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The hardest Part Of This Is Still Living.

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it's a short fanfic. Theys death in it and it made me cry writing it!

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The sound of my feet tip tapping up the deserted hallway echoed off the walls. I looked around. It was so quite. To quite for a lunch time in high school. I quickened my pace and kept my head down staring at the passing ground.
The pale lime colour seemed to be blurry or maybe that was just the speed I was going at. My long, lank auburn hair was annoying me. It kept sliding in front of my deep green eyes so I put my head up instead. I studied the displays.
Most of them were written. Stories, poems and so on. This was what I expected being in an English department but in some places there was the odd bit of art. Most of it what people call "modern" art but every now and again there were proper pictures that you could make out and appreciate.
I passed one and had to look back. I stopped my hurried walking and stared. Stared into my own eyes. Someone had drawn me and I could tell who it was by its style. It was drawn by the very person I was going to. I started walking again and this time quicker.
I knew the bell would be going soon and the last thing I wanted was for someone else to find him first. I finally reached my destination. I stood out side the pale blue door and check both ways up and down the corridor. I didn't want people to see me going in here. If anything it would look perverted!
Nobody was around so I stuck my head in the room and shouted out. No reply. I shouted out again. Still I got nothing. I sighed. Looked like I'd have to go right in. Hopefully no one would see me go in or out. I stepped inside of the boy's toilets.
The smell was overpowering. Why was it always the boys' toilets that stank? Do they not know how to pee or something? I sighed and walked in a little further. I could see unflushed excrete in the toilets and nearly puked. It was disgusting! Can these people seriously not flush toilets?
I hated every minute in there and knew that any minute someone could walk in but I had a friend in need and couldn't leave him. He had done so much for me and I couldn't leave him now. As I walked further to the back of the room I began to hear sounds.
It was some one shouting. God why did they make these bathrooms so big? It was so spacious and hardly any hiding places. I decided to hide inside the nearest cubicle to the shouting I could. I tip toed forward and slid into a cubicle.
"What do you mean 'you haven't got the time for me'?" Shouted one voice. A voice I recognised. The last voice in the whole school I wanted to hear. It was the voice of Adam.
Adam was a prep of you ever did see one. He was captain of the football team and went through more girls I did socks! I knew who the second person was before he even spoke. Mind it wasn't long before he did speak.
"I...Just....I..."Began the second voice. It sounded as though Adam had him up against the wall and was choking him.
"Stop stuttering and answer me freak!" Adam spat.
"I don't want to do this today Adam! I have some stuff going on and...." The boy trailed off. I felt for him. My heart felt as though it was going to burst out my chest I felt that sorry for him. How can Adam do this to people? Does he not have a heart? I already know the answer to that one is no. Adam snickered.
"Awwww the freak wants me to feel all sorry for him! Well it ain't going to happen so you're just going to have to put up with me okay?" He asked with mocking concern in his voice. The second person didn't answer. "Answer me freak!" Adam shouted punching the boy in the mouth.
The boy coughed and spat blood out of his mouth. I couldn't stand in the cubicle and watch. I slowly opened the door. The door creaked. Adam flew around, his arm still round the boy's neck.
He saw me standing there and laughed. "Awwww come to rescue your little friend have you?" He laughed. I sighed. I couldn't be bothered with this but when I saw Gerard desperately trying to breathe in his captor's grip I knew what I had to do.
"No actually. Well I wasn't planning to if that's what you mean. I was coming to see if he was okay but if I have to get rid of an insignificant little dickhead while I'm at it I don't mind." I said smiling sweetly at Adam. Adam narrowed his eyes and tightened his grip on Gerard's neck.
I could see Gerard was really struggling to breathe now and that his face was turning a deep shade of red from lack of oxygen. I was worried Adam wouldn't let go so I decided to just straight out ask him to. "Adam let go of Gerard! He can't breathe!" I shouted! I was frantic.
He was choking Gerard and didn't even care. Adam laughed again. What was he finding so funny? Suddenly I felt an arm around my waist and turned round to face Liam. The second biggest prep. I screamed as he tightened his grip on my waist and twisted my arm around. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck.
"Be a good girl Amanda and no struggling otherwise ill be braking this arm of yours!" He whispered in my ear and pulled slightly on my arm. His whisper made my skin crawl and my arm hurt like hell but I refused to give him the satisfaction of knowing he was hurting me.
I scowled at him turned my head and spat in the direction of Adam. I could see now that Gerard was slowly losing his energy. He wasn't fighting as much as he had been and was coughing more.
"Adam let go of Gerard! You're going to kill him! He's choking! Let him go!" I screamed but Adam only held onto his neck tighter.
"Who said that wasn't the intention sugar?" Asked Liam form behind me. I gasped. No! They couldn't just come and kill their classmates! It wasn't right.
I struggled against Liam's grip. He tugged on my arm causing me to scream out. He let go of my arm and I saw I big red mark where he had help onto it. I felt something cold snake it's self onto my neck. I looked down and could only see Liam's hand holding onto a handle. Then I saw something glint beneath me. It was a knife.
"Now Amanda we don't want anymore of those antics do we?" Laughed Adam. Gerard had nearly stopped moving. A tear escaped my eye. They were making me watch my best friend die. I couldn't stop the tears from falling now. They ran down my cheeks as I watched Gerard take his last breath.
"No!" I cried. Adam let go of Gerard and walked away out of my view. I felt Liam take the pressure of the knife and he loosened his grip around my waste. I still didn't move. I heard the door slam shut yet just stood there staring at the body on the floor. I couldn't believe they had done this.
I tried to convince myself it was just a dream. Just a bad dream and that I would wake up screaming at any minute. I never did. I'm still living that bad dream. Still living the nightmare. And when I do wake up I know one thing. Gerard will be there for me. To comfort me and tell me it's alright. To tell me that no matter what he is there. Maybe not for me to see but he is always with me in spirit.
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