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"Way back past the realm of pain"

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Chapter 16.

Gerard had fallen asleep on the floor at the end of the bed, exhausted from performing and fighting.
I sighed and slid off the bed, making my way into the bathroom and gazing at my face. I looked tired, defeated, and my eyes looked like Charles Manson's eyes did in all those old photos of him.
Was I going crazy? Did I have enough strength left in my body to carry whatever this was out, far enough to see what the whole point of it was.

I splashed cold water on my face, sending shivers up my spine and a cough from my throat. I was getting sick. Great. Serves me right, no sleep, drinking, staying up all night with anxiety. That could bring even the strongest man down; and being so wrapped up in everything swirling around me, I hadn't even noticed how hungry I was. I couldn't even remember the last time I had actually eaten real food.

Gerard appeared in the reflection and leaned against the doorframe.
"Hey." I said, my voice groggy and low.

He ran a pale hand through his hair, "Hey, you ok?"
I nodded and turned my attention back towards the mirror, to gaze once again upon my reflection.

Gerard started to laugh, "You look like shit Frank. When's the last time you ate?"
I chuckled and looked over at him, "I was actually just wondering that myself."
"What do you say we order a shitload of food in and just eat 'till we burst?"

I smiled, "Sounds like a plan." But then I remembered something: Lilana.
"Oh hey Gerard?"
"Yeah?" I heard him call from in the bedroom.
"I have to go do something, I'll be back in a bit"

I slipped on some shoes and looked over at Gerard who was talking to the hotel kitchen, before I slipped out the door and began walking down the burgundy hallway.
I turned a corner and stood in front of Lilana's door; I saw that it was slightly open, so I took a deep breath and pushed it open quietly.

"Way, back deep into the brain." She was singing along to The Doors, who were playing gently in the background in her hotel room. "Way back past the realm of pain. Back where there's never any rain." She was on the floor, balancing on her hands with her elbows pressed against her knees, and feet tucked behind her, suspending herself in the air. She looked amazing. "Each house repeats a mold." Her words were shaky, as she sang along with Jim Morrison, but her position never faltered. "Rugs silent, mirrors vacant, dust flying under the beds of lawful couples."

The next part of the song came on and she gently lowered herself to the ground, sitting crossed legged with a thoughtful, sorrowful expression on her face.
"Lilana?" I took one more step foward, carefully aproaching her, like she was a wild cat I was trying to capture.
"Hey Frank." She said with a smile, obviously trying to hide the emotion in her voice.

I lowered myself down in front of her and crossed my legs on her yoga mat. "I'm sorry Lil." I pushed a stray hair from her face and ran my fingers over her lips. She closed her eyes and shuddered under my touch.
"Frank? Is this all because of Bob?" She opened her eyes and stared at me; I knew I wasn't going to get anywhere by lying to her.
"I just miss him you know. But, that's not why I wanted to..ya' know."
She sighed deeply and took my hands into hers, "I know Frank."

I loved the feeling of her hands in mine, they seemed to fit perfectly, like the missing piece to my puzzle. "Lilana, listen to me, I need to know is there anything here?"
I expected her to sigh and turn away, shooing me out of her room, but she only gripped my hands tighter and moved her face closer to mine. I closed my eyes once the moisture of her lips met my dry, chapped ones. I pulled her closer, deepening the kiss, untill we were completely slammed up against each other, our bodies stirring in the atmosphere of her room.

Lilana pulled away from me, breathless, and leaned her forehead against mine, breathing on my saliva coated lips, creating a cooling sensation that made me want her even more.
"Frank?" She gulped.
"I don't like Gerard."

I backed away from her face and looked her in the eye, "You don't?"
She shook her head lightly and smiled, "No, I thought I did, but now.."
I chuckled slightly and stroked her face with my hand, "You like me?"

Crimson took over her cheeks and a smile that reminded me of a 5th grader spread across her lips.
I put my lips to hers and gently kissed them, "Well, I like you too." She smiled against my lips as my tongue entered her mouth, entangling her own with mine.
"But, what about Jamia?" She asked, not wanting to me to let her go, I could feel her body tense as I pulled away and released the grip I had on her back.
"You let me deal with that, I think the real question is: what about Gerard?"

She sighed and unfolded her legs, and pressed herself to a standing position, "What about him?"
I stood up and sat on the bed, watching her fumble through her kitchen-ette refrigerator for a bottle of water. "He's going to be heartbroken."
She sighed, "I'll think of something Frank, let's just take this one step at a time, ok?"

I nodded, "Ok, hey! I have to get back, Gerard ordered food."
"Ok, go eat, I'll see you later, don't forget we have a performance tonight."
I smiled and stepped out the door, "I won't"

I walked down the hall with my hands in my pockets and a guilty smile on my face, as I turned down the corner and into my room.

Gerard was sitting on my bed, chowing down on various foods he had ordered.
"Hey, what took you so long?" He asked through a bite of whatever he was eating.
I shrugged, "Oh nothing, I took the scenic route."

I don't like this one. pouts I know, it's short and kinda boring, BUUTTT, it's a filler, it's supposed to be that way.
THe next one, is gonna be good. I have it planned out.
This chapter is dedicated to the Doors, I was jammin to them while writing this chapter. Oh, and the yoga position Lilana was in is called "Kakasana" or "Bakasana it's the "crow" or "Crane" I'm posting a picture on my page for those of you who were confused by the my description.

It's my favorite yoga position, so I just had to add it in there. And yes, I can do it, you guys should try it. I kinda based Lilana's charactor off of me, a LITTLE bit. The whole yoga thing anyway.
BUT ANYWAY! Enough of my ramblings, RATE AND REVIEW!!!!!
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