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The brothers investigate the scene of the crime.

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Dean and Sam walked into the room that appeared to have been torn apart, possibly by police looking for some cause of death that linked all of victims together. They had missed the most obvious clue, a clue they could never understand.
The cause of death wasn't a chemical agent or a murderer, of the kind they usually dealt with. It was something different entirely.
Sam gingerly lifted the covers from the bed and studied the sheets, "Dean, look."
Dean peered under the covers and saw the deep impression of a human form. Arms at its sides, legs strait.
" That has got to be an uncomfortable way sleep," Dean murmured.
" He might not have always slept that way."
" You think something pressed him into the bed?" Dean asked poking at the mattress.
" Ya, well it would've taken a long time for the bed to sag this much, plus the outline is so...perfect." Sam responded.
"Well, I wouldn't go so far as to call it perfect." Dean found this whole case strange and flawed. It was by no means perfect. They didn't even know what was killing these people and that in itself bothered him. He had nearly gotten used to knowing what to look for, who to look for. He wanted it to be obvious.
Find the monster, kill the monster. It was so much harder when you had to find out what the monster was first, and if it was a monster at all.
" So then lets check the other houses to see if the beds have the same kind of impression." Sam offered.

They went to the house next door and got in through an open window in the kitchen.
" You know Sam, I kind of like this place."
" Why?" Sam asked.
" Because the security is horrible, the locks are bad and the windows are open. It's great."
Once they got to the bedroom they checked the mattress and found the same thing, The impression of the body.

By the end of the day, they had check the bed of all of the victims and found the same thing in each room. Sulfur, the human impression.
Later at their motel Sam was researching, trying to find out what out what killed the people. "I found three things that could be killing them. A Mara, an Alp or Trud. They all come to you while you sleep and suffocate you by sitting on your chest. And, Maras supposedly ride their victim's horses after they kill them, Oh, and they steal their victims souls."
" Does it say what they look like?"
" It says that they appear as a beautiful man or women, but, sometimes they come in the form of animals; cats, wolves, or birds."

That night Sam was awoken by the sound of sirens passing their motel. He stood up quickly and went to Dean's side shaking him awake.
" Sam," Dean muttered, his mind muddled by sleep, "Why the hell are you waking me up? It's 2:30AM."
"Dean, I think something's going on, I think someone else died."
" Ok, ok, we'll go." He said standing up and pulling a pair of pants on.

They drove towards Famin boulevard in a hurry. Once they were three miles from Famin They began to see police cars and people talking in the streets, just as Dean was slowing down so he wouldn't hit anyone, he saw a dark shadow in his peripheral vision, it was moving fast and heading for the turn in the street right in front of them.
He slammed on the breaks. Now he heard the hooves clattering on the pavement.
Dean stared at the animal as it galloped across the street in front of the Impala, " What the hell is a horse doing out here?"
" Maybe it was scared by the sirens." Sam offered weakly, he had never particularly liked horses.
Dean started driving again. When they got to the house, they immediately noticed something strange. No cars parked in the driveways, no cars in the open garage. No cars except police cars.
Sam reached into the middle compartment in the car and pulled out two police badges. He handed one to Dean.
They got out of the car and sauntered over to one of the policeman, " What happened here?" Dean asked flashing the policeman his badge.
" Someone choked this guy, Thomas Cartrainger, and then stole his families two cars. We just found one of the cars crashed into a telephone pole right outside of town."

Minutes later Sam and Dean walked into the house and as was routine now checked the house for sulfur and the impression. They found both.

In their motel room Sam sat trying to figure out if something other than location tied these people together. He got his answer.

*Alps and maras are said to ride their victims horses after they kill them.
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