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The Black Parade

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a little oneshot of how i see the black parade.

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The Black Parade

When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city to see a marching band.

The first couple of drums were beat, signaling that the parade was starting. Streamers, thrown candy and plastic toys lied all over the ground. I turned around, trying to see the float through all the people. This was the first parade I have ever been to.
I struggled to keep up with my dad, who was way in front of me. He was looking for a place to watch the band that was now shortly coming up the street. My mother was standing behind me, making sure I didn't lose myself.
He picked me up, and next thing I knew I was on his shoulders. Feeling shaky, I glanced around, trying to take in as much as I could see.
The float was now gliding down the street, with petals and leaves flying around everywhere. There were little red and white flowers lining it, almost holding it together. My father took me down from his shoulders, falling from the light and back into the darkness below.

Do or die, you'll never make me.
Because the world will never take my heart.
Go and try, you'll never break me!

Shaking, I waked around the quiet ruins. It was dark, almost everything was grey. Black flowers were whirling around me, coming from the sight of a little city far away. I looked down at the ground, it looked like something was burnt here, endless pies of wood sticking out everywhere. The ground started vibrating with a soft mumble. I looked up at the note of these familiar notes. A shiver went down my spine as I remembered that day... when I saw a parade for the first time.
"No..." I whispered.
I feel to my knees, gripping my hands over my ears.
I can't die. Not today, no. No...
I started running, tears streaming down my face. The float was getting closer now, the music getting louder. I quickly turned around to see what was behind me.
The float was all black, with a skull in the middle and black ropes around it. The very same red and white flowers lined it. People dressed in black were walking around it, keeping up pace. They all had black and white outfits, representing skulls.
I kept running, trying to find light.
"You can't take me... im still alive!" I screamed back at them.

/I am still alive.../.
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