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Chapter Two

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Scarlet finally fits in a little and a single comment from a new friend changes her life forever.

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Scarlet's first week at school had been easier on her then she had originally thought. She spent her lunch times hanging out in the secluded smoking section with Asha and Frank. While she didn't say much to them, she was quite content listening to what the two of them had to say. Frank was funny. He was full of energy and attitude and wasn't afraid to give shit to anyone if he felt it was necessary. He was tiny as well, Asha called him a little pocket rocket which made Scarlet laugh. Asha was one of the coolest people Scarlet had ever met. She didn't take shit from anyone and wasn't afraid to speak her mind. Asha was just Asha and she seemed to be everything that Scarlet wished she could be but just didn't have the strength to.

It was lunch time again on the Friday of Scarlet's first week at school. As usual, Scarlet made her way around the side of the school buildings and met up with Asha and Frankie.
"Hey guys." Scarlet said quietly sitting down in her usual spot on the grass.
'Hey, Scar. Are you doing anything this weekend?" Asha asked taking out her packet of cigarettes from her bag.
"Uh, don't think so. Why?" she asked.
"Because, you're staying at my place tonight!" Asha said taking out a smoke and lighting it.
"Oh. Uh, wait a minute I think my mum needs me to..." Scarlet began trying to think of an excuse. She loved Asha but really just wanted to spend time by herself.
"I don't think you heard me properly. I didn't ask you if you wanted to come over. I told you you were coming over. Meet me out the front after school and we can go get your stuff and then go to mine." Asha said casually.
"Ok" Scarlet replied feeling slightly nervous.
"Hey. Can I come to?" Frank asked eagerly.
"Shut up Iero" Scarlet and Asha said in unison.

Scarlet met Asha at the front gates of the school just as she had told her to. The pair walked to Scarlet's house to pick up her stuff and then continued on to Asha's place, which was only a 10 minute walk away. Asha spoke and Scarlet listened as they walked as Asha informed her of all the things she needed to know about Jersey and the people who lived there. Finally they arrived at Asha's house. It was a quaint single story house with red bricks and a red roof tiles. It had a small garden that was full of beautiful roses. Scarlet was amazed at the flowers and Asha caught her looking at them.
"My mom just loves gardening. I think it's kinda lame, but the roses do look good. And if she's out in the garden, she's off of my back ya know?" Asha said as she searched for her key in her backpack.
Scarlet merely nodded.
Asha finally found her keys and let the two of them into the house. The pair walked straight past what appeared to be the living room and into the kitchen to find a note on the bench.
"Looks like mom's gone shopping so we have the place to ourselves. Grab me a can of coke from the fridge and bring it out to me in the living room k" Asha said as she left the room.
Scarlet felt a bit angry at the way Asha had just spoken to her. She may not say much, but she wasn't a doormat. Scarlet contemplating saying something but decided the better option would be to keep her mouth shut. Asha and Frank were all that Scarlet had and she didn't want to risk losing that, so she reached into the fridge and grabbed Asha a can of coke and proceeded into the living room.
When she entered the room Asha was sitting wide eyed on the couch, staring at Scarlet in total disbelief.
"You actually got it for me?" Asha exclaimed.
"Yeah, you asked for it." Scarlet said setting the drink down on the coffee table and taking a seat.
"Yeah, but I didn't actually think you would do it. Seems you're more fucked up then I thought you were." Asha said grabbing the drink and opening it up.
"Huh?" Scarlet asked puzzled.
"Why are you so quiet? Why do you do whatever someone tells you to do?" Asha asked.
"I dunno. I just don't want anyone to be angry at me." Scarlet replied.
"So you do that by conforming. By taking shit from anybody and everybody? That's so not right dude. Listen to me, you're beautiful and young and in a completely new country where no one knows anything about you. No one knows your past or anything that happened in Australia. So why be a mouse? Why take shit? Why conform? You're better then that. Don't you ever, and I mean EVER let anyone tell you what to do. Do you hear me? Life is too short to be wasting it on doing whatever someone else wants. They call it life because you're supposed to be living it! So fucking live it alright!" Asha pretty much yelled at her new friend.
Scarlet felt like she was about to burst into tears. Asha was right. She had spent too much of her life afraid of other people's opinions and scared that she was hurting other people when in fact she was hurting herself. No one in New Jersey knew her past. She had the ability to completely reinvent herself, so why not? She made the decision right then and there that this was going to be a new beginning for her, and with Asha's help, there was no stopping her.
"So what do you say?" Asha finally asked after letting Scarlet think it over for a few moments.
"I say fuck yeah!" Scarlet said speaking louder then she had in her whole entire life.
"Good, now go get me a packet of chips from the cupboard!" Asha said flipping on the TV.
"Go get it your fucking self, you lazy bitch!" Scarlet laughed.
"That's my girl." Asha said getting up and disappearing into the kitchen.
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