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[ItaSaku] Sometimes deception is the key to keeping the ones you love safe.

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Chapter One

The years had begun to pass slowly and Konoha was finally returning to normal. It was once again the happy carefree place that Sakura knew as a child. However, peace came at a heavy price. She remembered vividly that many people died to achieve it. Orochimaru had finally returned; almost three years after his first attack. He rampaged the town, but the loyal shinobi of Konoha fought him bravely. They held him back - or so it seemed - until his secret weapon appeared.

Sakura recalled her eyes filling with tears as she looked into the face of her only love standing there beside the bastard who had taken him from her. His raven hair danced in the wind as his cold eyes scanned the place he once called home. At that moment she felt as if all hope was lost; Sasuke had really betrayed them all.

She was swept into an emotional whirlpool of emotions that she had hoped to never experience. Those emotions of pain, regret, sadness, and anger could not be suppressed, especially ones that came from a friend's betrayal. They flooded her senses as she threw herself into battle once again, killing blindly in an attempt to free herself of this pain.

But it did nothing to sooth her, for it was not the cause of the pain, he was. Her eyes fell on the man that had taken everything away from her. Anger clouded her senses as she took off after him; determined to kill him. The next thing happened so quickly that she still had hard time recalling it to this day.

She lunged herself at him and he had easily countered her attack with a smug grin placed on his face. She hated how he looked at her, like an ant that he could easily squash. Why? Why couldn't she stop him? Why did she have to always be so weak? It was all she thought about as he prepared to deal the final blow.

Sakura instinctively closed her eyes, waiting for the searing hot pain that was sure to come, but it never did. Regaining her courage she opened her eyes, but what met them shocked her. Standing before her was Orochimaru with a horrid expression on his face. At first she was confused at why he had stopped his attack, but that was until she noticed the hand protruding from his chest.

The Snake Sannin fell to the floor, drowning in his own blood. She stared in mortification at the sight of his mangled body. But who had saved her? Looking up, her eyes widened with astonishment. Standing before her was Sasuke, his trademark smirk on his handsome face. He didn't betray them. He had saved them all; he had saved her.

That was two years ago, back when she was still a chuunin desperately trying to show her worth, but now she was a jounin and had shown her worth many times.

Sighing in contempt she looked to the two bodies laying next to her in the grass. They were the two people she cared about the most, even if one of them tested her patience to the extreme. Naruto had matured a lot though, but he would still always be that little boy she knew from her childhood. Sasuke on the other hand had not changed at all. He was still his usual moody self, but she was glad for that.

Yawning, she finally sat up. They had been sitting there for a good hour or so, waiting for their sensei. But, this was to be expected since Hatake Kakashi was never on time.

"What the hell is taking him?" Naruto finally said, become more and more impatient. "I wanna get going on this mission. I have been looking forward to this all week." They all had been looking forward to this. It was there first big mission in a while and they had been anxious to actually go out and do something.

"We all do Naruto. But complaining about it won't help any of us." Sakura stated to the blond who in turn began to sulk.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." A familiar voice said, announcing the presence on their sensei. "I had to..." Kakashi tried to explain but was rudely cut off by Naruto.

"Save the excuses. Let's just get going." Naruto shouted and this time everyone agreed.


The mission had gone well up until now. They were in charge of seeing an important scroll returned to a high ranked individual in Grass Country. They traveled to the designated spot and came across no obstacles, until they reached the small clearing where they would rendezvous with the scroll's owner.

They had entered the clearing cautiously and for good reason to, for in front of them laid the mangled body of the scroll's recipient. He had been murdered, which meant the killers might still be lurking around.

Looking around, Sakura scanned the many oaks that surrounded them. Everything seemed to be clear, or at least to the untrained eye. Sakura, however, was very well trained and easily picked out the enemy nins hiding in the lush foliage around them.

She quickly glanced at her companions, who confirmed that they knew of their presence as well.

With a nod from Kakashi, the battle began. They appeared to be greatly outnumbered, but that did not discourage them in the slightest.

Sakura reached for her kunai, not wanting to get in close combat with any of these shinobi until she could assess their skills thoroughly. She threw the weapon as one of them began to advance. The kunai struck the nin in the shoulder, but it didn't seem to phase him. To her horror, the kunai fell out leaving unmarked skin in it place. 'But how?' was all she thought while dodging an oncoming attack. Were they really human? Or was this some type of genjutsu?

Her companions seemed to be having the same kind of trouble. Nothing seemed to harm them. If you slashed right through them, they would just reattach themselves. It was impossible to fight them, but since they seemed to be mere decoys, there had to be someone controlling them, and that was who they had to search and destroy.

"They're in the trees." Sasuke yelled as he finally spotted the real enemy.

Sakura looked to place where Sasuke had pointed out and wasn't surprised to see that he had been right.

"Ah, so you've found me." an amused voice filled the entire clearing. "Too bad I can't stay, but I'll leave you with a nice present... Yeah." And then he was gone, but the figures remained, staying completely still.

For a moment, they thought they were out of the woods... until... "Hit the dirt!" Kakashi shouted as the inanimate bodies began to glow. "They're going to explode." That was the last thing Sakura remembered before she felt herself being thrown back by a tremendous force. She soared through the forest until her head and back hit a large boulder, making her lose all consciousness.


Sakura was immediately aware of a sharp pain in her back and head. 'What happened to me?' she wondered as the memories of the battle came back to her. 'That's right. There was a bomb.'

She tried to sit up quickly as the thought of her friends being hurt floated to her mind. But as she did, a searing hot pain shot through her arm. Opening her eyes, she saw her arm lying there lifeless and covered in blood. It was broken. The bone was cutting right through the skin. The sight of it made her sick. She would have started to heal it, but it was a tricky wound. She needed to set the bone and that would be extremely difficult in her current state. She would at least need someone to assist her.

"I see you are finally awake, little kunoichi." someone spoke. Sakura's head shot up to face amber eyes. So this was the man who attacked them. She looked at him up and down, her eyes widening when she caught sight of the familiar black cloak. She had seen it only once before, but she would never forget it.

"Akatsuki." She breathed out through her pain.

"So you know of us, yeah." He stated rather than questioned with a grin before standing up. Getting a good look at him, she noticed that he was quite young. He had a very feminine look to him with his long golden hair and his nicely featured face, but other than that, there was no way of mistaking him for a girl.

"Who are you?" She asked not want to seem intimidated.

"I should be asking you that." He said curtly. "But I am Deidara... yeah."

At least she felt a little less scared with him than she felt when she first met Itachi, but only by a little. This man still gave off a very powerful aura.

"Haruno Sakura..." She said through clenched teeth, the pain finally getting to her.

Deidara seemed to notice this. "That is one nasty break you got there."

Sakura didn't really care about that at the moment, so she chose to ignore his question and asked one of her own. "Where are my friends?" She asked, a hint of anger in her voice.

"You were the only one I found. Looks like the rest got away, yeah."

"So you want to kill me?" she spat at him.

"No I just wanted the scroll you have been carrying." He pointed to her bag that was open next to her, the scroll in plain view.

"What do you want with it?" She asked, temper unwavering.

"And that my dear kunoichi... is none of you business." He merely said, before retrieving it.

She tried to stop him but as she moved her hand the same white-hot pain stabbed her hard and she screamed. That was all it took before the darkness claimed her once again.

Deidara looked down at her, pity shown clearly in his eyes. Knowing that she would die if left alone, he decided he would take her with him. Who knows he might be able to make some money off her with a ransom.
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