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Chapter Eight: Phone Calls

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This chapter is focusing more on Gerard's point of view. Once again, I'm not to satisfied with this chapter.

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Gerard smoked his last cigarette. Everyone else on the bus was asleep. Gerard had been staring out the window for at least an hour.

The sun was slowly beginning to rise across the spacious fields of the farmlands. There was flat fields for cows to graze on, and who could forget the beautiful distant mountains. That's basicaly Virginia. (That's where their touring in my fictional moment.)

Gerard scraped his cigarette into the ash tray. He sighed softly. There was something on his mind, there was always something on his mind. He was wondering if she would call back. He was trying to gain friendship with a memory.

He got up and walked into the small bathroom. He gripped the sides of the sink and looked up at himself through the mirror. He looked so tired. It looked like he was wearing black eye shadow around his eyes. Yet, who'd really care? That's what Gerard Way always looks like.

"You okay?"

Gerard jumped and saw a black haired guy in the doorway. Mikey.

"Do you want some coffee? I want some coffee." said Mikey as he walked to the 'kitchen' area of the bus.

Gerard looked at himself one last time and walked to where Mikey was.
Mikey stirred his coffee.

"Seriously, are you feeling alright?" Mikey asked, again.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm just sleepy, thats all."

"Well we've got this whole day off until we go to Pennsylvania, so why don't you take it easy." Mikey turned around and handed Gerard some coffee.

"You're getting a bit bossy." Gerard smiled as he took a sip of his drink.

Mikey smirked and sat down at the table. Gerard's pocket vibrated. He quickly placed his cup on the counter and ran back to the bathroom. Mikey just stared in amazment.

Gerard locked the door and jerked his cell phone out of his jean's pocket.

"Hello, hello?"

"Hey honey."

Gerard groaned.

"What's wrong?"

"Mom, I'm waiting for an important call." Gerard complained.

"Okay, okay..."


"So how was the concert last night?" Gerard's mom continued.

"Mom, really. An old friend of mine is suppose to call me. Can't you talk to Mikey right now?"

"Okay sweetie, I've pestered you enough. Love you."

"I love you, bye."

Gerard walked out of the bathroom, as if nothing had ever happened. Mikey was still staring at him. Gerard took a drink of his coffee in awkward silence.

Mikey cleared his throat and started walking toward the back of the bus. "Soooo, I'm gonna go get on Ray's laptop. I think you should get some rest."

Gerard rolled his eyes. He didn't really feel like disagreeing; he was, indeed, pretty tired.
He layed on the couch and closed his eyes. It felt so good. Well, until his cell phone went off once again, and this time it was the call he had been waiting for.

Clinga/ Author of Story: HAPPY BIRTHDAY GERARD!!!! Also Happy delayed Easter! I hope everyone had a safe holiday. I've got some groovy news (haha, groovy?) I'm going to my first MCR concert. It's actually my first concert EVER. It's in about... two weeks maybe. I'm unsure if I'll update before then, though. Have an awesome day/week/month.
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