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Put Love On Hold

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A Race Against Time

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"Thanks" he said hurriedly. Grabbing a fistful of notes and chucking it at the driver, "Keep the change."

Patrick's speech was breathless, running out of oxygen and air. The driver nodded his head graciously as Patrick slammed the door, watching the yellow drive of in a speed of carelessness. Patrick, jittery, spun his sights at the looming building in front of him. He glanced his eyes around the mass bodies filtering in and out of the entrance, spiralling around the revolving doors. One face in and an entirely different one returns. In other contexts Patrick would admire the diversity an Airport holds. The variety of cultures, languages and beauty exchanging in a heartbeat.

Above him a bellowing of airplane engines echoed throughout the air. It sparked anxiousness within the pit of him. He closed his eyes, silent praying. Patting the sides of his jacket and checking that the ticket was there. Close to his heart. Each detail printed pinpointed his hopes in one gesture. Patrick took a quick moment to check his watch as time ticked on by. The simplicity of the movement caused chaos within him. His feet began moving, padding along the concrete. He pushed his way through the strength of the doors restricting him from his subconscious act.

Patrick's sneakers squeaked on the freshly clean floor as he collided into bodies during his rush. His eyes covered every aspect of the building until he found the flight number on a desk nearby. He didn't have long and in a sudden burst of energy he lunged over to the check out. Nerves wreaked havoc on him, he was almost shaking.

He processed himself for the flight. Feeling a new wave of relief cover him softly. He strolled, knowing he had some time before the take off. Before his love flew. He casually walked around to security. His face falling. The queue was long, a curving of bodies impatiently huffing in a unison. He found his place at the back and began to tap into his neck. An outline of sweat forming underneath his hat. He panicked inside, shaking his legs back and forth as the queue, with sloth like pace, went further down to the security.

Patrick reached deep inside his pockets and retrieved his iPod, turning from song to song until he found one, letting it flitter through the air whilst his heart relaxed with the words. He shuffled along with the rest but kept his thoughts entwined around her. In his thoughts he focused on the past, where he told her, told her everything. Kept her in his arms and refused to let her leave his warmth. Patrick had been a fool, he regretted every second of her footsteps away. They were haunting. He had lay awake, the night before her departure, cursing himself. Sighing out of disbelief that he was letting love leave his grasp again.

It wasn't until the early hours of the morning, where dawn was swiftly approaching, when he realised that there was still time. That he could still hold on to her, where she could still be his. Purchasing an only ticket, he quickly planned his movements. Knowing that the ever dissolving seconds were against him.

Patrick had closed his eyes fully during his thought process, subconsciously moving with the mass, he flickered them open to find a member of security staring straight at him. Smiling out of embarrassment he removed his jacket and other items that might beep against him, going red as he removed his hat He walked through the detectors but with no song against him, he nodded graciously at the security guard in front of him. Sheepishly, he grabbed his items.

Patrick was placing his arms into the sides of his denim jacket when an announcement rang out throughout. His flight was boarding and he was far from his gate. He grabbed his hat and shoved it upon his hat. He kick started and began to run, run as far and as fast his legs could carry him. Patrick had small burst of speed that was soon followed by pounding. His heart ached in his chest as his blood supplied him with more and more oxygen. His face became flushed and he wished that his deodorant held out. A dull pain throbbed in his side, but he could see the gate approaching, two lines of people waiting to get on the same plane and his he searched a flow of blonde hair left into the exit.

Patrick was determined and placed himself at the shortest queue and found himself behind a small old lady. Doddering along with her carrier bag, he bit his lip as not too flip out.

"Oh my you know, I had it out. It should be in here somewhere though, you know what honey I am so forgetful in my old age, I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on," the old lady chuckled light to a polite smiling attendant. Patrick glared momentarily, refusing to see the funny side of it all.

"You take your time ma'am" the attendant said, respecting her age and ill health she apparently seemed to have.

She better not Patrick screamed inside his head, loudly so that the cells within his body shook with an ever growing rage. He cocked his head to the other queue that was moving much more quickly than his. No designated seats, he needed to get on, he needed to be besides her.

"Oh I don't want to keep any of these lovely people, its in here somewhere.."

"Excuse me" Patrick let his anger take control, pushing past the old lady in a huff. The woman let out a small moan of distaste and disgust, "I'm sorry, look I need to get on the plane, like now," he slammed his passport and boarding pass down on the counter, "passport, boarding pass, thank you, goodbye."

The attendant stared shocked somewhat displaced for a second, she looked at his documents and nodded. Patrick grinned softly, letting her know he wasn't normally like this, he took his feet and sprinted again, each carpeted floor beneath his feet decreased the distance.


Kimberley sat down, tears streaming down her face. Her eyes red and dilated. She chose to sit on the aisle, not wanting the empty window seat beside her, it only highlighted her leaving, and she didn't want to watch the past fall behind. She didn't want to fly away, but deep inside her, she knew this was what she had to do. She coughed into tissues that were breaking from the sadness she poured into them. She kept her eyes to the doors, a spark of hope flaming alongside her doubt.

Kimberley pressed the tissues against her nose and when she removed them she saw red. A trickle of blood slid from her, groaning she placed her belongings down, and quickly made her way to the toilets, grimacing at the smell and grabbing handfuls.

The captain began speaking overhead and Kimberley knew she had to make her way back. The bleeding had stopped and she glanced at the mirror. She looked a wreck with bloodshot eyes and stains there weren't fading. She grabbed a handful of water, splashing the coolness upon her skin, and wiping the tears away though another beckoned to spill down the side of her cheek.

She made her way back to the seat and sat down, feeling the place beside her full, though she kept ignorance to the stranger. She wiped another river of remorse and locked herself into the chair. She stared up at the buttons above, trying to distract from the creatures inside her, tearing her apart as the plane began to move. Her body beckoning to shake and sob. She placed her hands on her knees and scrunched them into a fist. The person beside her placed their hand on hers.

Jolting from the touch she turned her head to see what the hell they were doing but she was met with cool green eyes. Her heart and lust rose to her throat.

"P-Patrick?" she chocked, "What? I mean why?"

Patrick looked at her above his glasses, dragging his hands into her hair and cupping one side of her face. She leaned against the heat radiating from his palm, "What? You thought I was just going to let the person I love leave me?"

"I -" Patrick leaned forward and placed his lips against hers. Kissing her with intense passion, she succumbed to his movements. Feeling a leash of water though it was filled with happiness, she smiled against him and broke apart from him, "I love you" she whispered to him.

"I love you too" he said, staring deeply into her eyes. They interlocked fingers, stroking every possible cell they had on show, caressing them quietly, finding each other again. Patrick's grip on her got a little tighter, symbolic over his need and yearning for her, how he was never going to let her go. They smiled at one another, leaning their foreheads as the plane took wing into the skies. The sun reflecting off the wing, the blue surrounded them. The atmosphere encasing their beating souls, their forever adoration and their soaring love.
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