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A Friendship Can Last Forever

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I've survived this far, maybe I'll keep going until my heart stops. Until then, I'll keep on keeping on, and my life will provide it's own rewards.

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A Friendship will last Forever

I've only ever really had one other best friend in my life; her name was Mia and it was in Kindergarten. We were inseparable. No one and nothing could break us apart. Well, almost nothing. It's funny, isn't it? How you can be so incredibly close to someone, and then you can forget them altogether. I'll always remember our last day as best friends. We had just finished our sharing circle. I had shared my giant Teddy Bear to represent just how much I'll miss them all after we had gone to our new schools. Mia has shared her Chinese trinkets to symbolize that everyone is special, no matter how big or small someone is. She was small for her age and I was tall for mine, so even though no one really understood how much that meant for us, it almost brought both Mia and I to tears. Later on that day, we were discussing on which schools we were going to go to for our Elementary years. Mia was going to Franklin Public School and I was going to Branksome Hall School. It is all really a blur after that and our Graduation. We had planned on going through life's loves and sorrows together, to be each other's shoulder to cry on and be the one who holds the sleepover's and have tons of laughs with. But I guess that that was too much to hope for. We were going to keep in contact with each other. Unfortunately, neither of us had e-mail or knew each others' phone number, let alone our own so it was very difficult to keep in touch with each other like we'd planned. We were peas in a pod, friends forever. But I guess that 'forever' is a lot shorter these days.

I did have one other best friend. Her name is Jessica and we have so much in common, but at the same time are so different that I sometimes wonder how we can stand each others' company all of the time. I think that some people call us an 'Opposite Attraction' or a 'Friendly Rollercoaster'. I have to say that I agree with them, even though I try not to show it. Basically my reputation at school is a 'Sporty-Drama-Queen' and reputations are a pretty big thing at my school. The adjectives that describe me (Sporty, Drama Queen, tough and fairly out-going) aren't usually the 'sensitive type' ones so I can't just have a break down if Jessica and I get into a fight. Instead, I bite my lip and wait to get home so I can let out all of my emotions by slamming my soccer ball against the basement/T.V room wall. Sometimes I even ask myself if it's all worth it, to have only one best friend, one who causes you so much happiness but at the same time so much pain and sadness and whom I get into a lot of fights with. But then I shake the thought away and focus my thoughts on something more occupying; Harry Potter for example. In grade seven, about fifty new girls came to our school. A few of them, are now one of my closest friends; Chloe, Maggie, Marlene, Al, Rebecca and Karishma. I guess that 'forever' isn't that long these days. But then again, I've survived this far, maybe I'll keep going until my heart stops. Until then, I'll keep on keeping on, and my life will provide it's own rewards.
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