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Green and Copper and...

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She asked him and all he could say, all he could think was...

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And she asks him with her eyes shining gold where the light hits them. Fool's gold maybe or the gold of a cat's eye. She asks him and he tries to find the words for how a child copes when no one can or will explain. He tries to find the words but all that will come are green and copper and gold. Green are his suits and copper the stains he valiantly tries to wash out of their insides. Angry, infected red are the cuts under the green and copper the rash that spreads from them. Copper the stains on the gold penknife in the second right pocket of the green jounin vest.

Green and Copper and Gold and red. Red is the ground and the sky and his suit. Red is the past and right now and the future. Red dries to copper and rust and the Green grows over it. The Green grows over everything- eats everything like some monstrous beast and he thinks if he wears the colors maybe the Beast will think he is a part of it and leave him be. And he has no fear 'til fall hoping against hope that the orange on his legs and wrist will find the copper and gold in the forest in the trees.

And he can't explain it can't find the words to tell a story nearly twenty-one years old about a two year old and a woman in a pretty green dress on a big blue bed. A pretty copper-tone woman in a pretty green dress on a big blue bed with a long silver knife covered in red. Can't find the wording to explain the red and silver, the read sheets and the golden hair being slowly dyed orange from the spreading red. The red like fingerpaint and a child's handprint left to dry into copper and rust in a house he doesn't really remember anymore.

So instead he pats her head and says- "Because it is very youthful!"
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