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When the Moon Hits Your Bright Eyes I Go Blind

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an idea that i had, we'll see how it works out.

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Dragging her suitcase behind her, she brushed the long strands of blonde hair off of her face before stepping off to the side of the flow of bodies as they hurried through the corridor. Letting her suitcase fall next to her with a thud, her carry-on then falling to the floor, the young disheveled girl rummaged through her purse with a frustrated huff. Dialing the number they knew all too well, her fingers worked feverishly at the buttons of her cellular phone as a radiant smile spread wide over her lips.

"I'm lost" Kaelin laughed into the receiver, the smile on her face growing wider as she thought of that reaction she was about to receive. "I'm lost and its stupid and I wanted to inform you."

"What? What are you talking about?" Cecelia questioned, panicked and worried from the other end of the telephone call, her nerves transmitting half-way across the globe.

"Je suis perdu dans un aéroport." Kaelin responded triumphantly; phonetically incorrect to the very end, she was damn proud of her attempt.

Cecelia was confused as she was allowed to be but Kaelin couldn't help but laugh, she knew the scrunched nose, twisted lip face of confusion that took over her best friends features at that very moment. "Why are you at an airport?" Cecelia inquired, confused and worried, "Where are you? Why are you speaking Fren-- OHMYGOSH are you in France?"

A soft chuckle echoed through the phone followed by a loud squeal through Kaelin's earpiece. "HE FLEW YOU TO FRANCE?!"


Sluggishly picking up her belongings and dragging them behind her, once again Kaelin shuffled her way back into the bustling crowd, the pressure between her shoulder and her ear holding the phone in place as shrieks and squeals echoed in her ear. Cecelia had spent the last three weeks with her family at a camping reunion somewhere in the abyss of the Ohio wilderness where cell phone service did not exist, causing her to lose all contact with the people who mattered most.

"I get back into town only to hear that you're not down the street, you're in Paris, France. Paris mother-fucking France!" Cecelia yelped with a laugh, "This boy has got it bad, he flew you half way around the world and you don't think he's serious about being together. What kind of crazy are you infected with?"

With a sigh, Kaelin shuffled back off to the side of the bustling crowd, intimated by her foreign surroundings and distracted by her telephone conversation, she dropped her luggage to the ground around her feet once again with a sigh. "I wish you were here with me, I don't understand how this French nonsense works."

"How long are you there?" Cecelia inquired, calming down from the shock and excitement of the information she had just received.

"Sixteen days" Kaelin huffed, picking absently as the color coded luggage tag on her suitcase.

"And to think I felt bad about not being home for your birthday, and you'll be in Paris." Cecelia joked, "I'm glad you made me feel guilty, you whore!"

"I'll be in Rome on my birthday actually and to be fair, it was a spur of the moment request, he asked me two days ago, my ticket was waiting at the airport and you were off with Johnny Appleseed in the woods somewhere." Kaelin chuckled, knowing the exact reaction she would get, laughing harder as the shriek filled her ears once more.

"You're going to turn 20 in Rome as in ITALY, as in not the town on the thru-way and I felt guilty for going on vacation with my parents?" Cecelia joked once more with a shriek, "What is it like being you? Honestly, how do you get so lucky?"

"I'm cute?" Kaelin laughed, still picking absently at the multi-colored luggage tags. Luck had never been one to take sides with Kaelin, but somehow she stumbled on a jackpot of happiness in the form of a boy who stumbled upon her, now head over heels and aching for her company, she packed her bags and boarded a plane just to see his face for herself, instead of plastered on the television or a magazine cover.

"For real though, in all honesty Kae, you know we wouldn't judge you if you moved; this boy is crazy for you, and you would be stupid to say that you don't feel exactly the same way." Cecelia sighed with reassurance, ushering a helpless sigh from the other end of the conversation. "Hopelessly in love in a French airport as you arrive for a European escapade with your rock star boyfriend; it's tragic to be you, isn't it?" Cecelia laughed.

"Love is a weird word." Kaelin sighed once again.

"Kae, if you mean it, say it; it's no joke." Cecelia assured as Kaelin once again gathered her belongings and headed for the door, not at all anticipating her upcoming attempt to hail a cab in a foreign country. Spotting the shadow of a familiar form entering the airport, her eyes lit up with the luminescence of the sun as she fumbled with the cell phone in her hand and as his eyes shot up to meet hers.

"CeCe, I...I'vegottagoI'llcallyoulater!" Rushed past her lips as she quickly flipped the device shut, just one moment before her legs carried her to him faster than she knew she could, her bags discarded carelessly on the floor around them as she leapt into his arms, their lips crashing together the moment her arms wrapped around his neck.

Feverishly fighting for dominance, his lips won the battle for control as he spun her around twice before placing her feet back onto the ground, his eyes locking with hers, the sparkle of blues making his insides flutter like the wings of a hundred butterflies.

"We're in Paris" He gasped in a rushed breath, pulling his hood back over his head before resting his forehead against hers.

Nodding, the smile played on her lips once again with a sigh. "And I thought I would never use my passport again."

"I love you" Passed over his lips next, much to her surprise, her eyes wide like a deer in head lights.


Attacking hers once again, his lips interrupted her question in a gentle smooth motion and at that very moment, her knees felt weak and the butterfly feeling he caused inside of her switched to a flow of tingling happiness that fell upon her entire body.

"I love you too, Patrick" Breathed past her lips when they finally separated from his, both their lungs desperately pleading for air.

Destiny and fate are elements of life that tend to run full circle, with things such as irony and coincidence running close behind. It's a sheer impossibility to foresee the things that change our lives in an instant, but it sometimes proves to be even harder to pinpoint the exact moment the change occurs after we've gone through the motions.

The life you live, your age, profession and educational background all dissolve the line of importance and rationality when you believe in the existence in true love and irony and destiny will always prove that you will always find what you need most when you're not even looking.

It may be cliché, and it may have the workings of a Walt Disney fairy tale, but what are the odds that it could happen to you? For some, the odds are higher than you may think; it all depends on the chances you take and the will you have to fight the odds against you. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, maybe we should turn it all around and see where the story begins, I know, after all, I was there.
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