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A New Teacher and Duels

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Chapter 6

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Harry was sitting at the Slytherin table during lunch the next day after Severus had given him the opening to sneak out of the hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey hadn't seemed at all willing to let him out, and was contemplating whether to tell Manuel and Trevor of the danger currently infesting Hogwarts. He was torn on the subject; on one hand they would be able to give him advice, but on the other hand they would probably want to pull him from school. Harry was saved from further contemplation when Lockhart strode into the hall like a puffed up peacock, bags floating along behind him as he made his way to stand before the head table.

"Headmaster Dumbledore" he announced in his most pompous voice "I regret to inform you that I am tendering my resignation. While I realized that the children have been receiving excellent education under my care, I have also realized that I am being selfish and depriving the world of my unique skills. There are villages out there needing my expertise, people who need the saving that only I can provide, and fans that I have sorely been neglecting. Farewell Hogwarts, I do hope you can find a teacher to take up in my absence even though I know no one will ever be able to measure up to my skills."

After his agonizingly long speech, Lockhart turned and levitated his bags out after him. For a moment the whole hall was stunned, some not daring to realize that their dreams had come true, before the Slytherin table burst out in cheers to be followed by a scattering of people from various other tables.

"Silence" it took a few bangs from Dumbledore's wand before most of the students were seated again "it appears that all Defense classes shall have to be canceled until a replacement can be found."

Manuel leaned around Harry and pouted so that only Trevor, Harry, and Blaise could hear "I was hoping to get to torture him."

Trevor smirked back "who says we can't? We never gave our word that we wouldn't, we merely informed him that it would be in his best interest to comply with our wishes."

Harry grinned at his father "I should have known you had something to do with this. It's the best cheering up present you could have given me."

"Really" Manuel asked slyly "then I guess I won't have to worry about giving you the little gift I picked up for you."

Harry's eyes glinted and he slid his wand out "you don't have to, but it would be in your best interest to."

Manuel laughed and pulled Harry into a rough hug "just like a Darkov. I love you Harry."

Harry hugged his dad back before squirming free, his eyes sparkling happily "now what did you get me?"

By then lunch was ending and Manuel stood with everyone else "come on and I'll show you before Trevor and I have to leave."

They were nearly out of the hall when Dumbledore's voice stopped them "Ah, Mr. Zabini, if I could have a word for a moment. You may join up with the others in a bit."

Trevor scowled but hung back while Manuel, Harry, and Blaise headed towards the guest wing. Harry and Blaise were able to avoid most of the after lunch crowd by ducking through the different secret passages they had discovered or been shown by the twins, Harry trying to get his father to tell him what he had gotten him.

"I'm not telling" Manuel laughed as they finally arrived at the guest room "you'll see in a minute Harry, though maybe I should make you wait until Trevor gets here."

"You better not" Harry scowled playfully "I have a wand and Trevor's not here to protect you."

"Alright, Alright" Manuel conceded "I'm getting it, I'm getting it."

Manuel disappeared into the bedroom, leaving Harry and Blaise sitting in the sitting room. Blaise had no idea what the surprise was either. After what seemed to be forever, Manuel came back out with something cupped in his hands.

"Hold out your hands Harry" he ordered and Harry complied to find himself holding something fuzzy and warm.

It was a tiny grey kitten, it couldn't have left its mother not long ago, with darker grey stripes running through its extremely soft fur. As if realizing that it had just been presented to its new master, the kitten opened its eyes to reveal the most vibrant blue orbs Harry had ever seen.

"She's gorgeous" Harry whispered "thanks dad. I love her."

Manuel grinned happily "thought you would. We've seen you cuddling up with Blaise's cat and decided you might like your own."

Harry hugged his father before settling down on the floor with Blaise to play with the kitten. It was a peacefully quiet scene, one that was interrupted by Trevor barging in suddenly.

"He wants me to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts" Trevor said without preamble.

"Really" Blaise and Harry were intrigued "that would be awesome."

"The idea does have merits" Manuel's mind was turning "you would be here for the children so we would know that they were safe. I do not believe that I am imagining things when I say the teachers seem to be uneasy."

"No, I am not going to teach Defense" Trevor stated adamantly "Tutoring these two is one thing, but I cannot stand the thought of classes of ignorant brats."

Harry and Blaise exchanged looks before they began to tell all they knew so far about the Chamber of Secrets; it would not be in their best interests to stay silent now.

~~ ~~ ~*~

"Ah, yes" Dumbledore was way too cheerful for a Monday morning "please welcome your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Trevor Zabini."

Trevor stood and inclined his head to the student population before regally retaking his seat, only Harry and Blaise seemed to realize the groan Trevor was suppressing. It was going to be interesting to see how Trevor handled guiding the students through their lessons, patiently instructing those who screwed up-especially since their last two Defense teachers had been a joke and the students were woefully behind on their lessons.

A little way down the Slytherin table Draco could be heard commenting "it seems we might actually have a decent Defense teacher. This one is pureblooded at least."

Harry didn't know if Draco had yet made the connection between their new professor and Blaise, but turned to his friend with a smirk "he has no idea."

"Come on" Blaise popped a last piece of fruit into her mouth "lets go see what today's lesson is about."

Trevor caught up with them in the hall as they were heading towards the Defense corridor to wait for him to finish breakfast.

"So what's today's lesson" Blaise asked curiously.

"We'll be working on shields" Trevor said "I was considering shielding against bludgeoning hex but I cannot find where your class has covered that yet so we'll start with the simpler stunning spell."

Harry snorted "you'll have to teach them the stunning spell as well. They haven't been taught that either."

"Great" Trevor sighed in a resigned voice "just what have I gotten myself into. I think you better tell me what you have actually covered in your classes, successfully covered."

"Well" Harry began "we've learned never to let pixies loose and that teachers with turbans smelling like garlic are probably possessed by an evil Dark Lord named Voldemort."

"I'm doomed" Trevor groaned "damn Dumbledore for offering me this job and damn you two and Manuel for talking me into taking it. That's the last time I ever stick around after threatening someone into quitting their job, even if they are a bloody incompetent wanker and I wanted to enjoy the show."

Harry and Blaise continued to fill Trevor in until the rest of the class came in and they appropriated their usual seats in the back of the room. At their move from the front table to a pair of seats at the back of the room, Trevor gave them a look of abandonment. Harry and Blaise merely shrugged back, they weren't about to give up the seats they had been inhabiting all year and the good vantage spot it gave them. The rest of the class filed in and waited quietly, unsure of what their new Defense teacher was going to be like.

"I'm Professor Zabini" Trevor announced, looking slightly awkward with his new title "I'll be calling you up in pairs to test you on disarming and shielding. Mr. Nott, the disarming spell is /expelliarmus/; Miss Bulstrode, the shielding spell is /protego/. On three-three, two, one, now!"

Trevor had demonstrated the simple wand movements as he said the spells, but both Theo and Millicent failed to produce the correct results. Asking them to sit down, Trevor called up two more pairs of students before getting frustrated.

"Harry, Blaise" Trevor called "if you would demonstrate."

It was more of a commanded then a request so Harry and Blaise moved forward, effectively casting the spells and receiving points from Trevor. After that he broke them into groups and walked around correcting the students, having Harry and Blaise do the same. Unfortunately, Harry ended up with Malfoy to help and the aristocratic blond hadn't forgiven Harry for the comment on his family's wealth yet.

"Go away Potter" Draco hissed through clenched teeth "I don't need a mudblood lover helping me. You disgrace Slytherin."

"Detention Mr. Malfoy" Trevor had heard the exchange.

"What" Draco was incensed and confused "but you're a pureblood, you-"

Trevor cut Draco off "I may be a pureblood, but it doesn't mean I have to hold to bigoted beliefs. I want you all to read up on and practice the disarming and shielding spells. Class dismissed."

Slowly the class gathered together their things, pausing when Millicent spoke out "I don't think those spells are in our books."

"Oh, yes, your books" Trevor smirked and pulled forward Harry and Blaise's set of Lockhart's books "that brings to mind another spell you should learn. /Incendio/."

Not much more than ash remained when Trevor was done and he grinned at the looks on most of the kids faces "see you next class."

"I wanted to do that" Harry pouted to Trevor on the way out, Blaise giving her father a quick hug before the two headed to their next class.

~~ ~~ ~*~

"How'd it go" Blaise asked her father as she flounced into his classroom at the end of the day.

"Doesn't anyone understand the concept of independent study" Trevor groused "I think the only ones not too far behind are the first years, and that because they've only been here a few months."

"Then its probably a good thing you're here to get the classes back on track" Harry looked up from stroking his kitten, Tempest, who had stayed in a basket with Trevor during classes.

"I need some way to get the lessons back on track, but without extra lessons that will be next to impossible-" Trevor trailed off, a gleam starting in his eyes "I think I have an idea that just might work, but I'll have to get the old bastards permission first."

Try as they might, neither Harry or Blaise could get Trevor to even hint at what he was thinking and finally gave up to head to dinner. They would find out soon enough if Trevor had his way.

"Welcome to the first meeting of the Hogwarts Dueling Club" Trevor announced from his place on the dueling platform "we are here to teach you the proper art of dueling and to help you to better defend yourself. There will be no foolishness permitted, you will follow instructions or you will be asked to leave. Professor Snape is my co-instructor and dueling partner."

Harry exchanged smirks with Blaise at Trevor's speech-this was going to be interesting, they had wanted to see Trevor and Severus duel for quite some time now. Unforunately it appeared that their wishes weren't going to be granted just yet.

"You will be divided up into pairs and not necessarily with someone within your house" Severus took over "you will practice disarming and shielding only!"

Severus' patented glare kept any audible protests from rising, but Harry would bet anything that many students were grumbling mentally. Swiftly Trevor and Severus moved through the gathered students to partner them up. It was amusing to see the pale faces of any second and third years that found themselves working with fifth years or older. A few even dared to protests at the unfairness of this, causing Harry to scoff to himself. If you ever found yourself in a real duel or battle for your life you could not expect your opponent to be of the same magical skills as you were. You needed to be able to take down a person who was stronger and more powerful than yourself if you wished to survive in this world. Harry had learned early on under his tutelage from Sensei that the same applied in hand-to-hand combat.

"Potter" Severus grabbed his attention "pair up with Zabini."

Harry smirked, as if there had been any doubt on his partner. With the dueling training he and Blaise had undergone with Severus and their lessons with Trevor they could probably wipe the floor with anyone here, except for their teachers.

"Begin" Trevor announced moments later and the air was filled with shouted spells-many of them not the assigned ones.

"Enough" Trevor roared, casting a few immobulous charms at students unwilling to stop cursing their partners "if you have been badly hexed go to Madam Pomfrey. The rest of you will be shown a proper duel, one that isn't consumed by your childish house rivalries."

Harry tossed Blaise back her wand as Severus and Trevor took their positions upon the dueling platform, watching on in excitement as their teachers bowed to each other before stalking with predatory grace to opposite ends of the platform. At a look from Severus, Harry climbed up onto the platform and raised three fingers.

"Three" down went one finger-"Two" there went the next-"One!"

Harry dropped his last finger and was already leaping off the platform, twisting his body so that he didn't miss any of the action; he knew how quickly both men could shoot off spells and didn't fancy being caught in the middle of their duel. Trevor and Severus had immediately started casting hexes and curses at each other, dodging and shielding against the colorful spells hurtling towards them.

"Serpensorita" Severus yelled, setting a snake on Trevor.

"Vipera Evanesca" Trevor intoned back, but instead of hitting the snake, Trevor's curse was intercepted by another one Severus had sent out.

The two spells collided over the serpents head and sent the spitting and confused creature slithering for cover-directly towards Harry and Blaise. The other students around the two friends drew back, but Harry and Blaise kept themselves still so as not to entice the snake to strike. Severus and Trevor had frozen in mid-duel and trained their wands on the snake, minds working furiously to find a spell they could use to subdue the writing serpent without it still having a chance to attack or risk the spell hitting the students. A simple stupefy would not stop the magically created snake and a vipera evanesca would still give the snake a few seconds in which to attack-they had no clue if the magically conjured snake was poisonous or not. Harry on the other hand continued to stare calmly at the serpent before slowly reaching out. No one was quite sure how it happened, but suddenly the snake was coiled peacefully around Harry's arm and he was raising his eyes to Trevor's face.

"Can I keep him Uncle Trevor" Harry deadpanned "I promise to take care of him and train him to only attack Gryffindors."

"Oi" insulted cries could be heard from the twins and Lee.

"Talk your father into getting you a snake this summer" Trevor scowled at Harry for him having dared call him Uncle in front of the rest of the students "but you're going to lay that one down so we can get rid of it."

Harry sighed, but did as he was told with a shrug "you already know dad will let me get a snake."

"I know" Trevor rolled his eyes, muttering something that sounded like an affectionate "spoiled brat."

"You're dismissed" Trevor turned to address the rest of the students as Severus incinerated the snake "the next meeting will be held in a week. Screw up next week as bad as you did today and you will be banned from returning."

~~ ~~ ~*~

"Find anything yet" Harry asked Blaise softly as he closed yet another book after adding its information to their list.

"No" Blaise shook her head "I guess it isn't know as the Chamber of Secrets for nothing."

Harry sighed, they had been searching through any historical and lineage books they could find in hopes of discovering either reference to the Chamber of Secrets or to trace who could be Slytherin's heir. They hadn't had any luck with either so far. The only real thing of interest they had come up with from their time in the library was to overhear Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley forming a tentative friendship in order to brew a polyjuice potion to prove that Draco Malfoy was the heir of Slytherin. Harry had gotten a laugh out of that one and Blaise had debated on telling them not to bother, that Draco was just as much in the dark as everyone else and too inept at that, but Harry had stopped her.

"Let them try" he said "I want to see if they can actually pull it off. I'm almost tempted to stay behind at Christmas to see what happens, but I want to go home too bad. I think Trevor does too."

Blaise slammed yet another book closed "this is no use. We're not finding anything here. Let's go find the twins, we haven't pulled any pranks yet this week and I'm suffering through laughter withdraw."

~~ ~~ ~*~

"That was too easy" Blaise sighed as they sat down to dinner, once again their prank was going to debut during the evening meal "it's a bit of a let down."

"But the effects will be great" Harry smirked, sending a side long glance at the twins who looked prepared to start laughing at any moment "you did warn your dad and Professor Snape, didn't you?"

Blaise paled, her voice coming out in a squeak "no."

Harry sighed "I'll signal Trevor and have him pass the warning along, let's just hope neither have drank any of their pumpkin juice yet."

With discreet gestures, Harry caught Trevor's eye and passed along a warning not to drink from his goblet. Then with a bit more difficulty he got it across that Trevor should warn Severus as well, they really needed to come up with a signal to stand for Severus since he was working with them so often. Trevor gave them a slight nod, but the look in his eyes also promised that he would get an explanation once dinner was over. Harry grimaced but acquiesced; it wasn't like he could refuse to answer Trevor, the man would get it out of him somehow.

Slowly dinner came to an end, and the twins looked a bit disappointed that none of the other students seemed to be showing any effects of the prank just then. Harry and Blaise merely winked at the twins and mouthed to them to give it time before heading out to meet up with an impatiently waiting Trevor.

"Well" he said, nothing more was needed.

"We spiked the pumpkin juice with exlax" Blaise informed her father "and a lot of it after we found a handy duplication spell."

Trevor sighed "what have I told you about pranks?"

"Ummm...not to get caught" Harry hazarded a guess.

Trevor shook his head in defeat as Blaise added in another tidbit of information.

"I was going to dump in a sleeping potion as well, but we didn't know how well muggle medicine would mix with a magical potion. We also remembered that we have to share a dorm with the people who drank the spiked juice."

"I should have never let you near Manuel" Trevor groaned "not only has he corrupted his own son, but my daughter as well."

Blaise grinned "at least I learned from the best. 'Night dad!"

"Yeah" Harry called, already halfway down the hall "Night Uncle Trev!"
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