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Apples don't fall too far from the tree

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Sakura's son comes home one day from school and asked some simple questions about his dad.

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Story: Uchiha Sato ran to his house. They had a project at school, to write a report about some one they'd like to meet. He ran into his house and into his mother's room. "Mom, what happened to dad?" he asked. Sakura looked up at him.

"W...what, Sato?" She asked

"You see, we're doing the project at school about the person we most wanna meet, and I'm doing it one dad. And, I wanna know what happened to dad."

"Um...ok, Sato. C'mere." Sato ran over to the bed and jumped on.


"Your father died in the war against Orochimaru." explained Sakura

"What was he like?" asked Sato

"Your father was a great man. He loved you very much." started Sakura

"Was he and Yuri's dad really best friends?" he asked

"Yes, Naruto and your father were best friends, and rivals, like you and Yuri."

"Really!? Wow! That's kinda weird if you think about it!" exclaimed Sato

"Yes, it is. Now, who is Yuri doing her project on?" asked Sakura

"She's doing it on 2 people; The 4th Hokage and Naruto-san." explained Sakura. "Yurs was joking around about doing the Kyuubi!...What was dad's main justu? Did he have the blood limit like me?"

"I'm not really sure of your father's main justu, I think is was the Chihori. And, yes." answered Sakura

"Do you have a lot of pictures?" asked Sato

"Yes. Lemme go get them." Sakura walked out and came back moments later with a shoebox. "Here you go." Sato grabbed the shoebox from Sakura and opened it. "What's this one?" He held up one of Sakura and Sasuke's wedding.

"This is your father and I's wedding."

"This one?" Sato held up a picture of Team 7.

"That's my team."

"Cool. This one?" he held up one of Sasuke sitting in a chair, asleep, with make-up on his face and his hair in several little ponytails; Naruto looking the same asleep on a couch. 2 little kids, a black haired boy and a blond haired girl, sitting on the floor giggling.

"That's the time you and Yuri decided to give your dad and Naruto a make-over.

"Cool, can I keep these?" asked Sato holding up the make-over picture and one of Sasuke holding a little boy, about 2, in his arms; the boy being Sato.

"Sure, sweetie." says Sakura as a kuni flew though the window; with a note attached

"HEY, UCHIHA- Look outside-Yuri"
Sato looked out the window to see a blond girl his age waving her arms.

"C'mon! Inu's dog had puppies!" Yuri Uzumaki yelled up.

"Really!? Chijin had puppies!?" asked Sato

"Yep, wanna go see!?" She asked

"Mom, can I?" asked Sato

"Sure, honey." answered Sakura. Sato smiled and jumped down. The two ran off to the Inuzuka household. Sakura giggled at the 2; Yuri's short blond hair and orange shirt making her look like Naruto and Sato's whole outfit and hair making him look like Sasuke. 'I guess the apple really doesn't fall too far from the tree.' she thought and looked at the picture of Naruto and Sasuke. 'Huh, guys?'

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