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The Motions I've Been Going Through Have Failed

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"Let's take artistic pictures!" Cecilia hollered with excitement, skipping ahead of her friends and stopping to lean against the wall to pose as Torrin laughed, quickly snapping the picture.

"That's only going to be artistic if you look sad" Kaelin tried to act serious, pointing out the flaws of Cecilia's actions, striking an idiotic pose near a pile of absently scattered equipment and frowning, "like this!"

Torrin snapped the picture again, unable to stifle the hysterical laughter; her friends we're one of a kind, and taking ridiculous pictures was their favorite past time.

"OhOh!" Kaelin exclaimed, running to the end of the hallway, "how about me hiding?" She inquired with excitement, hurrying around the corner to pose, but quickly colliding with a body and falling to the ground with a thud.

"Ow" She huffed calmly from her seat flat on the floor as her friends hurried to see what the commotion was, "ow."

"You know, if you were still a wallflower, that wouldn't have happened." A familiar voice chuckled from above her, offering a hand to help her up from the floor.

Obliging, she slid her hand into his, so he could hoist her up off of the ground, and she couldn't help but laugh, just a little, "If you weren't such a creepy lurker my butt wouldn't be broken right now."

"Patrick!" A man called from around the far corner of the hallway, "I need you, now!" Patrick offered Kaelin a cheeky smile before shuffling off after the man.

"What the hell was that?" Torrin chimed in as the girls headed back to the dressing room.

"That was me getting my ass broken." Kaelin whined, rubbing her behind and frowning, "ow."

Torrin opened her mouth to further question the situation but was interrupted by a voice echoing down the hall, "That was a long trip to the bathroom." A man appeared in the doorway of the lounge, offering a toothy smile. The room behind him was bustling with the intense competition surrounding a large flat-screen television and a Nintendo Wii.

"Patrick just trampled our friend" Cecilia shrugged as she peered behind him into the room.

"Yeah, sorry, he's a big lug like that sometimes." The man shrugged, offering Kaelin his hand, "I'm Pete."


"Sorry for any damage my friend may have done to your ... derriere." Pete offered a smile again as Kaelin rubbed her pained behind once more.

"Anyways" Cecilia chimed in.

"Down time photos?" Torrin inquired, gesturing to the room with the camera.

"Sound check in two minutes" Pete shook his head, "down time barely ever happens."


"Who is that?" Joe inquired, gesturing toward the girls later during sound check.

"I don't know" Andy interrupted from behind his drum kit, "but she's hot."

"Who's hot?" Patrick inquired, joining the gathering near the drum riser, fiddling with the strings of his guitar in between rehearsed songs.

"The new girl" Pete nodded toward where Kaelin and Cecilia were sitting, among the empty seats of the venue, "Karly, or something."

"Kaelin" Patrick muttered quietly under his breath, glancing back at the empty amphitheatre.

A familiar grin appeared on Pete's lips, "That's her isn't it? The girl you met in the hallway?" Patrick shrugged, fiddling more intently with the knobs of his guitar now, attempting to be uninterested in the conversation. "The same girl that you then completely trampled?"

"It was an accident!" Patrick defended, his voice raised higher than he expected it to be. The girls in the crowd stopped their conversation to stare in his direction, whispering and laughing to themselves, his face turning eleven shades of red now.

"Whatever man" Pete grinned, "get her number or something, she's hotter than I expected."

"I said beautiful" Patrick huffed under his breath, "not hot."

Sighing inwardly to herself, Kaelin steadied her balanced against a light post near the meet and greet table, where the boys sat scattered singing numerous autographs and where Torrin snapped pictures like a mad women. Cecilia was positioned somewhere near the end of the table, acting as Pete's personal photographer, snapping his picture with fans as they passed through, heading back outside to the growing line of swarming fans. One of the perks about Pete requesting Torrin to photograph the "backstage experience" for their website, was that Kaelin wasn't forced to stand outside in the mass of jittery and anxious fans. Good thing Torrin happened to mention she was a graphic arts major, and good thing Pete loves ridiculous opportunities.

Glancing around the mass of what appeared to be mostly girls at the head of the table, waiting patiently for an autograph or a picture, Kaelin's eyes stopped at the table and caught Patrick's attention as he absently glanced around, waiting for the next sheet of paper to be slid to him across the table. Locking eyes with her for a moment, he made a ridiculous idiotic face at her and offered a smile before returning his attention back to the fan waiting intently in front of him. Kaelin couldn't help but laugh out loud at him, or stop the smile that proceeded after the laugh had ended; Patrick was cute, she couldn't deny that. And although she had no real interest in "hanging around" with the "band" like Torrin and Cecilia did, she had to admit somewhere in side of her, she was happy to be around Patrick for just a little longer.

Patrick caught Kaelin's attention once again, sometime later as the fans began to dwindle down and the signing was ending. "Get in line" He mouthed to her, hoping she would understand. Raising an inquisitive eyebrow at him, she shook her head lightly, but Patrick just smiled and nodded his head toward the end of the line. Sighing apprehensively, Kaelin pushed herself off of the post and headed for the end of the staggering line. Waving a man in a red hooded sweatshirt over, Patrick whispered something to him before both men turned to look at her, Patrick offering a warm smile.

Hovering awkwardly at the end of the now barely existent line of fans, Kaelin shoved her hands in her jean pockets and nervously tapped her foot off of the ground. What was she so anxious for? Not but an hour ago she was sitting alone in an awkward situation with him, bonding over their awkward sense of humor but now she couldn't help her cheeks from burning whenever he smiled in her direction.

"So ..." Patrick mumbled when she shuffled to the table, her hands still dug deep in her pockets.

"So ..." Kaelin matched his awkward tone as Patrick slid a photo off the top of the pile situated next to him.

"Where are you from?" He inquired, surprisingly turning the photo over and jotting something down with the sharpie in his hand.


"What are you doing in Ohio?" He raised an eyebrow as he scribbled onto the paper in front of him.

"I live here." She smiled, attempting to inconspicuously read what he was writing.

The whispering man had returned to the table now and handed Patrick something before ushering the boys up from their seats. Sliding the red square of paper in his hand and the note he had just written across the table to Kaelin, he offered her a smile before shuffling away to his next destination.

Meet Dirty at Will Call in an hour.
.. you'll know who he is, I promise.

"What's that?" Cecilia inquired anxiously, gathering back with her friends as fans started to spill through the gates into the venue.

"All access?" Kaelin read, examining the sticker in her hand.

"Um ..." Cecilia announced, "I'm confused."

"Me too" Kaelin nodded, sliding her cell phone out of the pocket to check the time.
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