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Prologue: It All Started With a Wish

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HP/Ranma xover. Harry and Ranma have both had crappy lives. See them turn it around, and give it spades.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter. Or Ranma ½. I wish I did, but if wishes were fishes, the world would be an ocean.

Time line: Post OotP

Harry Potter/ Ranma ½: Dragon Rage, Phoenix Song

Prologue: It All Started With a Wish

In the third week in July at 12 Grimauld Place , the library was filled with Harry Potter's friends Hermione Granger, Ron and Ginny Weasley, Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks. Sitting there waiting for Harry, because he was in the master suite's study, clearing it of Dark Artifacts. Sirius never used the suite himself, opting to use his old room from childhood. Normally such a job would be for curse breakers, like Bill Weasley, but the study was closed to all, except the Head of the Black Family.

Harry, now the Head of both the Black, Potter, and surprisingly, Ravenclaw lines was emancipated and able to do magic under the same rules as any adult. In his Will, Sirius asked Harry to bring honor back to the Black name, and gave the task of clearing out the house as the first task. The other tasks were ones Harry didn't want to think about at the moment. So, Bill took him aside and taught him some basic charms to identify, and safely collect the artifacts, so he could bring them out to Bill for dispelling or destroying. Harry had been at it for the better part of three days, and was coming out soon with the last load. After that, everyone was going to go out for dinner , to celebrate the Trio's OWL results.

Hermione set a record for most OWLs received by taking all of them, getting O's in all but Astronomy and History. Harry also set a record high score for DADA, beating Dumbledore's old record by 5 percentage points. Ron did about as well as expected, though better then the twins. He failed Potions, so he would have to study Potions at the Auror Academy. Tonks told them that Madame Bones made up for Snape's "teaching ability" at the Academy by adding Potions to the first two years of training. Harry and Ron had chortled about that, especially when Tonks told them Snape had been made aware of it five years ago.

Ron, a bit moody because he was hungry, said, "Let's play a game. Now we all know that Harry has had a pretty rough life, but how do you think Malfoy and the other Death Monkeys would whine about if they knew the stuff we know about Harry?" "For example," and Ron puts on his best sneer and whines in a very good Malfoy impersonation, "Daddy, why did that filthy half-blood Potty get the Black fortune and I got nothing? It's against the natural order of things."

Everyone laughs at Ron's impersonation. Hermione, chuckling says,"Ron, that is awful, but I can clearly see that happening at Malfoy Manor. At least with Narcissa, because Lucius is still behind bars in Azkaban."

Ron snorts, "I know that Hermione. It's just a game. You try channeling Parkinson. While Malfoy has a high, whiny voice, to properly sneer would make you too high, but if you screech, you will sound about like Parkinson on a good day. Tell us about Potter."

Hermione scoffs, "A good day is when she's silent." Everyone laughs. "Ok, here goes. Potter is so conceited and gets shown such favoritism that he can literally get away with murder. Quirrell in first year, Lockhart was permanently damaged in 2nd, hexed Professor Snape in 3rd , and got Crouch Jr. Kissed after getting Diggory killed, and finally driving Umbridge around the twist this year. He gets away with it all. If we so much as looked cross-eyed at a teacher we get detention. Actually hex one, and we're expelled or in Azkaban"

Laughing Ginny says, "That was spot on. Really harsh too."

A broken voice says behind them says, "Yeah. Harsh."

Everyone faces the door and immediately they all feel the blood drain form their faces. Standing there is Harry Potter, their friend, looking at them like he had his heart destroyed. In his mind, it seemed, it had been.

Hermione stutters, "H-Harry, I-I.."

"..finally got it off my chest, but didn't mean for you to hear it? Sorry, Granger, but I've heard enough out of you.", said Harry in the coldest voice any of them had ever heard from him. Turning a cold look about the rest of the room, "Glad to see my life is so entertaining. Wish someone would let me in on the joke....or am I it?"

Ginny, trying to defend her friend who was looking horrified, starts, "Now, wait a min..."

"SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!", roars Harry. His magic swirling around him in a visible aura that scorches the wooden floor beneath him, whipping his clothes and hair like he was standing in a fierce wind. "I can't believe you are trying to justify what I just heard as something reasonable. I just heard my supposed best friend call me a murderer. Don't need a translation charm for that."

Remus trying to calm Harry, "Harry-"

"And you two," looking at Remus and Tonks, "were the only two adults I thought I could go to with anything. Like how to be a wizard and..Sirius.", says Harry brokenly. Then, with more menace, "I brought you and your mother back into the Black Family Tonks, and this is the way I am treated? Like a joke or a pest? And I suppose Sirius really is my fault as opposed to what you said before, Remus?"

Tonks, now a little angry herself at Harry's rant, shouts, "Now see here-"

"Save it. You can talk about it later, when I'm not here. As far as I'm concerned, right now, I wish I was as far away from you as I can get.", says Harry, in a defeated voice.

Out of nowhere, a voice intones, "WISH GRANTED."

In Harry's hand is a large piece of something that looks like crystal. Said crystal was glowing brighter and the source of the voice. Harry says, "What th-?", as the crystal lets loose a wave of bright magic that knocks everyone up against the walls hurting and blinding them.

At Hogwarts, in the Divination tower, Sybll Trelawney goes into a trance and harshly intones,

"The Chosen One leaves,

Because of Betrayal, True and False,

He will Ride the Chaos,

On a Pale Horse,

To a far Land He will Go,

A Distant Time He will See,

To Learn the Way of Battle,

His Heart will Break again,

In the Breaking, He will Find,

The Power the Dark Lord Knows Not,

The Battle Comes."

As she comes out of her trance, she says sadly, "Good luck, Harry. I'm so sorry." She puts her face in her hands and starts to weep.

Author note: Please read and review. This is my first time writing fan fiction. Be constructive with your criticism..... and complimentary if you believe it's deserving. ;D

Author note 2: While I have read some HP/R1/2 x-overs, I probably have not read them all. So, if my plot seems like something you've seen before, let me know. I have no intention of copying someone else's work, but I've read so much fan fiction that I may, inadvertently use an idea from someone's work. If I do it knowingly, I'll get permission first. Unknowingly, again, let me know, and I'll give credit where credit's due. I have nothing but respect for all writers that have the stones to put their imagination out there for all to see. Please extend me the courtesy of asking about any problems before accusation. Thank you.
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