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Chapter 4

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Short interlude, as Sho and Toshi learn the rules of firearms, and Kei continues to hunt in privacy.

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The old police station was perfect, for many reasons. The structure was in good shape, abandoned to move to a better location, not because the structure was falling apart. The locks still worked, there were still the thin mattresses in the cells, and the windows were mostly in place. The best thing, in Sho's eyes, was that the firing range was in the basement, and a test showed that you could not hear the sound of gunfire even if standing right next to the building. Kei liked the building because there were some interior offices that had no outside windows, so he could rest without too much fear of burning from the sun.

They took about a week to get everything they wanted and could find nearby. Toshi got the prison mattresses into one room, as they knew that sleeping apart could be dangerous if they were found. Toshi located a few local restaurants, and started his usual scams to get the trio dinners. Sho was still a pickpocket, getting the cash they needed for things they could not scrounge for. Shinji could no longer keep up with his faster brother, due to his leg, so he spent the days organizing their new home, even taking a day with some spray paint, painting whimsical pictures on the walls.

Sho and Toshi practiced in every bit of spare time with the pistols. Toshi was just average, he could hit the target, but that was about it. Sho, on the other hand, seemed to be born for this. From the shaky beginning, he progressed fast, going through learning to shoot with both hands, how to hit a moving target, how to keep from getting shot at in return, he picked it up like magic. Sho also learned the not so fun parts of guns, from loading a clip to cleaning the pistol. Kei was determined that Sho would know everything he could about pistols. Toshi and Sho were too small for shotguns, not to mention it was a harder weapon to use in a crowd. Kei didn't want his charges shooting each other by accident, so shotguns were out of the picture.

Kei would vanish some nights, not telling the kids where he was going. After a few weeks, even Sho got used to their benefactor vanishing for hours, to show up just before dawn. Even though Kei was a vampire, and Sho and Shinji knew he drank blood, he could not bring himself to hunt in front of them. Toshi kept getting him food, as he didn't know Kei's secret. Toshi just thought he was an odd duck. Kei planned to keep it that way. Sho, on the other hand, would wait impatiently for his return, and then he would tackle the adult when he finally got back from his hunt.

One night, Sho confronted Kei. Kei was afraid it was about his diet, so he avoided Sho for a few days. Finally, Sho got him cornered. Kei braced for a barrage. Come to find out, it was something much more. "I can use the pistol. Now, I want to make a name for us. We need a job."
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