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The shadows of light

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this is the opening of my story. Someone is in need of help from the threat that tears at her. She calls for help but gets it from the only place she trusts. nature.

Category: Fantasy - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-04-09 - Updated: 2007-04-09 - 391 words

As the sun sets beyond the horizon, sending the clouds above into a light of warning red, the sound of wild snarls and gigantic padded paws pounding the earth beneath at terrible speeds, reach the ears of their prey.

Sensing the darkness within their sickening souls, she runs, willing her feet to move as fast as the rapid river that she follows. It's here, its come. The frantic thinking within her subconscious is the reason she moves, if she didn't, her part in the prophecy ends here and the others might not be able to complete the task ahead. Then all will be lost.

As the beasts draw near, her river blue eyes catch the glistening of the waterfall and beneath it, her safety. Too late. No! It can't end here! With stained pointed teeth, the unnaturally large wolves pounce onto their prey. NO! Struggling against the tearing claws and snapping teeth, she grasps the jade stone rapped in a coil of silver that hangs on a vine around her neck and makes a rushed reach to her power and watches through clouded eyes as the trees around respond; whipping at the hounds; tearing at their backs; wrapping around their muscled legs to stop their sharpened claws from tearing at the flesh of the bloodied girl that now lay on the ground gasping for breath through her crushed lungs. She couldn't move. Even when the sounds of snarls and whimpers faded away, she couldn't stay focused as the blood leaked as streams all over her body. The trees scenes this and gently lifts her fragile body the rest of the way to the circle within the hidden cave behind the waterfall. There she lay drifting, fading, it was then she hears the echo of the voice of the lady of the waters.
"Sleep, for they are coming and you will not have to face this alone, sleep for you and the others shall meet more, and then you shall join together with your other half in the fight for the light. They come with the sun and so with them, sacrifice." The echoing voice carried on inside her head before she gave in to the blinding pain and slipped into the waiting darkness. In the hidden cave of the waterfall, listening to the steady rhythm of the heavy waterfall, Sarah slept.
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