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Chapter 1

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"Gerard Arthur Way WILL have a cake and eat it too." [A small birthday present to Gerard. Happy 30th.]

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Mikey looked up as his brother entered the bus and closed the door listlessly. He remembered his mission and grabbed a piece of paper from his pocket.
"Hey, Gerard, you forgot to tell me what kind of cake you want us to get you. It seems to change every year, so I-"
"No," came the firm reply. Mikey sat there in shock for a few seconds before his eyes brightened and he burst into laughter.
"Thanks, I needed that. Good joke. Very funny. Seriously, though, what-"
"I'm not joking," the older Way brother said quietly, sitting on his bed. He kicked his shoes off and hugged his knees to his chest. He reminded Mikey of a little kid. "Just leave me alone."
Now his younger brother was concerned. Gerard never didn't want cake. It just didn't happen.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing," he replied curtly, scowling at Mikey and turning away from him. Mikey frowned at him and left the bus, knowing he had to find the others. This might as well have been a matter of national security. He opened the door and found himself face to face with Frank. Before the guitarist could even manage a 'hello,' Mikey had pushed past him and shut the door so he couldn't enter the bus.
"Frank, we have a serious problem."
"Yes, hi, I know, I left a soda in the freezer, and if I don't get it soon, the Skittles won't live to see tomorrow!" he said urgently, trying to get past the younger Way brother. The bassist rolled his eyes.
"Not that. Gerard doesn't want a cake."
"He's joking," Frank said quickly. He had to rescue his favorite candy from the wrath of exploding carbonated sugar-water. Unfortunately for him, Mikey refused to move.
"No he's not! We have to do something." Frank grabbed the bass player by the shoulders.
"Michael James Way. Listen to me. I, Frank Anthony Iero, can personally promise you that Gerard Arthur Way will have a cake and eat it too. But if that can of Coke explodes while you're talking to me, you will not be able to move for the next week. Do I make myself clear?" Mikey knew he was serious. He was using their full names. The bassist obligingly stepped aside, and within three seconds Frank had rescued the Skittles. He picked up the soda, but the second he did he heard a strange hissing noise. His eyes widened, and he immediately slammed the freezer door shut. Mikey came back inside the bus just as the soda exploded. He considered running for his life until he saw the red package of Skittles sitting safely on the counter, slightly frosted with ice crystals.
"Frank, you're an idiot."
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