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Not like i used to be

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Natalie is now telling her mom's side of the family what she's doing

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A/N: Please tell me you like the story becuase if you dont i may cry

Chapter four

Natalie and Hope were now just sitting around Hope's house talking mostly about the wedding, "So," Hope said as Natalie and her sat down in the living room.

Natalie shook her head at her friend that made it painfully obvious with what she wanted, she handed the binder that had most of the wedding plans and whatnot in it to her. The second Hope saw the dress her eyes lit up, she loved the dress, thought it was beautiful, unique and very Natalie.

Hope then turned the page and saw the Helena bridesmaid like dress and loved that too because it had a sort of gothic look to it. Of course it would be black and red those are two of Natalie's favorite colors; anyone who knew her would have known that. "How come I'm not surprised that you are having black and red for your bridesmaids dresses." she asked her smirking a bit.

Natalie smiled happily at her, "Because you know I wouldn't be able to not have those colors. They are apart of me and most of everyone who knows me would be expecting to have some sort of shade of them in it. Even the Wedding cake has those colors in it surprisingly; Donna wasn't too happy about it but she'll get over it." she said happily.

The two of them spent the rest of their time messing around and looking at old pictures of them from when they were in high school and remembering some of the stupid things that they had done. Sometimes Natalie wished she was back in high school it was a whole lot easier but looking at her life now and then she wouldn't give up what she has now for anything. After talking and reminiscing for a bit they started the movie fest, they watching every kind of cheesy horror movie that they could fine or get their hands on if at all possible.

Before Natalie left to go back to her sister's house that night she promised Hope that she would call her and talk a bit more before she had to leave for New Jersey, her new home that not many people knew about. Hope and Natalie are more like sisters than best friends, they can understand each other better than anyone else around. If someone doesn't get what they are saying one of them would translate what they mean if they can't get it out. It's like they're twins or something like that.

The next morning it was Saturday, thankfully she wasn't woken up at the crack of dawn like she was the day before by her niece. Natalie has to tell her other side about her engagement later in the afternoon or night, she's kind of unsure of what they will think she hopes that they are okay with it because they are the ones that count to her. She really wants them to like him and accept her choice but she's not sure that they will accept her marrying into the music industry let alone a musician.

Her mom's side of the family doesn't even know that she's been in Minnesota for a while, so when she goes to the family grill out that afternoon she is going to surprise them and just show up, most likely that will surprise the shit out of them. Natalie has changed quite a bit since she left Minnesota and moved to New Jersey when she was twenty years old. Now though she's twenty-four years old, seen the world and is more social and outspoken, something they don't know her for normally.

For clothes Natalie put on a ¾ length button up dress shirt and over that a red tie, then she put her black baggy jeans on that she loved to death and headed downstairs. Niki looked up and saw her sister coming down the stairs, she shook her head at her. No matter what Natalie will always have her own individual style that is like no one else's in the family. She wont change her ways just because someone doesn't approve or likes how she is, to her if they don't like her they can got fuck themselves and go to hell for all she cares.

"We're going to be leave in about two in a half hours uncle Jim's so if you desperately need to talk to your lover boy for a while I'd call him now if I were you." Niki said told her sister smirking who at the moment sent her a playful glare.

Natalie did just as her sister had suggested and called Gerard, but what she didn't mean to do was talk to him for almost the whole time that they had before they had to leave for Jim's house which was about twenty minutes away. When they arrived Natalie stepped out of the car at her uncle Jim's place and mostly everyone there was staring at her, having not seen her in nearly four years. One of the reasons was because they didn't recognize her and two because of her make-up and how she was dressed now was completely different from how she used to do it.

When they finally did realize that it was Natalie they were running up to her and greeting her happily and asking how she's been lately, things like that. Natalie was enjoying herself a lot, her younger cousins and second cousin were amusing as always telling her how they got in trouble and why and what exactly they've gotten away with.

Andy, her eldest cousin Cori's husband looked at her curiously, "So Nat I don't think any of us know what you do in New Jersey for a living, so care to clue us in?" he said smiling at her.

She smirked, "I work in the Music Industry business, I'm usually sent over hundred's of CD Demo's a day." Fun as that sounds to some people it isn't, it gets tiring and sometimes Natalie wants to just scream at how bad some of the Demo's are. "If I like the band's music enough I will send someone to go see them live and the people I sent will then give me a tape of the bands live performance. After that I will then decide if I want to meet with them or not, if they make it they will come Crimson Decay to meet up with me and we talk about what kind of music they want theirs to be, what they should expect if they get signed and all of that fun stuff." she paused for a moment letting them take a bit of the information in before she continued.

She smiled as she continued her explanation, "After that we bring the music demo to the big honcho and see if they can be signed to the label or not if yes I try to put their music out over the internet submitting some of their stuff to live journals, myspace, blogs and things like that basically." she told them.

Most of them couldn't believe that she had such an important job in the music industry, some wondered how she had landed that job it seemed pretty hard to get into yet she did. She's most likely encountered many well known bands and become friends with them and sorts like that, which may had made a few of them jealous.

Chris then remembered the name of the company that she worked for and asked her about it, "Decay Records, who came up with that name it sounds kind of morbid and shit like that." he said to her a bit curious about it.

Natalie shrugged, "ha ve no idea who came up with it but I think it's pretty wicked name," she looked at them all and sighed. "Look I leave in three days and there's a reason that I'm here in Minnesota." she told them.

Niki gave her a look and she got to the point, I need to tell you all something important, really really important." she told them.

"Your not pregnant are you?" her grandpa asked, Natalie shook her head at him amusedly.

Natalie laughed, "Well if I am no one told me, but anyways I have something to tell you and all I hope is that you are happy for me." she said to them hopeful.

"Well what is it, don't leave us here in suspense." Cori said to her getting a bit impatient.

Taking a deep breath Natalie told them what was the good news was, "I'm getting married." She told them waiting for their responses or reactions to the news. To them she never dated really because they had never met any of her boyfriends so her getting married would have been shocking news.
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