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Chapter 13: In The Bus

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Chapter 13: In the bus

Pete and Isaab went inside silently, still shocked from the kiss. When they got in, they weren't surprised when they saw the three people already inside doing their own things and ignoring them completely, not even looking from what they were doing to see who had come in to the room, although it was obvious who would come in with Pete and Isaab outside talking. They gave the two their privacy and didn't spy or try to eavesdrop, which is something that Joe would never do when they were kids. Pete looked absolutely sad and Isaab tried to look emotionless but you could see in her eyes that she was miserable and helpless. Pete went straight to the bathroom, but Isaab went to where Alyssa was sitting. Alyssa and Patrick were listening to Alyssa's iPod and Patrick was singing under his breath. Isaab smiled at the cousins (AN: Yes, they're cousins) but knew that she had to talk to Alyssa first. She tapped Patrick on the back gave him a look, he understood and got up from where he was sitting. He took out the earphone from his ear and handed it to Alyssa smiling and went to sit with Joe. Isaab put her hand on his shoulder as a sign of thanks and he just smiled at her like something was wrong. When he sat down, she sighed and sat down where Patrick was sitting. By then, Alyssa already had put the earphone that Patrick was listening to in her empty ear and continued to listen to the iPod, as if she was mad.
Isaab ignored what Alyssa was trying to tell her. "I am sorry for making you worry".
Alyssa turned to the left so her back was to Isaab. "... and mad" Isaab added.
Alyssa smiled. She turned around and hugged Isaab. Isaab laughed.
"Does that mean I am forgiven?" Alyssa nodded.
"Can you speak to me now?" She nodded again, and then the smile faded into a stern look and she put her index finger in front of Isaab's face. "Don't ever do that to me, it pissed me off."
Isaab put her hands up cautiously. "I won't". They both laughed.
Isaab stood up and walked toward when her brother was sitting. She stood in front of the TV screen where he was staring at, playing a game. He cursed loudly and paused the game. "Come here" he mumbled. Isaab smiled and bent down to hug him. "Don't you dare do that again. I thought you were slashing your wrists, or doing something else, something bad." He whispered in her ear. They separated and she stepped to the side so that Joe could continue his 'quest' and so she could face Patrick. He suddenly stood up and hugged her too. "Don't scare us like that, you know we all care for you, you know you can talk to me at the least". She nodded.
She walked toward Andy, the designated driver that night, concentrated on tapping the steering wheel with his drum sticks as fast as he could. When he saw Isaab with the corner of his eye and stopped tapping. He stood up and hugged her tight as he could. He couldn't find words to say so he just shut up and hugged the best he could. Isaab didn't mind, actually it felt a lot better to her. It was unexplainable but she liked tight hugs. She thought the tighter the hug, the better message was said and understood. She just smiled. He let go of her and looked down at her face, because he was taller than her. He smiled and ruffled her hair. She laughed and groaned at the same time. She walked back to the couch and watched her brother play knowing she did most of what was meant. She began thinking /What do I do now? Something still feels like this is incomplete/. It hit her. Ryan. Pete. She winced, but didn't do anything. She just sat for the time being. She was so exhausted and decided she needed a break.
Isaab's break was done, when she heard a knock on the bus door.
"Andy, open the door" Joe said not looking up from the TV.
Andy groaned, but stood up and walked to the door. "Who is it?"
"It's me" Ryan said from the other side of the door.
"Who's 'me'?" Andy asked, confused. Isaab laughed and stood up.
"'Me' is my boyfriend" she mumbled pulling the lever near the steering wheel. The door opened and it showed Ryan giving a meek wave.
"Hello" Andy said and went back to the driver's seat.
Ryan climbed up the little staircase and entered the bus.
Isaab stepped forward and hugged him. She felt a lot guilty but tried to keep the smile on her face. "Great set tonight" she complimented him, obviously she had lied.
Ryan frowned. "Really? I didn't see you on the wings".
Isaab winced and darted her eyes to where Alyssa was sitting down. Alyssa looked at her and shrugged with her eyes wide. "Ahh... you were on the other side of the stage, remember?"
Ryan felt a sudden rage inside of him, but decided to ignore it. "Uhm hmm."


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