the skies. So for you my darling Keiku, these are in your honor." Medesto lifts his arms as fireworks start getting shot into the darkening sky. Medesto stands out on the balcony and watches them light up the night sky.

'Damn you father you didn't." Demetrius thought as he looked through a bunch of notes in his fathers study. After finding the one to a Doctor in the lower zones he was furious. 'I can't let you do this father.' Demetrius thought and pulled out his gun. He exited the study and started down the many long twisting hallways. 'I can't believe he even would think of doing something like this.' He thought to himself still enraged. He left the Palace where his father's study was and headed to one of the elevators leading to the lower levels.

"Well Keith I'm gonna head on home alright?" Tom said as the fireworks started to shoot off less and less.

"Alright I'll meet you there in a while." Keith said. After about another five minutes the fireworks ended, and everyone left started to leave. As Keith walked he really didn't feel like heading home yet and he found his way to one of the elevators to the lower levels and smiled. He could still remember when he and Tom were a lot younger that they used to dare each other to go down it and stay down there for allotted amounts of time. Keith got inside and the elevator started it's decent.

The Nurse sat behind her desk reading a magazine when she heard the door open. When she moved the Magazine down there was a gun in her face. "Tell me where Keiku is." Demetrius said with a menacing tone.

"R-Right this way." She said heading to the room where the work on Keiku was being done. Meanwhile the doctor was imprinting memories onto her new cyber brain. When he heard the door open. "Doctor!"

Then a gunshot rang out. The Doctor looked in horror as his Nurse's brains were blown out of her skull. "Are you out of your fucking mind?!" The Doctor screamed at him.

He then struggled to get his chair moving and trying to get out of the room. "Where do you think your going doctor?" Demetrius asked with a smirk. He was wearing a black baseball cap this time.

"I'm doing this for your father!" The doctor screamed again.

"So am I." Demetrius said as he shot a bullet into the Doctor's chest. The doctor slumped forwards and fell off his chair.
"I'm sorry Father, but I couldn't let this go on." Demetri had set up a bomb behind the pod on a bunch of air tanks. As he walked out of the place he started towards the elevator. Meanwhile inside the lab the doctor had managed to drag himself over to his console and pressed a button.

"Forgive me Keiku I wasn't able to finish you." The Doctor then slumped to the ground and died. Meanwhile inside the Pod the Naked girl's eyes opened and were shimmered with a crimson color that was flashing. Electricity bounced off her body from different instruments inside the pod. Her hair began to grow out in a bright glow. Her hair was a bright blond and the crimson in her eyes faded and turned a bright green. She looked around as the Pod opened her body started to glow a bright white, as her breasts, and other body parts fully developed. When an explosion went off behind her destroying the entire building.

Keith had just been enjoying the walk when he saw the explosion up ahead. Instinctively he went over to see what had happened but when he got over there he was shocked to find a girl laying amongst the flames her body glowing a bright white. The small flames around her disappeared and her body stopped glowing. Making Keith blush brightly. He took off his blue over shirt and covered her up. Her blond hair was about to shoulder length and combed down looking and the hair on the sides of her head seemed to curl just a little bit outwards.

He helped her button the shirt up and she just cocked her head to him. She was about 4'5" so she was almost face to face with him. "Who are you?" He asked and she just looked confused. He heard someone's voice.

"Hey it came from down there come on." He grabbed her hand and ran to the elevator. When he got their though there was already a bunch of the authorities standing around.

"Come on." He pulled her along and he found an alley way that led to a large open area covered in trash. He sits down with a sigh and she kneels next to him and gives him a confused look. "Can you speak?" He asks her. She opens her mouth but nothing comes out. "Can you say Keith?" She looks down for a second then looks back at him.

"K-ei-th." She says and then looks to him. "Keith." She says again.

"Ok so you can speak. So who are you?" She cocks her head again.
Keith spends most of the hours of the night teaching her how to speak. "So what's your name?" Keith asks her again.

"M-My name?" She thinks and then looks back to him. "Keiku." She says almost like she's not sure it is. He noticed that his shirt was still rather revealing considering.

"How about we find you some clothes?" He asked and she smiled. She took his hand and they both walked around for a while till Keith managed to scrummage through some piles of junk and find a baggy white shirt and baggy tan pants with suspenders. He handed her the clothes and she just looked at them.

"What are I to do with these?" She asked her voice filled with a sweet innocence.

"I think what you mean to say is what am I to do with these. But are you saying, you don't know how to get dressed?" He asked and she just looked down.

"Should I know?" She asked. "Will you help me?" She asked sounding so innocent. Keith blushed brightly.

He quickly helped her get dressed embarrassed beyond belief that he had undressed her. She stood wearing the shirt and slacks. She lifted the straps on the suspenders making the pants come up almost above her stomach. She then smiled and laughed quietly. He even chuckled slightly. He then just sighed and took her hand and noticed that the police had left the Elevator alone. He quickly got in to it with Keiku with him and they started to head up. It had to at least have been two in the morning and he was rather tired. He managed to get home with out attracting attention and as he got inside went to his room. Keiku looked around. "Oh damn it." He had almost forgotten that there was no where for Keiku to sleep. "Look you can sleep in the bed; I'll sleep on the floor..." Before he could get off the bed she was already sitting on it and just looking at him. "You don't really talk much do you?" He asked. And she just looked away.

"Should I talk more?" She asked. He smiled inwardly.

'What a Mousy girl.' He lay back on his pillow and yawned. "If you'd like." He then drifted to sleep.
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