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Just like it used to be

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Gerard Way is getting married, his fiance has yet to tell her family. One side is snobby and the other is laid back. How will they react to the news. Also Bert and Gerard feud going ot be in it too.

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A/N: this is a revised version of the story so i hope you like this version a bit better than the other one

Chapter one

Its been far too long since the last time that Natalie has seen her fiancé and she's beginning to feel deprived of him. Natalie sighed once again in the last hour or so, her sister Niki was getting annoyed and finally asked her younger sister what was up. "Natalie what's the matter?"

Natalie shook her head, "Nothing I just don't want to go to the family reunion; I just want to be with Gerard but he's on tour for three more weeks with all the guys. It's, well I just miss him and want to be next to him like I do when we are home in New Jersey." she said as they continued to drive to the ridiculously expensive hotel that the reunion was taking place at. Not even half the people that they want to come are going to be coming to the reunion so there really isn't a point in having it at such a big hotel.

Niki understood what her younger sister was going through; she herself has gone through it before with her own boyfriend Pete. Only Pete isn't a musician, but Niki is gone a lot because she hangs out with her friends and family and goes to the family functions unlike Pete who has an anxiety complex.

"I know Natalie, you just have to wait but soon enough you're going to be Mrs. Gerard Way." she said smiling at her sister who laughed a bit at that thought.

"Two weeks after he gets back actually, I'm having a bit of trouble waiting even for the time to come I'm too excited." Natalie said to her sister as she looked at her engagement ring.

Her engagement ring was a silver band with a heart shaped Mystic Fire Topaz set with three diamonds on the each side of it. Gerard knew that she hated the big, flashy and expensive looking ones that so many people have that they look so gaudy. Natalie prefers the simple and elegant looking rings and she's not very fond of gold and he knows that so they decided to have silver wedding bands and engagement bands.

"Come on Natalie, we're here." Niki told her as she got out of the car and headed towards the hotel.

Natalie sighed heavily before grudgingly getting out of the car and following her older sister into the hotel where the reunion was taking place, not that Natalie was willingly going to the reunion she didn't have much of a choice. Niki was all but carrying Natalie to the reunion she would have rather stayed at Niki's house and done nothing.

Another reason why Niki made Natalie come was because she has yet to tell her family that she is engaged yet alone getting married in five weeks or so or that she is engaged to a famous rock star. They never even knew that she was dating someone seriously, she didn't want them to know in case it didn't end so well, but it did end well she's getting married to the guy.

"Oh Niki look at you, you look wonderful and you Natalie, you are getting more beautiful by every passing second." their grandma Kay said to them.

Natalie took the open seat that was next to her cousin Kaely, while Niki went and sat near their grandma Kay. Natalie noticed her cousin Ben was sitting next to her, Ben was like the only one that Natalie had anything in common with on that side of the family.

"Hey Ben, is this beauty your girlfriend I've heard about?" she asked smiling at the lithe brunette, who looked to be the total opposite of Ben.

Ben smiled at Natalie and nodded proudly, "Yeah this is Fiona, Fiona this is my cousin Natalie. She's the one to talk to if you want to get into the writing business." he said nudging his girlfriend a bit hinting at something.

Natalie laughed at that, "You like to write I'm guessing since Ben is hinting at you by pushing you off of the chair?" Natalie asked her amused.

Fiona nodded smirking, "Yeah I've liked to write ever since I was a little girl, there wasn't one time that I was without a notebook and pencil. I want to become a poet, a writer or something that has to do with writing if I can do it." she said chattering like a crazy preteen.

Natalie laughed, "Writing has always been my first love, I've written so many stories that I've lost count. Ever since I was in seventh grade I've wanted to write and be a writer of some sort I didn't care how just that I became one." she said shaking her head at herself, amused at how she used to act when she was younger.

Fiona nodded, "Yeah the same goes for me, though I would like love to get my writings out there so that I could really find out what people think of my writing style and what I write. I feel like it sucks at times even though so many people have said it doesn't." she said looking a bit sad.

"The writer is their own worst critic," Natalie said and pulled out a piece of paper and wrote something on it, "Here," Natalie said handing the scrap of paper to Fiona. "This is my cell number, home phone and my two main e-mails. I'm gonna talk to my friend Markus who was the one who first published some of my poems. I think he'd like to have a look at a few of your works if you'd like. He loves reading new things by upcoming poets/writers." Natalie told her and smiled.

Fiona was staring at Natalie in shock and wide eyed, "Y.. you would do something like this for me? You don't even know me, you just met me" she asked surprised and Ben just looked between the two girls and shook his head.

Natalie shrugged as if it was nothing, "Why not, you seem nice enough and aren't bitchy or too stuck up and proper like some." she said taking a glance over at her aunt.

Fiona squealed happily, "Thank you so much."

Natalie shook her head, "No problem, just send me a sample of some of your work then I will forward him a few of them and he will tell me what he thinks. Its not a for sure that you will be getting published by the company but we will see what we can do with it." Natalie told her wanting to make sure that she understood everything involved, Fiona needed to know that there was a possibility that she may not get published by the company but they would at least help her find somewhere else to look at her work.

Fiona nodded in understanding, but she was still excited and happy none the less. The two of them talked while Ben went over to talk with his father about something boring most likely, or at least to the girls it was boring.
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