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Baby It's a Fact!

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Jess is about to leave Pete... but with the memories they've had- to get to this stage, can he make her stay? Or will she leave him forever? Rating for later chapters

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Pete grabbed Jess by the wrist- pulling her back to him. Jess' eyes were watery and sorrowful. Her eyes eventually met with Pete's, his eyes full of hope and desperatuion.

"Please don't Pete," Jess whisipered.

"Jess, you don't do this! Don't leave! I wish it was back when I hated being around you. Where we never wanted to be near each other. It would be alot more simple. But it isn't now," Pete said, now holding her by the waist.

Jess glanced up at Pete. She remembered those days.


"Oi lunch is here motherfuckers!" Pete yelled as he entered the tour bus. Patrick, Joe, Andy and Jess walked out from various places of the bus. Pete had brought McDonald's- each guy grabbed 3 burgers each before sitting down on the lounges. Pete looked up noticing Jess with an awkward face- she was obviously disguisted. Still he signalled to the food on the table.

"Like I'm gunna eat that you ass! Is there any food in this bus that isn't covered in grease?" Jess asked as she began searching through the cupboards and fridge.

"What the fuck girl? You on the way to anorexia. You won a trip to go on tour with us- this is how we eat! But you never fucking eat it!" Pete yelled.

"I am far from being ano! I like my body the way it is and want it to function normally!" Jess yelled looking at him.

"You like you body? All you got is a nice set of tits! Nothing fucking more!" Pete laughed.

"Dude that's mean, offensive and untrue," Patrick said seriously.

Pete looked over to Patrick weirdly, before he realised Jess had thrown a beer bottle in his direction. It made contact as Jess stormed into the "Harry Potter" bed area. Pete felt his head before asking Patrick,

"How do you know if she has a good fucking body or not?"

"Pete dude. Us three saw her run through the bus in this fine black, lacy skimpy fucking set. Then running back into the bathroom with clothes. She's fucking hot!" Patricks said once again seriously.

Pete glanced around as he recieved nods from Andy and Joe.


New update soon- for the next flashback of their relationship getting to the current stage- Jess leaving Pete.
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