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A Peace Offering

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A very random drabble involving as the title says, a peace offering.

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A Peace Offering

Harry took a deep breath before knocking on the heavy wooden door in front of him, clutching the object in his hand even tighter than before. This just had to work, he was at his wits end and couldn't take another day of the world renowned Snape attitude.

"What do you want Mr. Potter" the voice was low, deadly, and full of suppressed emotion; he really was in the shit hole.

"Please don't shut the door in my face this time" Harry pleaded, eyes downcast "I came to apologize and I brought a peace offering."

"Well" the voice was impatient now "what is it?"

Meekly Harry held forth the object in his hand, turning it so that the label upon the can could clearly be read.

"It's the kind with sliced franks" Harry offered up as if that would gain him bonus points "I went to the muggle world just this morning to get them for you."

Though Severus showed no outside change in emotion, inside he was cursing the Headmaster for knowing his weakness for certain muggle foods. Some secrets just weren't sacred anymore.

"Come in" he growled "you can fix it."

Harry followed the Potions master through the living room and into the kitchen, expertly beginning to fix the canned goody. Within a mere ten minutes Harry was setting onto the table a bowl, three slices of butter bread with garlic, and a glass of milk before dishing up the food. He didn't dare sit down and join in on the peace offering, one wrong move and he would be in the man's bad graces again. Therefore there was nothing else for Harry to do but sit and watch as his once-hated potions professor savored the meal he had prepared. Not one word was said until the last spoonful of food had disappeared.

"Do you forgive me" Harry dared ask then.

A slight smile curved over Severus' face "you're forgiven."

Harry relaxed in relief "does that mean you'll be coming up this evening?"

Severus did chuckle then "yes, I will be. It's probably been just as much torture for me as it has been for you. But you had probably better get back to your office. I'm sure there are plenty of things you need to take care of Headmaster Snape."

"You are correct Professor Snape" Harry grinned as he headed for the door "but I wanted to make things up to you first. I love you."

"I love you too brat" Severus said "now get out of here and let me get back to work."

Severus waited until he was sure Harry was gone before dropping his head down into his hands with a chuckle. Perhaps he should get upset at Harry more often if such conciliatory gestures were going to be made to get back into good graces. Severus savored the flavor of tomato sauce that was still lingering on his tongue. Who would have ever guessed that the only thing it took to make two enemies admit their love to each other was dinner over a bowl of Spaghetti-O's.
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