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Minor Mistakes

by xanos 4 reviews

Spells don't like being interrupted. A drabble.

Category: Slayers - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Published: 2005-10-19 - Updated: 2005-10-19 - 117 words - Complete

Author's Notes: A Valentine's Day present for my sister, Rin.
Disclaimer: Not mine and not making any money.


Spells were finicky things sometimes. They didn't like interruptions, they didn't like minor mistakes, and they didn't like wrong ingredients.

Zelgadis knew this, which is why he'd just locked himself in his room to do a quick stain-removal spell.

As he got to the end of the incantion, though, Xelloss appeared on his bed with a loud thump and Zelgadis yelped in surprise.

When the smoke cleared, it became apparent that the spell had worked - in a manner of speaking. The stain was gone, but...

"I'm going to kill you."

"But I think pink's a lovely colour for you!"
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