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Best friends battle; and the sky fades red to black. We will kill.

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The sky is crimson.

We are locked in mortal combat, striving with all our skill to end each other's lives. Odd, to think it could be anything but this way. I once thought this a nightmare, and prayed to wake into a world where there is no more war, no more need for me to kill¡K to murder. In our quest for vengeance and survival, did we ever spare a thought for the dreams we reaped, the death we sowed? But now it is clear: this is reality, and peace but a distant dream.

We are screaming, furious, each other's names. I think I once knew you as something other than an enemy, as late as a day or two ago. One second's happenings have changed all that. One death, and now two, is enough to sever all the ties that bind us, to change us form former friends an sympathetic enemies into mortal foes.

And yet it is not the same. We fight like maddened beasts; but every slash upon you is inflicted upon me, and I fight blinded by tears of pain. Every slash I take means that I am alive, that you are alive--and he is not. He was so like you, and you do not know. He was gracious and gentle and loving, and he is dead. As I am. As you are.

How did we come to this? We, who were best friends and brothers, and more than brothers. I could not convince you to join us or convince you to leave, and I could not defeat you and I could not leave. I could not protect him; I could not die. I could not do anything.

I will kill you no matter what the cost, after. I can kill. I can murder. It is the only thing I can do.

The sky reflects my gundam and my bleeding heart. I am flying, looking up at it, thrown up and up. The explosion is like us, like our battle, expending self and soul in a single flashfire burst of burnout that will end with wreckage of us strewn everywhere in the aftermath of battle. The sun is setting, and the colour of it is red, red, red.


A/N (13/7/04)__It seems that all I can write these days are really short fics. Darn. Anyway, "2887" is the self-destruct code for the Aegis. Really. I was scanning through episodes 29-31 (or so--basically from Kira meeting Aslan at Morganraete to Kira and Aslan's final fight ending in the Aegis self-destructing) and I was just hit with the inspiration for this.
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