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Chapter Three

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The concerts over, so after party time!

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"I'm talking S-I-N and I S-I-N!"
Bang! The fireworks go off! And the crowd goes wild. Seth put the mike down, and then I went over to him and whispered,
"Way's here."
"WHAT!" He yelled.
He looked around, but everyone was leaving.
"This was our last concert too." Mikey said sadly.
Oh well, better luck next time. We left and went home in the bassist's (Leroy) truck.

But not to sleep.
We all laughed.
"We don't have a bottle Sethie!" I laughed.
Seth drained his beer.
"We do now!"
We all started laughing.
You see, after a concert, or concerts in this case, we like to have a party, open door party.
"OH MY GOD!" Some girls yelled.
I heard the screaming of our fans, just like they did when we came on stage.
We turned to the door. And we saw Gerard Way standing there, sunglasses on his eyes.
"Where is Seth Klause?" Gerard Way asked.
My jaw dropped. He knows Klause's name?
Seth ran over to him and fell to his knees.
"You...are god!" He exclaimed.
Gerard looked astounded. He then smiled
"Get up, my son." Gerard laughed holding a hand out to him.
"My son? What so you mean?"
Gerard's smile faded. He pulled him up. He explained,
"Seth, I didn't know you existed until your mother came to me a week ago. I didn't believe her, but she and her two friends dragged me to the doctors. Our DNA matched. Seth, I am your biological father."
Seth looked amazed.
"Seth, I am your father!" Gerard repeated.
That's when he passed out.

(This was a shorter chapter, sorry)
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