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Sooner or Later

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How to fall in love?

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"I need you by my side" Part Two: Sooner or Later

Something tells me, that you and I should be together

Pete stood in the rehearsal space with his bass, grumbling as his sidekick continued to vibrate. Normally, he was always on the phone talking to people, but today he just didn't feel like it. He didn't feel like talking to anybody. He actually didn't feel like rehearsing either, but then again he didn't really have a choice. As he watched Patrick tune the strings on his guitar and Andy was finishing putting his kit together, he couldn't help but sigh sadly, Joe was sitting on a nearby amp, talking to his girlfriend and it got Pete thinking about how much HE wanted a girlfriend to talk to. He was tired of fighting with the one girl, tired of trying to make her understand when she clearly just didn't care, didn't want to care...

Kayli grabbed her bad and bolted for the front door, it was her first day of work and she was late. Very late, about an hour. She was hoping that everyone else was late too, so she wouldn't look that bad. This was the second tour she got to work on, but her first time with a very popular band. She couldn't think of anything hotter right now than Fall Out Boy, she also couldn't think of anyone hotter than Pete Wentz, but she knew that this was her job, she shouldn't even try to mix business with pleasure, however far fetched that idea actually is. She got inside and met the tour manager, who was happy to see her and said that everyone was running late so it wasn't a problem. Kayli was a technical person; she was going to be helping with setting up wiring with lights and equipment. It sounded boring but she loved it, she got to travel the world doing this and she was excited to be apart of the Honda Civic Tour.

Three hours later, Pete was annoying and tired, initial rehearsals really sucked. Usually the guys knew all their parts and could play them together without a problem, but today no one had their hearts in it and everyone was off. Pete handed his bass over and shut himself down, he was done for the day and just wanted to be alone. He was walking back to the exit, pulling keys out of his pocket, deciding on how he was going to occupy the rest of his day, when he ran smack into a girl.

"Dude, what the hell?" she asked, looking at Pete. Yes, he may have been beautiful and he may be famous, but he did just walk into her hard and it kind of hurt.

"I'm sorry. I'm...somewhere else. Sorry," he said as he began to walk on. Kayli rolled her eyes and sighed continuing on her route as well. Pete stopped a second later and turn to stare at this girl. It just clicked in his brain how beautiful she was; now he wanted to know why she was here.

"Wait, who are you?" he asked. Kayli stopped in her tracks and growled. Couldn't he see she was busy? She turned to him and extended a stiff handshake.

"Kayli Reed. I'm the new electrical tech," she said. He shook her hand back and gave her a once over. Kayli shifted uncomfortably under his gaze and felt herself sigh. He was sizing her up already, for what reason?

"Nice meeting you," he said, then turned a left.

"Oh, nice meeting you too, asshole. Bye," she said to the back of his head. She shook her head and turned around going back to her task of learning all of the equipment and set design the band were going to be using...

A week later, Pete found himself at the start of the tour and in the middle of more relationship problems. With the release of way to many Pete and Ashlee pictures, his on again/off again girlfriend Jeanae was fighting him even harder these days. He was sitting at the table in the front of the bus, petting Hemmingway and staring out the window when he heard talking and his thoughts were interrupted by the heavy whisper of a voice behind him.

"I don't give a fuck what you think! You have no idea how hard this is for me too, okay? Yeah, whatever. Fuck you." Pete instantly recognized the voice as Kayli's. She stopped as she saw Pete and rolled her eyes at him and he did the same to her. Hemmingway jumped off and scooted over to Kayli, plopping down on his back at her feet.

"Hey baby. You still like me right? Yes, of course you do. I pet you all day long," she said. Pete tried hard to fight a smile; it always made his pulse race when a girl got like that with his dog.

"You know, I heard that you don't sleep very often, but I kind of thought after a week like this you'd be passed out like everyone else," Kayli said not lifting her eyes from Hemmingway. Pete was shocked to hear Kayli talking to him, ever since they met, they never spoke, and it was always very tense.

", I really do have insomnia. They didn't make it up," he said, his tone much meaner than he wanted it to be, but he couldn't help it, Kayli's tone just pissed him off.

"That's cool. I just know I'm fucking close to death here. I could just pass out," she replied, ignoring his attitude and moving off the floor, sitting down cross-legged on the huge couch, staring off into space. Kayli obviously didn't know Pete because this was his alone time, the time when everyone else knew better than to bother him.

"If you're so tired, then go to sleep," he said, this time he meant his tone to be rude; she just wasn't taking the hint.

"I can't, I just got off the phone with my...well I can't really call him my boyfriend. All I know is that he makes me crazy." Pete huffed.

"I know that feeling," he mumbled.

"Jeanae?" Kayli asked. Pete snapped his head up.

"Don't talk to me like you know anything about that," he said to her through partially clenched teeth.

"Easy, tiger. I'm just trying to make conversation."

"Yeah, well, stay out of business that isn't yours."

"Whatever," she said, turning her attention to the blank TV in front of her, "You know, you really are an asshole. I've heard stories but you really are."

"Fuck you, Kayli. You don't even know me. I just hate when people assume they know shit about my life."

"Pete, all I was trying to do what find some common ground with you. Ever since I met you you've ignored me or been rude to me. I was just trying to open conversation, but forget it. Grow up," she said standing and walking towards the bunks. Pete sighed loudly. It annoyed the shit out of him when people told him that too.

"Kayli, fine. You want to talk? Then sit. Let's talk," he said, motioning for her to sit across from him. Kayli sighed but took a seat across from Pete.

"Tell me about her, Pete," she said softly.


"Because you are like this giant puzzle I'm really dying to figure out."


Kayli sighed once more, this time out of pure frustration,

"Forget it! Don't tell me. I just thought since we are obviously involved in similar relationships it might be good to talk about them." Pete stared at her hard for a minute, deciding whether or not he could really trust her.

"I don't really have anything to say about her. It doesn't matter how hard I try to get it through to her she won't understand," he said. Kayli cocked her head at this statement, it sounded all too familiar. She was relieved to hear some realness come out of Pete's mouth though.

"Won't, or can't?" Pete lifted his head again to stare at Kayli.

"I really don't want to talk about this with you," he said. She rolled her eyes, basically exhausted with Pete behavior.

"I always thought you might have a little more personality than this, Pete," she added. He stood up quickly and stared down at her.

"What is your problem? I told you I don't want to talk about my personal business with you and you accuse me of lacking a personality? You obviously don't know me at all, Kayli, because if you did you'd know better then to even be bothering me right now. So, if you don't mind, I'm leaving," Pete replied, stepping away from her and heading for the back room. Kayli rolled her eyes at his immature response and decided that maybe sleeping was a good idea. She started following him, her mind shifting back onto her problems, when Pete suddenly stopped and turned to face her.

"What about you? What's with the guy you were talking to?" Kayli stepped back, surprised to hear he had turned the tables on her.

"We started out just having sex, and being friends, but then I assumed it was turning into more so when I try talking to him to figure it out he just shuts me out. It's hard to explain," she replied. Pete smiled.

"Maybe we should just date. Even though I can't stand you, you are at least relatable." It was dark in the area Kayli and Pete were standing in, it was impossible to see each others face, but Kayli wasn't really buying that Pete couldn't stand her, in fact, she was pretty sure he found her irresistible despite all of his contradicting.

"Well, I basically hate everything about you too, Pete. You're whiny and self obsessed," she said. Pete looked up at her, wishing he could see her face; instead he stepped forward and reached his hand out, finding her cheek and pulling her lips to his. Kayli jumped slightly when she felt Pete's hand on her, surprised by this turn of events. She tensed up her body as she felt Pete's lips on hers, but loosened up slightly when she felt his other hand place itself on her thigh. Suddenly overcome with aggression, Kayli pushed at his shoulders hard enough that he stumbled backwards. Pete just grinned softly as Kayli came toward him. She shoved her body against his and kissed him harder this time, Pete groaned at this sudden aggression, his back up against the door. Kayli's mind raced as she dove her fingers under his t-shirt, pulling it up and tossing it away. Pete grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back slightly, landing his kisses across her neck. She moaned softly, it had been too long since she last could recall enjoying sex, but her mind was screaming at her to stop, this wasn't right. Pete was the artist she was working for, getting involved with him sexually was the last thing to be considered a good idea, but she couldn't stop. Pete grossed her out, she thought he was one of the whiniest and most annoying people she had ever had the misfortune of meeting, but she couldn't deny the dampness that now filled her panties. Pete was turning her on, whether she wanted him to or not. Pete moved his hands down her back and helped move her body so now she was up against the door and he pressed his hard on into her, causing both of them to groan involuntarily. Pete quickly drug her shirt over her head, attacking her newly bare flesh as soon as it was revealed. Kayli raked her fingers across the back of his head, letting her hands guide her actions. Her hands slipped down his chest to the buckle on his belt, pulling it open, and then rubbing her palm across his hard on, smiling as Pete groaned and nipped lightly at her skin. Pete pulled her away from the wall, kissing her hard, as he opened the door and pushed them backwards into the room. He shut it behind him and hastily began trying to pull Kayli's pants off, as she open his zipper and tugged his jeans down. Kayli was shocked at what she was doing now, her better judgment had completely turned off, and all she wanted was to feel Pete.

"Oh god," she moaned, feeling her panties get peeled from her body, "Pete," she said softly. He stopped and looked at her, his eyes wild. They were both completely naked now and he was wondering what there really was to say at this point. After a minute she didn't say anything, so Pete leaned in and began kissing her neck again, running his fingers across her wetness, biting her skin as he heard her gasp in pleasure. He slipped two fingers inside of her; Kayli could do nothing but toss her head back and enjoy herself. Pete pushed them backwards again, this time Kayli's back was up against the wall and Pete wasted no time with his next action, lifting Kayli's left leg and entering her.

"Oh, fuck!" Kayli yelled. She was in another world now, every nerve ending in her body was standing on edge, every inch of skin Pete touched was like a shock wave to her body. She buried her head in his neck as he continued to thrust in and out of her, lifting her other leg and Kayli wrapped her legs around his waist, Pete was holding onto her and her back kept slamming against the wall, until Pete couldn't hold her anymore and he laid down on a nearby couch, letting Kayli be on top. She dug her nails into Pete's chest, sitting down on him and feeling her orgasm fast approaching.

"Kayli, shit. I..." Pete groaned, but he couldn't find the words. Normally he considered himself to be pretty smooth in bed, but today all he could do was stare. Kayli was perfect; every inch of her body was exactly the way it should be. He hated her for weeks, now finding himself wondering why. The only thing that brought them together was a love of apparent disasters, but Pete felt something different now, being this close to her. He almost felt...his missing piece just feel into place.

"I'm coming!" Kayli alerted him, snapping him out of his trance. He too was ready, and pushed up into her one last time, shuttering as he felt Kayli twitch above him. Once the wave passed over them both, Kayli ran her fingers through her hair, not moving from her position above Pete. They were both panting, searching for the right thing to say at this moment. Kayli finally took a deep breath and climbed off Pete's lap, looking around in the dim light for her pants.

The only thing that kept repeating in Pete's mind was the word awkward, even though it was the last emotion he wanted to feel. He was still feeling that strange fluttering sensation in her stomach, knowing now that it wasn't merely the sex that was giving him that feeling. He shut his eyes quickly, taking a deep breath, wanting to talk to her about it.

"Kayli," he said, letting his eyes flutter open, but he looked around to see her no where in sight...

Thinking, wondering
If you're gonna be here with me
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