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Fateful Fight

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Cro seeks revenge against Freiza. The tryant that killed his family.

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Dragon Ball AT : Fateful Fight
by : Robert Rumery

::Freeza's Palace::

Vegeta over-heard Freeza's plans to fly to Namek and obtain the Dragon Balls. The Icejin was gonna wish himself immortal so he could rule the universes forever. In the room stood Nappa, the biggest Saiyajin in size he was balkd and was muscle bound beside of him stood Kakarot's little brother Raditz. He was wearing a plate of silver Saiyajin armor and he had long spikey hair that went down to his waist. His arms were crossed and leaning up against a wall as he listend to Freeza's plans.

"You know this mission would probably go smoother if your big brother, Kakarot came back from earth." Nappa said as he glanced over at Raditz. Raditz returned the glance with a menacing growl. "Shut up, Nappa. It wasn't my idea to send Kakarot to earth it was King Vegeta's and Freiza's idea." Raditz said and paused for a moment. Raditz thought of something but shook his head and put it out of his mind.

The door to Freiza's throne room opened as The Prince of All Saiyajins enterd. He saw Raditz and Nappa and gave them aproving nod. Vegeta looked up at Freiza he was talking with Doboria and Zarbon again.
It was probably about the plan to invade Namek and to find the Dragon Balls. Vegeta smirked at Freiza.

After we find the Dragon Balls, Freiza. Our alliance is over. I'll kill you and finally get to rule The Universe! Vegeta thought to himself as he continued to smirk at the idea of killing Freiza. There was a breif murmur in the throne room. Freiza than spun around in his throne chair and looked down at The Saiyajins in the room. He ruled all of them with an iron-fist. He didn't like the fact that Vegeta was the most defiant one of all of them.

"We leave in two days for Planet Namek. I've got spies all over the universe looking for these Dragon Balls. When we find the Dragon Balls we will rule The Universe for EVER!" Freiza said and chuckled evily as he looked down at Vegeta. His eyes connected with Vegeta's. Vegeta looked right back into Freiza's eyes and just smirked. There was anger and evilness in both of there eyes. They were two of a kind. He was Vegeta's first hand man.

Vegeta than started to feel a fourth Saiyajin prescence in the area? It's been about 10 years since Freiza blew up Planet Vegeta. Had more Saiyajins survived? The power level felt as strong as Kakarot's power level on earth was. Had the low level came back and joined Freiza? No that couldn't be it. Freiza would have killed him on the spot because he wasn't strong enough. Who was this power level? Was Freiza keeping an even more stronger Saiyajin?

"She's all prepped, Lord Freiza." An unamed Saiyajin said from a room that had a regen tank in it. Freiza smiled and than got up from his chair and walked into one of the side-rooms leaving Vegeta standing there guessing who this Saiyajin was. Freiza didn't really know who she is. She had given him her name once or twice but that was it.

"Is she okay?" Freiza asked as he looked at the girl in the regen tank. Her body looked like it had been ripped to shreds. Cuts and scrapes all over her arms, chest and legs. She had jet black hair and when they found her. Her eyes had turned a shade of violet a few minutes later her eyes turned back to normal. Her eyes were blue now. Her heavy breathing within the regen tank.

The girl sucked in Oxygen from the regen tank and the cooling water helped her wounds heal. Her eyes started to open slowly. Her vision was blurry for a moment but than she started to focus it slowly. She was in some kind of room. She was in a tank with things hooked to her. She rememberd now. It was a regen tank. She rememberd the battle she had been in. A few Saiyans thought they could take her. They learned they're lessons.

She opened her eyes all the way and than she focused on Freiza and the Saiyajin that he had standing beside of him. He was purely for protection. Freiza didn't know how powerful this female Saiyajin was and he wasn't taking any chances. Freiza smirked at The Female Saiyajin.
She was compltely naked. Freiza pressed a button and it opened up the Regen tank and The Saiyajin went and got her a pair of pants and a shirt.

The regen tank opened and the girl cautiously stepped out and walked over to where the clothes were and slipped them on. She looked around the room.
She didn't know where she was or who these people were that had helped her. She was greatful of course.
She didn't know anything about them. She was just greatful that they found her when they did.

"Do you have a name?" Freiza aksed The Female Saiyajin.
"S...Sydni.." The Female Saiyajin said cautiously.
"Sydni.. Welcome to Planet Freiza." Freiza said with a menaching grin. He could sense her power level. It was incredibely high. The girl only looked to be about 16 or 17. For A Saiyajin that young to have a power level of 150 million was impressive. She was no ordinaray Saiyajin he knew that when he picked her up from Planet Nezbar.

"Any family Sydni?" Freiza asked.
"N-no." Sydni said as she looked at Freiza. She had never seen a creature like him. She studied his face for a moment. "Too, bad.. Guess you'll have to stay with us." Freiza said and smirked again and Sydni nods. "I guess your right, Freiza." Sydni said back to The Icejin. She had no clue that the person standing infront of her was the person that destroyed most of The Saiyajin Race!


"Holy shit." Vegeta exclaimed as he sensed Sydni's power level.
"What is it Vegeta?" Nappa asked.
"That Saiyajin's power level is over 150 milliion." Vegeta said as he looks up towards Freiza's throne and tryed to get a peek of The Saiyajin Girl that he had kept from the rest of The Saiyajin Elites.

"No Saiyajin that has survived the onslaught from Lord Freiza has had that kind of power. We're all strong. None of us have reached that kind of power!" Vegeta said as he looked over at Raditz and Nappa.
"Freiza's power level doesn't even exced that. Yet he's more powerful than any of us. I think we should be on our toes. This new Saiyajin could put us all out of a job and worse Freiza could kill us all." Raditz said as he looked at Nappa and Vegeta.
"No, he'd just kill you Raditz, you low level." Vegeta said with a menaching grin.

:: Planet Bukar::

Cro stood where his house used to be. It was nothing but rubble it had been a while since he's been back to his home planet. He was a child when it was blown up.
That tryant Freiza took everything that he had held sacred in this world and he destroyed it. Cro had only been a child when he had these angry feelings towards The Icejin in the time it had unleashed his Saiyajin powers for a small time.

The people that came for his parents were Freiza's elite Saiyajins. He gave them a run for their money.
Due to there power levels and his Cro being inexperinced in fighting. He lost and they took his parents and they probably killed them. He was only a child then. He wasn't a child anymore and he'd find Freiza and have his revenge.

The planet had been destroyed but there was still a few ruins. A few houses and stores. No one lived here. Cro just came here to visit his house. He considerd that his parent's grave. There wasn't anything he could have done he wasn't strong then. He'd been out training today. Since his parents had died he took it upon himself to become the unspoken hero of the universe.

"Freiza, your time will come and I will be the one that will stop you! I won't let you kill anymore SAIYANS!!!" Cro said as he yelled at the top of his lungs an yellow aura started to surround him and debris from the house started to fly all around him. All his anger was coming out right now. The Galaxies would hear his scream. He closed his eyes and it all came out. His hatred for Freiza his love for his fallen family. His hair started to turn bright blond along with his eyebrows. He opened his eyes and they were green and he smirked lightly.

"It's me and you Icejin... I'll hunt you down and I'll kill you. I'll have your head as a trophy. I'll avenge all The Saiyajins you've killed!!" Cro said and he huffed breifly before jumping into the sky and he flew off of Planet Bukar.
He lived next to Planet Nezbar. Little did he know that the female Saiyajin from that planet would come face to face with him in the very distant future.

Planet Freiza was a whole another Universe a way. It'd be about a 4 day trip. He had a feeling that something really big was going to go down and it had something to due with The Dragon Balls. He'd looked for The Dragon Balls but he couldn't find them. He wanted to wish his parents back from the dead but killing Freiza would be so much more gratifying.

The universe was so big it could go on for hours, days and sometimes years.
He knew that as he flew. The wind hit is face, it was cold and sharp.
His now black hair blew in the wind his blue eyes was set in one goal and only one goal. To find Freiza and his Elites and take them out. He knew that it wasn't going to be any easy task but he'd try hard to accomplish it.

As he flew he could hear The Saiyan Prince's voice in his head. He was mocking him.
They fought on that fateful day that Freiza killed his family. Cro was very angry than and he'd stay angry when he needed it he closed his eyes as he flew and slowly rememberd what happened.

"So your him huh?" Vegeta chuckled as he looked down at the 10 year old Saiyajin his eyes were fixed on The Saiyajin Prince and Vegeta's eyes were fixed on the 10 year old Saiyajin. "Your the one that took out some our lower class Elite Soliders." Vegeta added as he touched down on the ground and stood acrossed from The Kid. Vegeta's scouter went made when he read the kid's power level. The kid was only at 150 thousand.

The kid dug his feet into the ground and he glared at The Saiyajin Prince. The kid's clothes was ripped. He was wearing a shirt and pair of jeans. It was normal kid attire. He was ready to fight. That's all he wanted to do know was fight. He was very angry. That's one thing you don't want on your hands an angry saiyan that just lost his family.

"You know your working for the devil, Vegeta." The kid said as he looked at Vegeta. The kid's aura glowed a tint of white and yellow mixed. Vegeta looked at The Kid and smirked lightly.
Vegeta kept his power level slightly above The Kid's he needed away to stay one step ahead of him.

"The Devil you say?" Vegeta said with a grin. "He's done more for our race than anyone in the past has done. He plucks out the weak and makes the strong surive! If you call him The Devil than I'm one of his demons. We kill off the weak so our race can survive. It's a good thing that low-level, Kakarot isn't here anymore because I'd kill hiim too. " Vegeta added and grined wickedly. "Your family was in the way. They were low-level scum. We couldn't use them in our perfect race. You, your different. I sense your power. It's magnifcent." Vegeta continued.

Vegeta could see it in the kid's eyes he wanted to lunge after the prince. Something was holding him back. Was it uncertainty that he'd win or did he know that The Prince was much more stronger than he was. The kids eyes twitched out of hanger and hatred.
It had been 6 months since Freiza sent his elites after his family. He had just turned 10 and this was a hell of a birthday gift.

"How long has it been Vegeta?" The kid asked with a smirk. "Since Bardock tryed to stop the invediable. The destruction of Planet Vegeta? It's been what.. 6 months to a year since the planet you were born on was destroyed by this man you call your Lord." The kid added his eyes fixed on Vegeta's. "You can't but help notice that he's slowly exterminating the Saiyan race. He only keeps the strongest alive, he kills the weak. In retrotspect, Prince. Your killing your own RACE!" The Kid added.

Vegeta's eyes twitched out of anger.
"SHUT UP! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WHAT's HAPPENING!" Vegeta's anger shot out of his mouth in a very pissed off tone. The Kid just stood there and smirked at him lightly. He was getting To The Prince, Vegeta.
"Enough talking, kid." Vegeta said as he looked at the kid.
"My thoughts exactly!" The Kid said with an evil smirk

The Kid lunged at Vegeta and hit him hard in the stomache. It caught Vegeta off guard and than The Kid vanished behind of Vegeta and wrapped his arms around the prince's neck hard. He started to knee Vegeta into the small of the back and than after a few minutes he unwrapped his arms from Vegeta's throat and than he took the back of Vegeta's head and rammed into the ground he flew with Vegeta's head in his heand he was dragging it along the ground.

He than took the Saiyan prince and kicked him in the back and that sent him hurling towards a rock formation. The Kid stood there and gatherd energy in his hands and put them together.
Vegeta staggerd and pushed himself up off of the ground and pushed the rocks that had fell ontop of him.

"Energy Beam WAVE!" The Kid yelled as the purple energy emerged from his hands and it was headed towards Vegeta. Vegeta spotted the energy coming after him. Vegeta put his hands together and gatherd energy of his own.
"GALICK GUN!!" Vegeta yelled as purple energy emerged from the palms of his hands and he shot it at the kids energy wave. The two attacks collided in the middle and they battled for dominace.

"C'mon..." The Kid said as he started to raise his power level. He couldn't lose here. He couldn't die here. It would screw up all his plans to get venegance. This is what happened when he got made.
He'd jump into a fight without thinking. The Kid pushed harder against his energy attack.

"Damn it." Vegeta exclaimed as he pushed harder on his attack. "How can this kid be so strong? He's not giving an inche.... What? He's POWERING UP?!" Vegeta looked at The Kid with shock.

"AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!" The Kid yelled as the yellow aura around him started to become brighter. He closed his eyes a menacing smirk on his face. His black spikey hair started to turn a tint of yellow. His eyebrows turned yellow and than The Kid opened his eyes. They were green. The Kid had done the unthinkable. He had turned SUPER SAIYAN!!

"H...his power level... It's over 2 MILLION!" Vegeta said as he tryed to fight the attack. The Kid's attack consumed The Saiyan Prince and set Vegeta flying back into the same rock formation. The rocks fell down on him and Vegeta fell unconcious and The Kid huffed as he watched all this happen. All his anger came out. Than moments later The Kid's Super Saiyan form faded and he felt to his knees huffing.

"T...this power. I can't control it. " The Kid said. "V...Vegeta. This will sound crazy to you and I. Your the only one that could understand this power. Your Saiyan brothers haven't died in vein. I will avenge all of you. You may not see it now, Vegeta. Someday we will be allies and you will be able to teach me how to control this power." The Kid added as he knelt there and closed his eyes and than everything turned black.

"Heh." Cro said as he flew. He had a purpose and that purpose was death. Cro picked up speed as his aura began to grow brighter he had a happy smirk on his face as he rememberd the first meeting of him and Vegeta. He was angry that day. Seeing Vegeta set him off. The Prince's evil ways pissed him off.

"Remember what I said, Prince. Your the only one that can understand me and my power. Your family and your Saiyan brothers were killed by Freiza and you idly stand by him. I saw it in your eyes, Vegeta. When I mentioned your family. You wanted the same thing I did. Retribution." Cro continued to say. He flew harder against the wind and disappeared into space.

:: Frieza's Palace ::

Vegeta walks over to the window that looked out over everything. You could see everything that was inspace. The stars twinkled a bit. Vegeta had a feeling that something or someone from his past was coming back for him to kill him or join him.
It was a very strange feeling and at that very moment he rememberd The Kid. a 10 year old Saiyajin from his past. The kid that wanted to kill Freiza because The Icejin killed his parents.

"Anything wrong, Vegeta?" Nappa asked as he walked over and stood next to Vegeta.
Nappa looked genuinely concerned for Vegeta. The Prince was staring at the window like he was looking direcrly at someone or through something.
Nappa had never seen Vegeta like this. The Prince looked like he was deep in thought.

"You ever question yourself or your Saiyajin brothers for following Lord Freiza?" Vegeta asked. His eyes still intelsley starring at the glass window and gazing out into the space that was before him.
"What are you talking about Vegeta? Of course I've never questioned my loyalty to Freiza. I don't think you should question your loyalty either, Vegeta." Nappa said as he looked over towards Vegeta.
There was something different about him. Nappa just couldn't but his finger on it.

"I meet a child on one of our exhiled planets. One that we purged 8 years ago. He was only 10 then. As I landed near him. I saw his eyes. They were filled with hate and they wanted retribution. He wanted retribution. I guess the only way he thought he could get revenge was to kill of Freiza's elite. Then I was Freiza's right hand man. The Kid dug his feet into the dirt and he was in a fighting stance. He looked over at me with hatred in his eyes. He hated hate, anger, fury, redemtion, all those emotions within his body. Little did I know that all those emotions within him would embodie an magnificent power. He spoke. Told me I was working for the devil and that Freiza is way that most of our race isn't alive anymore. He was right. Freiza blew up our home planet and most of our Saiyan brothers died because of it. Than The Kid and I fought. In my mind I was the strongest Saiyan. " Vegeta said and paused for a moment. " I was wrong." Vegeta continued. "The Kid came after me. He was strong for his age. He dragged my face along the ground of the planet and than kicked me into a boulder. The boulder came down on me. I fought myself out of it. He shoot an energy blast at me and than I unleashed my strongest attack... Galick Gun. That didn't help me much, Nappa... As our attacks battled for supremicey. I witnessed something amazing. He started powering up." Vegeta said as he looked over at Nappa.

"Powering up?!" Nappa asked.
"Yes." Vegeta said as he nodded. "Moments later... I witnessed something amazing. He turned SUPER SAIYAN!" Vegeta continued. " I was knocked out for about 10 minutes. When I came to he was gone. I could still feel his ki signature. His power level excedded 2 million." Vegeta said finally finishing his story.

"So what are you saying, Vegeta?" Nappa asked as he looked over at Vegeta.
Vegeta didn't say anything for a few moments. The Prince never usually acted like this. It seems that the kid had spooked him. It was probably his power that spooked The Prince.

"There are stronger Saiyans than us out in the universe." Vegeta said and than paused for a breif moment. "They will be the ones that will take down Freiza. It won't be us." Vegeta added as he turned around and looked at Nappa.
"Freiza is one of the most powerful beings in the universe. I don't think a meere child could kill Freiza. Super Saiyan or not." Nappa said as he looked at Vegeta and smirked. "He's not a kid anymore.. He should be an adult by now. " Vegeta said. "Plus who would be the other most powerful being in the universe?" Veget asked with a smirk.

"That'd be me you baka." Shiitake said as she walked in on Nappa and Vegeta talking.
The door swished behind of her as she walked over where Nappa and Vegeta were standing and talking. She looked up at the throne where Freiza should be. She sensed he was nearby but out of sight.

"So Freiza's trying to collect the dragon balls again, huh? It seems like a waste of time to me. He's just gonna wish for immortality and than when he does that he's gonna kill all of us off because he won't need us anymore." Shiitake said.
"You don't sound worried, Shiitake." Nappa said stating the obvious.
"Why should I be?" Shiitake asked with a smirk. "I'm the killing perfection remember?" She said as she reached for the schimatar that was strapped to her back. "One planet destroyed..." Shiitake continued as she whipped down her blade with a white cloth. "Everyone dead... It was an easy mission." Shiitake continued and grinned and than looked at her brother.

"How long has it been since you got called out, brother?" Shiitake asked as she sheathed her blade onto her back once again. She leaned up against the wall with her arms crossed and staring at her brother, Vegeta.

Vegeta smirked softly and looked at Shiitake.
"A little too long." Vegeta said as he looked at Shiitake.
"You heard about the new female saiyajin haven't you?" Vegeta asked Shiitake.
"No.." Shiitake said reluctantly.
"Yeah, Freiza found her on a planet. Her power level is stronger than all of ours combind. " Vegeta said with a big smirk. Someone more powerful than his sister. This ought to be fun.
"Hn..." Shiitake said as she rolled her eyes and glanced at her brother and than back up at the throne of Freiza.
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