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Evils Second Comming

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After Link saves ClockTown He returns to his home of Hyrule (I suck at summaries just read the story)

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Three years after Ganondorf's fall the land of Hyrule went into an age peace of and prosperity. Link the greatest hero of all seen no
need to stay so he said his goodbyes to Zelda and her father and went on his own personal quest to Termina to look for his best friend and
companion through thick and thin and once even death. After Link liberated the land of Termina from the skullkid and the Majora's Mask he became a legend there to and decided to return to his home land of Hyrule to find that it had changed.

"Wow." Link thought to himself as the entered Hyrule Castle Town. The market was abuzz with many new shoppes and stores and Link's favorite shoppes of all, the bakeries that left an appetizing smell linger in the air.

"Oh man this place really grew in the last three years." Link said outloud to himself as he looked around he spotted the Temple of Time were he and Zelda parted, memories came back to him as his heart ached to see her again.

As Link began to start for the temple he began to think. Has Zelda changed any or does she have someone else. Does she even remeber me or has she forgetten me? He shuddered at that thought as he enter the temple he heard the familiar song Zelda taught him as he looked to the Pedistal of Time he paused the Door of Time was open once again revealing the sacred Evils Bane, The Master Sword along with his once grown up Hyrulean Sheild and a plaque that read "These weapons was bore by Link Hero of Time destroyer of the evil king , May he return to us."

"Wow, they really missed me." Link said after reading the inscription.

"HEY GET AWAY FROM THERE!!!!!!" Shouted a familiar female voice. Link spun in surprise as he heard the voice.

"YOU COME OUT OF THERE NOW!!!!!" She shouted again.

"Fine, hold your horses." Link replied in a calm cool voice.

Again the women began to shout as Link approched her "I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU......................" She paused as she looked upon the intruder.

"Hello Princess." Link replied with a ear-to-ear grin.

"L..L..Link is that you or do my eyes deceive me, I mean is it really you?" Zelda asked as her blue saphire eyes began to shine with tears of happines and joy.

Link trying his hardest to choke back the tears replied "Yes Zel I home for good." as he finally reached her she collapsed in his arms and began to sob. "There was whisperes that you had been killed in the Western battles."

Link wipped the tears out of her eyes and looked into them and said "Yes I fought in the Western battles and yes I was killed but my soul returned to the sacred realm and the goddedes gave me life again and said that my work was not yet finished and that evil will return to finish what it started. After the battle I left to continue my journey and I found another land Called Termina there like this land it was under attack but by a skullkid from the lostwoods and a rather nasty looking moon and I was helped by a fairy named Tatl, whom you would of liked very much after I saved the town. I traveled acrossed the White Sea to Madora the great land of magic I thought maybe Navi travled there. After my search there had failed I returned here."

After a few moments passed Zelda went from a sob to a laugh. Link gave her an odd look and asked "Whats so funny?"

After Zelda quite laughing long enough to reply. "I'll tell you what's so funny the whole time you were looking for Navi, she was right here in Hyrule living with the Great Fairy of Power thats whats funny."

"Oh you have got to be joking the whole time I was fighting and searching all I had to do was look in Zora's Fountain."


"Oh, for the love of Din you have got to be joking. Well first thing I'm gonna do is put that little imp in a bottle for all my trouble."

"Well before you do that you are comming to the castle your getting a royal welcome." Zelda replied as she pushed Link toward the temple exit.

"Ah the Hero of Time has returned home, well lookes like my plan will go quite nicely." A voice said with a deep hatred snarl as he thought about Link and Zelda and how those two manage to defeat him and how the triforce peices of wisdom and courage entered the both of them.

"Soon my plan will take action and I will be realeased from this dark pit of a prision." The evil king said out loud to himself in the lonley evil realm were only the dead walked his words echoed.

"I have became stronger and I will crush both of them and then destroy Hyrule, all of it."

"Will you hold still you squirm more than any child............."

"Zelda will you please leave I'm perfectly able to undress and bathe myself I'm fourteenish you know."

"Ya, well make sure you get close to the soap because it smells like you need it."

"Which are my friend or my......." Link paused and his thoughts began to trail off.

"Hey Link what did you do in there drown?" Zelda waited for a responce but none came "Link what's wrong?"

"My mother I seen her." Link replied

"When? I thought your mother was..." Link finished the sentence for her "dead. I know she is."

"Then when did you see her?"

"I died at the Western battle when a moblin came up behind me and ran me through. The funny thing is it didn't hurt. I mean one minute I was fighting and the next I was at a small farm and my mother came out of our house looked at me, smiled and said "welcome home" and after that everything began to spin and then I arrived at the sacred realm where I was sent back to my body. My mother looked so young and joyfull as if she didn't have a care in the world."

After a few moments passed Zelda broke the silence. "Well I'm going to prepare the banquet."

"All right well I'll be out in a minute or two." Link said as the door closed. "It feels good to be home again and staying at the castle to boot. It really beats fighing all of the time." Link said looking down at the ugly scar on the left side of his chest where the moblin sword exited.

After about twenty or thirty minutes of soaking the was a knock on the door. "Who is it?"

"House Keeping her highness sent me with your clothes."

"Oh thank you just leave them on the bed I'll be out in a little while."

"All right sir I shall inform her highness."

Link climmed out of the tub which seemed like a mini swimming pool.

"Now lets see what 'her highness' sent up for me to wear." Link said to him self as he looked at his cerimonial attire

His clothes consisted of a blue tunic which looked much like his water tunic and his sheild and his guilded sword which had been polished and his boots which was softened and oiled. He picked up his tunic and gave it a good sniff.

"Ah, smells as fresh as the White Sea." Link dressed himself and began down the brightly light corridor and entered the ballroom his jaw almost touched the floor. There was hundreds of people there.

"Wow, it looks like Zelda invited all of Hyrule I mean............." Link didn't even get to finish the sentence when he heard a small voice yell his name. When he turned all he seen was a little ball of light hit him at full force nearly knocking the wind out of him. It was his long lost friend Navi.

"Link, Oh my gosh you have grown. I'm so happy to see you." Navi said from under her original spot under Link's cap.

Then Link heard his name called again but instead of a little ball of light he saw a head full of red bushy hair, after that Link never stood a chance Malon hit him too at full force and scooped him up in a big hug.

"Link your here my goodness it's been an eternity here without you!" Malon exclaimed still squeezing harder.

"Malon not breathing." Link managed to get out as his face was turning a shade of purple.

"Oh sorry." Malon apoligitzed. "But I'm so happy to see you." Malon added going in for another goron hug.

"Oh no no no, Malon put me down." The now stuggling Link realized it wasn't Malon but his so called Sworn Brother and cheif of the Gorons Dariua

"Brother how have you been? Looks like you changed you got taller, stronger too." Dariua added giving Link a pat on the back which sent Link to his knees.

"Well Dariua looks like you haven't change any." Replied Link wipping dust off of him.

"Listen were is Zelda?" Link asked looking around.

"Up there by the throne"

"Okay I guess I'll make my way up there."

While just about all of Hyrule was at the banquet a dodgy hooded stranger pulled a small dagger out of a freshly killed moblin he had just slew
without even breaking a sweat.

Ding ding ding. "Everybody may I have your attention." Zelda shouted over the loud bustling crowd while using her favorite silver spoon to gently tap her solid crystal goblet.

"Well looks like my servents are starting to awaken." Ganondorf said with a slight grin as he looked acrossed the void at one of his most deadly servants making his way acrossed Hyrule. "Soon I'll will be released from this cursed prison and soon the worthes lives of both Link and Zelda will be mine."

"Soon I will reach my destanation and release my master." Dark Link snarled with his dark red eyes shining in the moon light as he looked toward Hyrule Castle Town.

"Friends we are gathered here to welcome one of the greatest hero's the land of Hyrule has ever seen and one of the most restless and adventurous person I have ever met. Welcome home Link." Zelda finished and raised her glass to her lips. Everybody raised their cups and drank their different drinks.

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