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L, Raito, plans for world domination and buttercups.

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The wet grass was speckled with little yellow flowers, bright spots of colour in between the green blades and silver beads. Raito folded his arms across his front and gazed calmly out at the morning park, leaning back on the uncomfortable wooden back of the park bench. Picking up the paper next to him he glanced across the pages in search of names to cleanse the world of. A couple jumped out at him immediately, Yamamoto Katsuaki accused of the rape and murder of one Yamada Asaka, sentenced to life imprisonment. The length of this sentence however, was about to be shortened, thanks to Raito. He scribbled the name on the unassuming leaf of paper he had tucked inside his perfectly ordinary, school stationary exercise book. But before scanning the front page for another foolish, doomed criminal. He stopped to consider it. The perfection of it. Out on this ever so slightly drizzley spring morning, 1... 2... 3... 4... birds sang in the trees, delighted at the freshness of the world after the rain, 5... 6... 7... 8... and it was truly delightful, the beauty of the morning 9... 10... 11... 12... one could truly believe, on a day like today, that there was really hope for this falling world. 13... 14... 15... 16...

Suddenly, he noticed a figure approaching down the pathway. What the hell? What are the chances of ... Did he follow me here or something? 17... 18... 19... 20... The likelihood that of this being a coincidence was very low, Raito was quite sure that L had been following him from the moment he left his house. 21... 22... 23... 24... Dammit! Why had he been so idiotic as to think L wouldn't still be trying to track his movements if he left his house? Still, there was nothing suspicious about a student writing in a cheap exercise book. 25... 26... 27...28...

"Ryuuzaki, what a strange coincidence to meet you here." Raito smiled his best calm and friendly smile. L, predictably, did not change his blank expression. However the small yellow buttercup in his hand stopped spinning on its stem.

"Raito, what are you doing here?"
"Reading, enjoying the day. It's good to be out just after the rain. The world is clean."

29... 30... 31... 32...

It pained him deeply to know that however many names he gathered in his little black book, it would mean nothing until he got that one name that stood between him and perfection. And it pained him further to know that he didn't really want to write it down.

"Do you like butter?"

Raito was used to Ryuuzaki saying odd things, but this threw him quite off balance.


L lifted up the buttercup he held pinched between his thin forefinger and thumb, and held it under Raito's chin.

"The buttercup says you like butter."

33... 34... 35... 36...


"I'm not sure. It's just a funny little children's game in western countries. If the yellow of the buttercup reflects on the skin under you chin, it means that you like butter."

Raito had the urge to laugh, what a ridiculous little game.

37... 38... 39... 40.

Somewhere in Japan, Yamamoto Katsuaki had suddenly suffered a heart attack, and died.

"How ridiculous."

"I suppose so."
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