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Jex hunts Frell down to settle things, but is he really a match for a Jedi master turned Sith?

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-Jex ran down the narrow hallway of the secret passage that Chunna had revealed to him. She had told him that Frell had used the tunnel to escape to a hanger, and if that was true, Jex had to hurry. As he turned a corner, Jex could see the light at the end of the tunnel. He emerged to find himself standing in a large hanger where a small ship was about to take off.

-Jex moved to the front of the vessel, as if to bar its path. He could see Frell sitting in a glass ball cockpit. The man narrowed his eyes at the impudent rogue that tried to block his path, but he continued his launch preparations, ignoring Jex's presence. He flipped switches and pressed buttons as Jex watched on.

-When it became clear that Frell had no intention of coming out to settle things, Jex drew Justice and launched it at the cockpit. The weapon pierced through the clear material as if it were passing through butter up to the hilt. The blade stopped just short of Frell's chest, and the Weeguay sat frozen for a moment, as if looking at a snake that he feared might strike. Jex recalled the weapon, and Justice returned to his hand, leaving a fist sized hole melted into the front of the vessel.

-Frell glared at the hole in his ship; it was a small thing, yet it had foiled his escape plans. Even if he did take off, the ship could not go into orbit without decompressing in the vacuum of space. He could still take off and fly to a different part of the planet to find another vessel, but Jex quickly put a stop to that plan by throwing a micro bomb straight through to small opening.

-Frell held out a palm and shattered the glass to allow his escape from the cramped space before the explosive went off, destroy any hope of flying the ship. The moment Frell turned to face Jex, he found the vindictive rogue already upon him. Frell brought up his own green light saber just in time to block Vengeance as it came down to him. Jex stabbed forward with Justice, but Frell quickly spun out of the way and made a swipe with his own weapon, cutting nothing but empty space.

-The two of them exchanged several more blows, neither one wounding the other. Frell leapt back and threw his light saber at Jex. Jex stood ready to deflect the weapon with Justice held in front and Vengeance in his left hand held out to the side in a ready position. Just before Frell's blade was deflected by Vengeance, its trajectory changed and it knocked Justice out of Jex's hand.

-Justice deactivated and fell to the ground as Frell's weapon turned like a boomerang to return to him. Frell held out his hand to retrieve his weapon, but Vengeance struck it in midair, causing both weapons to fly wildly to the ground. The moment it was clear that Vengeance had hit its mark, Jex lashed out with the force and sent Frell flying into several cargo containers.

-Frell quickly got to his feet and held out his hand with outstretched fingers. Lightning ripped across the air like enraged snakes, all heading for Jex. Jex held out his right hand, and the lighting was directed to his palm. The moment it struck him, Jex reached out with his left arm in the same manner as Frell. The lightning passed fro his right hand and out his left as it was redirected back to its source.

-Frell was caught off guard by the maneuver and could not muster a defense in time to stop it. The lightning tore through his body, electrifying his nerves and wracking his body with pain. The force of the attack sent him sliding on his back across the floor until he came to a stop, wisps of smoke rising from under his robes.

-Jex held out his hands, causing Justice and Vengeance to return to him from across the room as he slowly walked towards Frell's unmoving form. Before Jex had made it to him, Frell sat up and sent one of the cargo containers flying through the air with a wave of his hand.

-Jex cut through the large container, and its powdered contents engulfed him, clouding his vision. Jex closed his eyes, reaching out with the force to detect any aggressive action taken against him, but he felt nothing. If Frell had intended to attack, he would have done so immediately to take full advantage, yet Jex could sense no threat. The dust cleared, and Jex discovered why Frell had not attacked: he had escaped.

-Jex cursed himself for not realizing it sooner. He closed his eyes and relaxed his muscles, reaching out in all directions with the force. He felt for Frell, but he couldn't find him anywhere. Jex was puzzled; even If Frell wasn't using the force, Jex should still be able to detect him by actively searching, and yet the former Jedi seemed to have simply disappeared.

-Jex decided that the only thing to do was to go back to the Nomad. Frell might be able to shield himself from the force, but he couldn't shield a ship from sensors. If Frell tried to leave the planet, Jex would have him.

-Frell moved through the floating buildings, darting in and out of shadows, through alleys, and merging into crowds. He kept his hood up, aware that a Weeguay would stand out on Tokama. Jex had proved far more formidable than he would have imagined. It seemed that all those years fighting in the outer rim had made him very strong.

-Frell had hoped to make sport of Jex while luring him to the dark side. Instead, he had been defeated and humiliated by the young man. Now he was trying to find a way off of Tokama before Jex tracked him down to finish him off. Frell knew that even if he could find a ship, Jex would track him with his own vessel.

-Frell stopped in his tracks. He had overheard Chunna's men report the Nomad's position to her when it had arrived; he knew where the ship was. Frell checked where he was and realized that the ship was close by; he could reach it before Jex did. He knew that Alera would be guarding the ship, but she was no match for him. Frell smiled at the irony of it; he would escape from Tokama on Jex's own ship, and leave the rogue stranded on the planet. One call to the Jedi council, and Jex would no longer be an obstacle. It might not be what his master had wanted, but Frell saw no alternative. He ran down a street in the direction of the Nomad, light saber in hand.
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