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Sho makes a new friend, and it opens doors that would have otherwise remined closed. This is set in the gap between finding Kei, and the first shootout when Sho has grown up. Enjoy!

Category: Moon Child - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure, Angst, Humor - Characters: Kei, Sho, Other - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2007-04-09 - Updated: 2007-04-10 - 507 words

This was the city of Mallepa, filled with sin and vice. Here the super rich shared the streets with the poverty stricken, here brand new Mercedes parked on the crumbling streets next to late model American cars. Filled with Japanese immigrants running from the economic collapse of their country, they fight for the streets and the deals from imported Taiwanese and the native Chinese. Here even the clean businessman had underworld contacts, and the streets were involved in a night war over cash and turf. Money was the means for survival, but life had become all too cheap a commodity.

Most abandoned buildings had squatters, and the police were mostly in someone else's pocket to look the other way. Orphans ran from the police, who would round them up and get a price per head for each kid that was caught and turned over to institutional care. This was a city on the edge, a place of violence and drama.

On these streets, there were plenty of abandoned and orphaned, struggling to survive from night to night. Some joined gangs. Others were sold into slavery. Others still roamed free, picking pockets and running scams for a nightly meal.

This is the story of three of those orphans. Sho, the hotheaded and reckless youth that wanted to be a someone. Shinji, his older brother, trying to provide in a city that has nothing for free. Their friend Toshi, who has been with them since all three had escaped one of the many orphanages in the city. They were nothing but street rats.

There is a fourth, though he was not there from the beginning. He is Kei, the traveler and wanderer. He's much older than these little kids, when he takes them under his wing, Sho especially. But there is nore to know aobut him. Not only is he just old, he is very old. His slight frame and bleached blonde hair hide a secret. He is a vampire, living in the night, drinking the blood of the living to continue his wretched existance. He had given up on continuing his so-called life, and he had decided to end it all in the light of the sun. Sho, wanting a free watch, distracted him. Instead of perishing in the light of the blazing sun, Sho wheeled him off under a blanket, and adopted the odd adult. Little did either know how much chaos that one moment of comfort would cause.

After pulling one of their scams, they finally got caught. When the dust had settled, Shinji had been shot in the leg, Toshi had run off, and Sho, ignoring his older brother, went back to rescue his new friend. Little did he know that Kei did not need rescuing. What Sho found ws something no one could have expected. His new friend was drinking the blood of the Chinese gangster that had found the trio. When Kei asked Sho if he was afraid, Sho just smiled.

This was the beginning. This is the early tale of Moon Child.
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