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A hypocrite never needs to be told, 'I told you so.'

Category: Naruto - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Characters: Gai, Kakashi - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-04-06 - Updated: 2007-04-06 - 281 words - Complete


I watched him. Watched him stroked the hair and grasp the fingers. Watched him cry actually cry. No dramatics just silences and salt water. I watched him watch me and wait. I walked away.

I watched him watch. Watched his hands clenching by his side. Watched him touch and try to comfort Lee. Watched his student try not to fall apart. I watched Asuma look disgusted, watched Kurenai look disappointed. I watch Sakura struggle between being grateful and wanting to strangle me. I watched my student fight with another student's moves that I had stolen and lied about.

I watched him watch me. I watched him sitting by my bed trying to still care instead of hating me. I watched him watch my fingers twitch. Watched him touch them watched them twitch harder. Watched him grasp them and squeeze gently. Watched him look toward the door and let go. Watched him walk away.

I watched him promise and smile. Watched him love his child. Watched him say goodbye. Watched his other student walk away. I watched my other student walk away. Watched a group of children leave. Watched a girl watch that group leave and hope they returned with a boy she shouldn't even miss.

I watched my student trying to breath. Watched my student bleed. Watched the rain glide off my student's paling skin. Watched my student dying in my arms. I watched them trying to heal the boy. I stared at the wall and watched him watching me. Watched him touch me, watched him holding me, watched me clinging to him. I listened. He didn't say anything. Didn't say a word. Some how that made it all the worse.
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