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Dungeons and Dragons

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Dragon officers, kinky gifts and bondage parlours ahoy! Warning: I know nothing about bondage parlours. (Ruwalk/Alfeegi)

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Dungeons and Dragons
by Toriko
Originally written June '05, for a request by Jangalain in the Fic On Demand LJ community.

It had started innocently enough, just as a gag. Lykouleon unwrapped his twentieth birthday present, a glossy translation of the Karma Sutra/, as Ruwalk looked on, snickering and warning him that he better be making sure Raseleane was happy. Lykouleon returned the favour when Ruwalk's birthday rolled around three months later with a set of toys so fiddly only the Japanese could have come up with them and a sly dig that since /he was single, he was going to have to keep himself happy.

And then it was /on/.

In the race to out-kink his best friend, Ruwalk had spent hours scouring Chiba for a present more outlandish than last year's, determined not to let Lykouleon get one up on him. He'd thought he'd done okay for Lykouleon's last birthday. It hadn't been easy, dammit, to get hold of his exact measurements, and the costume had been expensive to have made, but he'd luxuriated in the look on Lykouleon's face as he unfolded a perfect replica nurse's outfit, complete with tiny white skirt and stockings.

This, however, was going to be hard to top, as he circled the front door adorned with a dragon painted in tasteful blue and silver, and tried to decide whether he really wanted to go in or not.

It didn't look like, he decided, what a bondage parlour should/. He'd seen them in porn, after all, and they were always dimly-lit, suspicious-looking places in seedy parts of town. They were supposed to be black, with chains and whips decorating the walls. And you could always hear screaming from the outside, and /not the pleasured kind. Well, maybe, if you were an especially sick bastard. Which apparently he was, since he was here and not off clobbering Lykouleon for making the appointment in the first place and then for sending him a cheery "good luck!" message that ended with a promise that if Ruwalk was in no condition to drive at the end of it, Lykouleon would come and pick him up, so not to worry and just enjoy himself.

Enjoy himself. Right.

Ignoring the tight ball of apprehension knotting up in his stomach, and maybe a few flutters of something else, he pushed the door open and stepped inside into the plush waiting room.

It wasn't black in here, either; the blue-and-silver colour scheme from outside was continued into pale blue walls and white cushioned seats, and there were still no whips and chains, just portraits on the walls, which Ruwalk assumed were of the people you could... err... choose from, and a big-ass desk stretching across one side of the room.

It was also very, very quiet. No screaming, just the quiet hum of the heater. Maybe that didn't get started until later. It was only seven; perhaps all that sort of thing didn't begin until midnight.

He wondered what he was supposed to do. Did he just take a seat and wait? Was he supposed to have brought a magazine or something else to read? He'd have asked the receptionist, but he appeared to be busy fiddling idly with his phone and practising variations on a bored expression.

"Um, hi," he said, approaching the desk cautiously. "I had an appointment..."

"Appointment" seemed to be the magic word; the receptionist perked up perceptibly and turned to his computer, all cool professionalism. "Name?"


"Oh, so you're our birthday boy," he said.

Ruwalk angled his head, trying to read his name tag. "Uh-huh."

"Sure you know what you're getting in for?"

"I'm pretty sure I can handle it."

"You know we do things with chains here."


"And whips."


"And knives."

"Knives?" Ruwalk felt himself go pale. "Isn't that... you know... really dangerous?"

"Oh, certainly," Kai-stern agreed, far too happily for Ruwalk's liking. "But don't worry, everyone knows what they're doing, so you're perfectly safe in their hands."

He wasn't all that sure he wanted to be, not in hands that had knives in them, which seemed to be a pretty fair contradiction of the term. He was going to kill Lykouleon.

"Now, you're already paid for, so I'll just get you to sign your name here," Kai-stern said, thumping down a stack of paper and a pen in front of him.

"What's all this?" he asked, paging curiously through the sheaf.

"Oh, you don't have to read it all if you don't want to, it's a load of waffle anyway. It just basically says that if you kick the bucket, we did everything we could to save you and you probably did something wrong anyway, so please don't have your next of kin sue us."

Ruwalk choked on the end of the pen. "Does that happen... often?"

Kai-stern waved his concern off airily. "It's just a lot of legal ass-covering; there's nothing to worry about, really. Alfeegi might be my nastiest, kinkiest and most demanding dom, but he hasn't even put anyone in the hospital for a couple of weeks, so you'll be fine; just make sure you listen carefully when he briefs you - it might sound a bit complicated, but as long as you do what he says, he won't hurt you. Unless you want him to, of course," Kai-stern said with a wink.

He was going to disembowel him slowly and painfully with his own chopsticks and then feed the remains to Crewger. "Alfeegi?" he croaked, trying to disregard the butterflies - more like bats, actually, how fitting - in his stomach.

"Top dom here," Kai-stern supplied. "You'll meet him shortly - actually, your session was supposed to start two minutes ago, that'll annoy him - he was just warming down when I spoke to him last. He's probably not who I would have chosen, not for your first time, anyway, he can be a bit impatient at times, I usually recommend newbies pick someone else, but your friend specifically said your temperaments would mesh, so I guess- see, that should be him now."

Ruwalk was distracted from plotting another way to murder Lykouleon by the arrival of the mysterious Alfeegi. He was- oh, /shit/, he was so in over his head.

Alfeegi was dark, wearing a leather trenchcoat and very, very tall with black, hard eyes; he looked like the kind of man Ruwalk's mother had instructed him to kick in the balls and then run away from if he ever tried to touch him, let alone tie him down. He was wiping his hands on a clean white cloth. Ruwalk tried not to think why he might need to be doing that and focused his attention on not turning around and bolting through the door with his tail between his legs.

"You're fixed up there," he rumbled.

"Perfect," Kai-stern said. "Can you take a look at this one here for me, then?"

Ruwalk spluttered. Wasn't he supposed to... get a little more warning than that? What if he'd decided he didn't want to?

"Where are you hiding my client, Kai-stern?" someone bellowed, and Ruwalk heard footsteps pelting helter-skelter down the staircase.

Kai-stern rolled his eyes. "I'm not hiding him at all, Alfeegi, he's right here."

"Wait, so he's not Alfeegi?" Ruwalk asked, confused, and a little relieved that he wasn't going to be molested by the dark man, who was, quite frankly, as intimidating as hell (probably the point, but anyway).

Kai-stern gave him a Look. "Of course not," he said. "Tetheus is repairing the telephones; they keep dropping out."

"Oh," Ruwalk said ever so eloquently, feeling rather small and stupid.

"I'm Alfeegi," a new voice chimed in, shoving Tetheus aside. "You're paying me extra for making me start late, Kai-stern."

"Is it my problem that you take forever and a day to get ready? You're as bad as a woman, I swear. Anyway, here's your birthday boy. Go easy on him, would you?"

The real Alfeegi was smaller than Ruwalk had expected, almost a hand shorter than him even in the boots he was wearing, with a shock of brightly-coloured hair that should have clashed with his tabby eyes but somehow didn't, and he had a way of smirking in the most self-satisfied manner that made Ruwalk's stomach flop over at the same time as wanting to wipe it off.

"Ready?" he asked, somehow managing to make it sound like an order as he scribbled his name on Kai-stern's register.

Ruwalk swallowed hard. "I guess so."

"Good." He smiled ferally and took him by the hand.


Kai-stern watched them go up the stairs, the poor man hopelessly hypnotized by the cant of Alfeegi's hips in leather. "I don't think he quite knows what he signed up for," he commented.

"You could have stopped him."

"And where would the fun be in that?" He smiled innocently. "Now, would you mind taking a look at this phone for me? I think Alfeegi might have accidentally smashed it a little too hard last time someone cancelled on him."


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