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Core (Cloud) Democratic (Denzel) Values (Valentine)

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It's Cloud/Denzel/Vincent. It just sounded cooler to me and it would get someone's attention. This is just some cute little fluff.... More like what happens when you leave men at home with only eac...

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Core Democratic Values
By Vincent-taco
"What the..." Hmmph... cell phone.
...through the fire and the flames we- Vincent reached into one of his pants pockets and snapped open the tiny contraption, placing it to his ear in accordance.
"Hello Vincent. I see you're still alive; is everything alright over there?" The man snorted at the remark. He looked up at the television screen where Denzel's character was currently enjoying his chance to beat the pixilated shit out of him. Why that little....
"Everything's fine. As to me being alive... When will you be returning?" The person on the other line was obviously trying to get out of someone's way before they spoke.
"We should be back in about four more days." Vincent rolled his eyes in annoyance as another large chunk of his HP was depleted by the teen. "Has Cloud called yet?" Vincent let his crimson eyes flit back to the screen, his free metal claw daintily pressing some button combination onto his controller. Denzel should have fun recovering from this.... Content, he shifted his attention back to the phone.
"No. However Cid called. He thought I would have Yuffie's phone number." Tifa gave a sigh. Vincent was really touchy about people calling his phone, if it wasn't a life threatening emergency.
"Did you at least be nice and give it to him?" Vincent didn't reply. "Vince, I know you have it. I programmed it into your phone shortly after you bought it. Oh well, when Cloud calls, let me know alright? And don't let Denzel play video games all day, he's got chores to do." With a noncommittal mumble of acknowledgment, Vincent flipped the phone shut and started button mashing, just barely saving himself from a K.O.
"Aww Vincent! Just die already! My fingers hurt." The absurdity of that remark was enough to bring the grown man a small grin before unleashing a hell worthy combo attack on the youth, effectively ending the round.
"I hate you, I really do." Denzel looked at the screen and then to the gunman in dismay. "How did you get so good at this game? You don't even own a TV!"
A door opened in the hallway and Cloud stepped out of the bathroom in a bank of steam.
"Cloud, Tifa called again." shouted the young brunette as he head the swordsman approaching. The blonde rolled his eyes as he entered the bedroom, decked in only a bath towel.
"Was there anything else of importance? I could hear you yelling in the shower." He smiled and mussed Denzel's hair affectionately, then proceeding to bend down and place a kiss on the preoccupied gunman's lips. He gave a short laugh as the gunman eyed the screen for a moment longer. Only after assuring himself that the youth would not trick him into another round, did he return Cloud's affection.
"Unh, where's mine?" Denzel pouted cutely as the blonde turned to leave the messy room. Cloud chuckled softly and turned back to face his two lovers from the doorway' one hand combing through his wet hair while the other held up his towel.
"You can have yours when you clean up this room. Tifa will be angry if it's like this when she gets home."
With a satisfied and barely suppressed grin, Vincent rose from the chaos that was Denzel's bed and turned off the game system before wordlessly leaving the room to fallow the half naked swordsman. Denzel sighed and fell back on the bed in a true pout.
"It's no fair, Vincent gets all the love."
Writer: Yes, he does get all the love, doesn't he? I hope you liked this one! Check out my Barret and Vincent one... what would it be called? A Vallace? A Baretine? HA! YES! A BARENTINE!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! that... is... all... R&R!!!
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