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Chapter 9

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It was hours before Harry pulled himself from his thoughts and rose off of the ground that had taken the brunt of his emotions. He felt empty, curiously so for he could never remember feeling such before. With a heavy heart, he trudged back towards the castle knowing that in the uproar sweeping the castle he probably hadn't been missed, he and Blaise were just too good at disappearing for people to start worrying about it now and Trevor was otherwise occupied. Reluctantly Harry found his feet carrying him towards the hospital wing, a place he normally avoided at all costs, and made his way to Blaise's bedside. He really didn't want to see Blaise looking as she was, so still and cold, but he also needed to reassure himself that she really was only petrified and not dead.

Trevor didn't even look up as he came closer, a thing that made Harry's heart sink even more. Normally Trevor would have known the instant he walked through the doors, would have discreetly reached for some sort of weapon until he had been identified. There was none of that now, only a worried father who suddenly seemed to have aged overnight, head buried despondently into helpless hands. As Harry grew closer he could see how haggard the usually immaculate Trevor was and also saw that the man had finally gave into restless exhaustion. Pulling his wand Harry whispered "mobilicorpus" and levitated Trevor to the bed next to Blaise. Trevor stirred slightly and went as if to resume his spot in the chair, but Harry pushed him back down and glared.

"Get some sleep" Harry commanded as if channeling his father "you'll do no one any good if you're too tired to move. You're going to eat later too. Don't make me force some sleeping potion down your throat."

Harry just hoped the threat would work, no matter how out of it Trevor might currently be it would be worse for him to be forced into a sleep that he couldn't wake from. Under a sleeping potion he would be completely vulnerable and that was something no mafia warrior would ever stand for. Once he was assured that Trevor was sleeping, Harry commandeered Trevor's chair and took Blaise's hand.

"I just don't know what to do" Harry confided softly in Blaise's still form "I've gotten so used to you always being there that now I can't function right without you there. Even when our father's were there with us in times of trouble it was always you I trusted to have my back and now you're lying here. I wasn't there for you when you needed me. I failed you, but I swear I won't again. I'll make whoever is doing this pay. I swear this to you by my blood, the blood of a Darkov."

Damn it, Harry realized what he had just said. He was a Darkov and Darkov's did not fail. Fire filled Harry as his heart hardened and stopped its descent into despair. He was a Darkov and his best friend, his constant companion needed him. So what if Trevor wasn't in any condition to help him, so what if his father wasn't there, he was still a Darkov and they had trained him well. It was just strange not to have Blaise to turn to when he needed to talk something out with someone or had some strange thought occur to him, it was even worse to know that he was going to be courting trouble and she wouldn't be right at his side to dive in headfirst with him.

"I'll be back" Harry vowed "I'm going to the library to research. There are still so many books to still go through, but I will find something. I will not allow this offence to go unavenged."

With determination written in every line of his taut body, Harry stalked from the Hospital Wing without realizing that Hermione Granger had been sitting on the other side of the curtain with the petrified form of Ron Weasley.

The moment the doors to the Hospital Wing swung close behind Harry, Hermione was twitching back the curtains that had been set up between the beds. She had heard every word Harry had spoken quietly into the stillness of the Hospital Wing and it fueled inside her the courage the Gryffindors were vaunted for. No longer did she see Harry as the fearful being that had shot the troll in first year, nor did she see him as the cold hard killer she had come to think of him as. Now, she saw him. She saw the confident mask he presented to the world, but she also saw what was behind that mask when it slipped. Harry Potter was indeed human and he suffered just as much as any of them. Hermione too left the Hospital Wing and headed towards the library, perhaps together they could solve this. Yet even these thoughts didn't banish the fear she still felt when she thought of Harry Potter.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Not even Madam Pince was in the library when Harry got there, the normally silent room echoing like a cavernous tomb with his every quiet step. It did not daunt Harry though, and within minutes he had settled down with a towering stack of books from random spots in the library. Taking a deep breath, Harry unrolled the charmed parchment he and Blaise had been using to keep track of their reading and began to leaf through the books he had in front of him. He hadn't made much of a dent in the first book when the shadows looming over him thickened, causing him to look up. It was Hermione Granger.

Harry raised an impatient eyebrow "can I help you Granger?"

"I want to help you" Hermione stated boldly "I'll figure this out with or without you, but it will take less time if we work together."

Harry ran an appraising eye over the Gryffindor, she was tied with himself and Blaise for top of their class, before shoving a book towards her "start looking through this one and then enter the title and summary on this parchment under the books section."

For a moment Hermione looked as if she would rather examine the parchment, but at a look from Harry decided it would be best to start reading. They had a mystery to solve after all, a mystery to solve and friends to avenge.

Two books later found Harry slamming the cover of the dusty tome shut.

"We're getting nowhere going on like this" Harry groused and pulled a clean piece of parchment towards himself "let's write down what we already know and go from there, see if we can draw any conclusions."

Carefully they reviewed every attack that had occurred starting with the condition of the victims and extending to what had been in the immediate surroundings. Harry added in what Dumbledore had said about the spells and Severus' lack of results in discovering a potion to duplicate the effects of petrification. Hermione reluctantly told of her adventure with polyjuice in Moaning Myrtles bathroom, causing Harry to briefly smirk and mention overhearing her and Ron. Harry in turn told of the disembodied voice he had heard calling for blood and speaking of killing, he could no longer dismiss it as a prank of the twins. The pieces of the puzzle began to fall together though when Hermione told Harry of Hagrid's hint on following the spiders and how she had stumbled upon Aragog and discovered that while the giant spider knew what was behind the attacks, he wouldn't say what. Harry spent about five minutes berating her in a similar manner as he would have Blaise for being foolish enough to go into the Forbidden Forest on such an endeavor, when he suddenly stopped and darted off into the stacks.

"It all fits" he said, dropping a dusty tome on ancient beasts upon the table as he flipped through the pages "the lifespan, the anomalies at each attack site..."

Harry flipped the book around so that Hermione could read and she found herself starting at a rough sketch of a Basilisk. Quickly Hermione read through the summary on the Basilisk:

'Of the many fearsome beasts and monsters that roam our land, there is none more curious or more deadly than the Basilisk, known also as the King of Serpents. This snake, which may reach gigantic size and live many hundreds of years, is born from a chicken's egg, hatched beneath a toad. Its methods of killing are most wonderous, for aside from its deadly and venomous fangs, the Basilisk has a murderous stare, and all who are fixed with the beam of its eye shall suffer instant death. Spiders flee before the Basilisk, for it is their mortal enemy, and the Basilisk flees only from the crowing of the rooster, which is fatal to it.'

"None of them saw it directly" Harry said almost before Hermione had finished reading.

"The water, the mirror, the camera, the suit of armor" Hermione listed some of the things found at the different attacks "but what about the voice you heard? You have no idea who it could have been? It must have been the person controlling the Basilisk."

"No" Harry shook his head "it wasn't the person controlling the Basilisk, it was the Basilisk. I'm a parselmouth."

Hermione reared back in fear and Harry could easily tell what she was thinking for he snorted "I did not open the Chamber of Secrets and as far as I know I am not Slytherin's heir. Think about it Granger, why would I attack Blaise? What causes you to fear me so much? Even though we are working together you are wary of me."

"I saw you shoot the troll last year" Hermione whispered "the blood didn't even seem to bother you. You looked so cold and frightening."

Harry shook his head in remorse "I'm sorry you saw that. I've been raised in a different life than what surrounds you, I must always be alert for attack, but know that I have never harmed an innocent."

Hermione leaned her elbows upon the table and sunk her head into her hands, accepting Harry's words and deciding to get back to the business at hand "so we know what is behind the attacks, but not who. How are we going to deal with this? What can we, or the professors, do against the King of Serpents, we don't even know where the Chamber of Secrets is."

"We might know someone who does" Harry stated slowly, Severus' tale about the Chamber echoing through his mind 'fifty years ago, and a student died...'

"What was the name of the ghost in the bathroom again" Harry asked.

"Myrtle" Hermione was puzzled "but everyone calls her Moaning Myrtle."

Harry looked Hermione straight in the eyes "fifty years ago, during the last time period the Chamber of Secrets was opened, a student died. A student by the name of Myrtle. She might know something."

"We can go ask her" Hermione was excited now "and then tell the teachers what we know. Or should we get the professor first?"

Harry went to reply but was cut off by the magically amplified voice of Professor McGonagall "All students to return to their House dormitories at once. All teachers return to the staff room. Immediately, please."

Hermione stood "what should we do?"

Determination had taken a hold of Harry "we go to the staff room and tell them what we know. Perhaps we'll even discover what happened, for surely something had to have happened for all the teachers to be called off of patrol. Let's go."

~~ ~~ ~*~

Hermione was nearly breathless by the time they reached the staff room and Harry stopped her from barging straight in. Enviously Hermione realized that Harry wasn't even breathing hard, but she had to focus on the task at hand. Creeping even closer to the ajar door of the staff room, Harry and Hermione were rewarded to discover that no silencing charms had been cast over the room and they could hear every word.

"It has happened" Professor McGonagall was saying "a student has been taken by the monster. Right into the Chamber itself. The heir of Slytherin left another message. Right underneath the first one. 'Her skeleton will lie in the Chamber forever.'"

Commotion could be heard from within the staff room and it seemed that Professor Flitwick was crying.

"Who is it" Madam Hooch asked, Harry would never forget her voice after the berating he and Blaise had gotten over destroying the bludgers "which student?"

"Ginny Weasley" said Professor McGonagall "we shall have to send all the students home tomorrow. This is the end of Hogwarts. Dumbledore always said..."

Professor McGonagall trailed off, unable to continue that train of thought "I need the Heads of Houses to inform the students. Sinistra, would you inform the Slytherins? Severus cannot leave the restoration draught at this time otherwise he would be here."

Scuffles from inside warned Harry that the meeting was breaking up and he grabbed Hermione and pulled her around a corner where they would be hidden from the professors. Only when the hallways were clear did he release his hold upon her and remove his hand from her mouth.

"What are we going to do" Hermione moaned "oh poor Ginny. We can't just leave her, she's my friend."

Harry's heart had iced over at hearing Ginny's name and he felt bad for not having spent more time with her this school year. Ginny had even tried to talk to him a few days ago, but he had been too caught up in his grief over Blaise and had rudely brushed the younger girl off. His eyes hardened and fire burned within their depths, whoever this heir is was going to pay.

"I'm going to find the Chamber" there was death in Harry's voice, and Hermione realized once again that she did have good reason to fear Harry Potter.

For a moment Hermione was caught up in her fear before she found that part of her that had lead to her being sorted into Gryffindor "I'll help you find the Chamber and then we can take the teachers there and hope they find Ginny alright."

Harry gave her an unidentifiable look "we can't depend on the teachers; they themselves are too frightened to do anything but write Ginny off as lost. Trevor or Snape would have been able to help, but Severus will have warded his labs so that no one can enter or even reach him until he finished brewing the restoration draught and Trevor is too worried over Blaise to be any help. I swore to Blaise that I would avenge this insult to her and Ginny being taken only makes me all the more determined. I could never face the twins again if I didn't try and help her. I'm going to kill the bastard behind this, them and that damned snake."

"I'm still going with you" Hermione declared bravely though inside she was literally quaking at the thought of going where the basilisk would be "Myrtles bathroom is on the second floor right where Mrs. Norris was attacked. It's always out of order because she always wails at anyone who's trying to go and it makes them uncomfortable."

"Fine" Harry nodded curtly "but you're only coming as far as the bathroom. It'll be too dangerous to come further and I won't have time to watch out for you. First I need to get to my dorm and grab a few things."

Wisely Hermione didn't protest on being left behind in the bathroom even though she had no intention of staying there and instead focused on Harry wanting to go to his dorm "won't you get caught going in? How will you be able to get back out without people stopping you? You can't-"

Harry held up a hand and stopped Hermione's questions "just follow me and stay quiet."

Staying close to the walls where the protection of shadows was the thickest Harry expertly navigated the hallways of Hogwarts, feeling an acute loss as he imagined that every step Hermione took was echoing loudly and would lead to their discovery. Blaise would have never made that much noise, but then he was being slightly unfair; Blaise had training that Hermione didn't and it had to be taking a lot of guts for Hermione to come with him. At last they arrived in the corridor next to where Lady Alyssa hung and Harry motioned quietly for Hermione to halt.

"Stay here" he whispered "I'll slip in and grab what I need and be right back. Don't move from this spot and don't look up from the floor. Keep your eyes closed if it'll make you feel better."

Harry was gone before Hermione could protest, slipping around the corner and hissing at Lady Alyssa to open up. Hearing the determination in his voice, Lady Alyssa opened immediately instead of attempting a conversation and Harry slipped through the slight opening before anyone in the common room could realize the opening was there. Indeed it didn't seem as if any of the Slytherins still in the common room were paying much attention to anything. It was ironic how people such as Draco Malfoy had been happily boasting about the Chambers opening when it first happened, but now all the purebloods were running scared since it appeared even their great lineage wouldn't save them from the creature of Slytherin. At least three of those attacked had been purebloods and one had even been a Slytherin. It was ridiculously easy for Harry to slip into his dorm and grab any weapons he could lay his hands on before slipping right back out past Lady Alyssa. Rounding the corner he found Hermione still standing where he had left her, wand in hand and head bowed to the floor, eyes squeezed tightly shut.

"Let's go Granger" he called softly, making enough noise so as not to startle the Gryffindor into shooting off spells.

Determinedly Hermione nodded and opened her eyes though she didn't take her gaze too high from the floor. Nodding his approval even though the girl wouldn't see it, Harry took up the lead again and stuck to as many side corridors as he could to get to the second floor girls lavatory.

~~ ~~ ~*~

Harry looked around the girl's bathroom in askance. The mirrors were cracked and dingy and dust lay everywhere that the water rippling lightly across the floor hadn't touched. Deep, wrenching sobs from one of the stalls told him where Myrtle was currently moping and Harry didn't blame the girls for never using this bathroom.

"Definitely the perfect spot for the opening to the Chamber of Secrets" Harry spoke sardonically "I wonder if Salazar planned for this to happen one day. The atmosphere certainly sets the mood for doom and gloom."

Hermione glared at him, thinking that he was making light of what they were about to do, but was interrupted before she could say anything by Myrtle.

"Oh" Myrtle sniffed as she caught sight of Hermione "it's you again. It looks like you got rid of your fur, pity. Did you come back with that horrible, ill-mannered boy again so that he could make fun of me?"

"No" Hermione hurried to reassure Myrtle before the ghost started weeping and wailing again "Ron's not with me, he's in the hospital wing. Harry and I, we came to ask you...ask you-"

"We came to ask you what you know about the Chamber of Secrets" Harry took over "and see if you've notice anything strange around here lately. It would be a great help."

Myrtle's all but stopped sniffing as she realized someone wanted to talk to her without making fun of her "the Chamber of Secrets was opened when I went to school here. I don't know whatever happened with it though, I died before then and decided to haunt Olive Hornby for teasing me about my glasses."

"You can't tell us anything else about the Chamber of Secrets" Hermione pressed.

"I told you I don't know anything else" Myrtle nearly shouted at the Gryffindor.

"What about anything strange" Harry interrupted before Myrtle decided to not talk to them anymore and destroy their last lead.

"Nothing except that girl and her rude friend skulking around my toilet and making some foul looking potion" Myrtle said "Did you see the fur she ended up with? She even had a tail. I was hoping the rude one would give it a pull, but he didn't. Nothing else strange has happened this year except for someone throwing a book through me. Let's all throw books at Myrtle since she can't feel it."

Myrtle continued to rant about how unfairly she was treated and how Peeves was always tormenting her when Harry got fed up. Talking to the depressed ghost hadn't gotten them anywhere and he motioned to Hermione to slip away quietly as Myrtle didn't seem to be noticing them anymore. They had almost made the door when Myrtle said something to make Harry stop.

"The last time anything unusual happened in here that I know of was right before my death" Myrtle was speaking normally, her rant ended "I had hidden in here because Olive Hornby had been teasing me about my glasses again when I heard someone come in. They spoke in a weird language, it sounded more like hissing than words, but what got me was that it was a boy speaking. A boy in the girl's bathroom. I unlocked the door to tell them to go and use their own toilet when I felt my body seize up and I began to float away. I had /died/."

The last was said with such relish that Hermione shuddered, but Harry was now interested "how? How did you die? What caused it?"

Myrtle obviously didn't see this as too important as she vaguely waved a translucent hand in the direction of the sinks "I only remember a pair of big yellow eyes from over there. The best part was that I came back. I came back to haunt Olive Hornby. She was sorry she ever laughed at my glasses."

Myrtle continued to reminisce about how she had haunted Olive Hornby as Hermione and Harry went over to inspect the sink facing Myrtle's stall of death. It looked like all the other sinks. Dingy, cracked mirrors, but the other sinks appeared to have had water overflow the sides recently where this one hadn't. Experimentally Harry twisted the taps, slightly disappointed when nothing happened. No hidden door opened, they weren't suddenly whisked away to some hidden room, not even water flowed from the tap.

"Oh that tap has never worked" Myrtle informed them "they tried to fix it many times, but nothing ever happened. It's a wonder they never replaced it."

It was just an ordinary sink that hadn't worked even when magic had tried to fix it. That's what Harry's head told him, but instinct said differently. Harry tried twisting the knobs different degrees as if a combination lock but they turned without any indication that there were tumblers to catch and so he continued on. Ducking his head he looked under the sink, Hermione following his lead though neither had any idea what they were looking for. Suddenly Harry stood, Hermione nearly banging her head on the sink as she hurried to do the same.

"Myrtle" Harry addressed the sensitive ghost "you said the boy was hissing?"

"Yes" Myrtle was delighted to have the attention turned to her once again "and it sounded so dreadfully nasty, as if the boy hated everything."

Deciding that it couldn't hurt to try, Harry closed his eyes and imagined the snake he had seen in the pet store a little over a year ago "/Open/."

Harry opened his eyes in time to see the sinks move out slightly as the one right in front of them sank down into the floor to reveal a gaping hole in the floor.

"What did you do" Hermione shuddered both from the parseltongue and the sight of what had to be the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets.

"I merely hissed open in parseltonge" Harry shrugged indolently to cover his apprehension "I figure if the boy stood here and hissed something then it might work for me. Looks like I was right."

"I really think we should get a teacher" Hermione backed away slightly from the opening.

Harry sighed and shook his head "we've been over this before. The only two teachers I think could possibly handle this are indisposed; you saw how all the professors in the staff room wrote Ginny off for lost. I also swore to Blaise that I would make this bastard pay. Hopefully we can save Ginny as well. I don't know Ginny as well as I do the twins, but I consider her a friend along with most of the rest of her family. I'm going. You should return to your dorm. Tell a professor if you must, but I'll already be down there. Now get."

Harry turned from Hermione and took a deep breath before plunging down the hole and being sluiced down a huge pipe that was like a slide. It might have actually been fun if the pipe was slicked with slime and other stuff he was glad he couldn't identify. Harry couldn't shake the feeling of déjà vu this trip was calling up, and even as he realized he must be nearing the end of the pipe he wasn't sure if he wanted to light his wand or not; he wasn't sure what he would find waiting for him. It was just like first year all over again, but this time he didn't have Blaise at his side. He just hoped that there wasn't a pile of Devil's Snare waiting at the bottom-that would be just a little too much déjà vu for him to handle. Harry went flying out of the end of the pipe.
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