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Yondaime's Legacy

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The day that Kyuubi attacks, many things happen, good and bad. This is just the beginning. rated PG-13 for later chapters.

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okay, so this is my first fanfiction with naruto and Yondaime. I hope you like it. Yondaime's name in the story is Arashi Uzumaki, and his wife's name is Naru, though she has no first name. Please, don't forget to review!

CHAPTER 1: Tradgedy

It was another late night at the office for the Hokage. Yondaime looked at the pile of work beside him on his desk. I'll never finish this, I'll be here all night. he thought to himself, sleepily. It must've been about midnight by now. Yondaime shifted in his chair to the next paper. "Sensei!!!" Yondaime heard the voice of a teenage boy call him. "yes, Kakashi?" He asked, facing his student. "It's Naru-san, she's about to have to baby!" Kakashi said.
Arashi dropped the paper work and dashed out the door. The hokage burst into the labor room to see his beautiful wife in pain, waiting for this baby to come. "Arashi, honey, I'm soo glad that you're here! I don't know what I'd do without you!" She said half crying. "Naru, I'd never miss the birth of our child, even if I am hokage." He told her.
The next he knew, Naru was crying out in pain. "The baby's comming soon!" Tsunade, the one delivering the baby said. There was a loud roar outside of the building and the room started shaking. What the hell? he thought. "Hokage-sama!" one of the nurses yelled into the delivery room. " There's a kyuubi (nine-tailed fox) attacking the village!" She yelled.
"nurse, try to keep it down, there is a delivery going on here." Tsunade said. "Arashi." Yondaime's wife said in pain. "Listen , you and I both know that you have to." She explained. "But, I can't leave now, you're in labor!" He said. "Arashi, listen to me, you have to go and defeat the Kyuubi. You must save the village." She said, afterwards, yelling out in pain. There was another roar from the kyuubi. "okay, I'll go." Yondaime said to his wife before leaving. "Arashi, please, be shure to come back alive." she said to her husband.
Yondaime smiled back to her and walked out. When he was half way doen the hallway, he heard Tsunade saying that the head was coming out. Ha, I can't believe that I'm missing the birth of my owm son. Yondaime thought sadly. He picked up his pace to a run. Yondaime emmedietly spotted the kyuubi. He summoned gambata(I hope I spelled it right.) and got on his head. He then pulled out his scroll of sealing. He drew a kunai to slice a cut. She slid the bloody finger down the scroll.
The Kyuubi headed towards the hospital, where and destroyed the walls. "That way!" He ordered his toad to follow the Kyuubi. He could see his wife, passed out on the delivery table and could hear the cry of his newborn son. The Kyuubi swooped down, and took Naru in his mouth. "Naru!" He cried out. He stood on the toad's head, watching the Kyuubi eat his beloved wife, right in front of his eyes. "Kyuubi! You will pay, you've made me miss the birth of my own son, and killed my wife!" He yelled. Yondaime full on fought the kyuubi head on. Nothing seemed to work and he was almost out of chakra. With his last bit of strength, he used the scroll of sealing and he sealed the kyuubi into the body of his new born son.
He held his son tightly. "I'll name you naruto, your mother would have loved that name." He said sadly to the baby. Naruto looked up and smiled at yondaime. Yondaime heard a mixture of voices saying Arashi, Yondaime, sensei, and Hokage-Sama. Next thing he knew every thing went black. "Everyone stay back, Kakashi, go get any medic nins you can!" Tsunade yelled, running to the fallen hokage. She grabbed the bundle from him. Kakashi came back with many people. "Hurry, his chakra's depleating, wemay loose him!" Tsunade panicked.

If you couldn't tell, Arashi named Naruto after his mother, Naru. I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Please review and I'll try to post the next chapter soon. Please give me some ideas!
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