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here comes baby

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camryn and ryan get some exciting news! :)

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i don't how much longer this story will go on. i've got a few ideas but i'm not sure. you guys have been AMAZING with the reviews :) thanks soo much!

it had been about 2 weeks since the whole travis thing. it was now the middle of july. i couldn't believe i was going to be leaving my boys in about 2 months. i would only get to see them when i had breaks at school. i don't know how i was going to survive without ryan. he was the center of my world. and me going to school in new york would make that hard. i know we'd still be together because we love eachother but it wouldn't be fun not seeing him everyday. i woke up feeling sick. about a week after i was rescued, i would wake up and go throw up. and ryan would be there to hold my hair back. it had become an everyday thing. and i missed my last period, so i knew that only meant one thing. "hey danny, kk, can i talk to you guys outside? it's really important" i said, walking off the bus. we walked over to some picnic tables and sat down. "ok cam, what's so important?" danny asked. "well, you guys both know i've been waking up sick everyday right? and i missed my last period" i told them. "OMG! are you preggers" kk asked sounded excited. "well, i think so but i'm not sure. so i need to go to the store to get a test. do you want to go with me" i asked, hoping they would say yes. "of course we'll go!" they said at the same time. "ok lets go tell the boys we're going to get some food to cook dinner" we went and told the guys. of course jon had to go because he needed more beer. "we could've just gotten it for you jon" i said, sounding irritated. "i didn't want to bother you girls with getting it. i'll just get it and wait in the car" he said walking in front of us into the store. "ok, i'll get the test and you 2 get the food and i'll meet you at the counter that way we'll get done faster." i made my over and got the test. i tried to keep it out of view, in case someone recognized me as ryan's girlfriend and saw the test. i didn't need ryan to find out i was pregnant (if i was) from the magazines instead of from me. kk and danny got everything and we checked out as fast as we could. i sat in the back with jon while danny drove and kk rode shot gun. when we got back to the bus, kk and danny dropped the bags on the counter and followed me into the bathroom. the guys all looked at us like we were crazy and jon just shrugged his shoulders. "ok it says it should take 10 minutes to determine if i'm pregnant or not." "what are you gonna do if you are? pete will probably kill ryan for knocking his sister up" danny said as me and kk laughed. "well, i'll tell ryan and then i guess we'll just go from there" i said as the timer went off. P meant pregnant and NP meant not pregnant. i picked up the little stick and looked at the results...P. "OMG!!!" we all shrieked. "are you girls ok in there" we heard spencer through the door. "oh yeah...we just saw a bug" kk said. i grabbed the box, receipt, and anything that mentioned pregnancy test and hid it up my shirt. i walked to my bunk and put it in my bag. just as i zipped it up, i felt someone's arms around my waist. "what are you trying to hide" ryan asked trying to get to my bag. "nothing, i was just putting my cds away" i lied, kissing him on the lips. "right, well since you girls got the food us guys decided to be nice and cook for you" ryan said, smiling cheekily. "oh geez, you might want to have some paramedics on call for us after dinner" i said laughing. "are you trying to say we might kill you" ryan asked, giving me a pout. "no sugar, you wouldn't kill us on purpose" i said running to the front.

(after dinner)

"well i must say we under estimated your cooking skills guys" me, kk, and danny said. we told the guys we'd wash the dishes so they could get a head start on their guitar hero competition. they'll never really grow up. after the dishes were dry and put away i went to lay in ryan's bunk. i could smell his scent all around me and i felt relaxed. "mind if i join you" ryan said getting in the small bunk with me. "do i have i choice" i asked wrapping my arms around him. "" he said. "ry..." "yeah" "what would you think about having a baby" i asked, kinda scared of what he would say. "i think that'd be terrific. we'd make beautiful babies cam" he said kissing the top of my head. "well that's the reason i asked you. i'm pregnant ryan. i got a test when we went to the store. because i've been sick ever since i got back and i missed my period." "you're really pregnant" he asked. "well yeah. i'll probably get an appointment at the doctor to confirm" i said. "oh camryn. i'm..i'm so happy. i wouldn't dream of having kids with anyone else" he said, giving me the sweetest kiss a guy could give a girl. "who all knows" "well me, you , kk, and danny" i said looking him in the eyes. his eyes were the best thing about him besides his smile. i could lost in them, which i always do. "good, lets go tell them now!" he said pulling me out of the bunk. "hey guys. guys. GUYS!" ryan yelled causing everyone to look up. "ryan, you made me mess up" brendon fake cried. "oh you'll live. it's just a game" ryan said, ignoring him. "go ahead cam, tell them" everyone had their eyes on me. 'talk about pressure' i thought. "well i've been sick since i got back. so today when we went to the store i got a pregnancy test. and...I'M PREGNANT!" i said. everyone came over to congratulate us. "so, i'm gonna be an uncle" pete asked later that night. we decided to have some us time. "yeah. and derek too. i have to call him and fill him in on everything" i took out my phone and called derek. after i had filled him on everything about me and ryan, what happened with travis, and the baby he told me they were pretty much done with their road trip and he was gonna come meet us in austin to join us for the rest of the tour. we said our goodbyes and me and pete walked inside since i was getting tired.

me and ryan were laying his bunk listening to the boys argue over guitar hero. they really took that game too seriously. "can you believe we're gonna have a baby ry" i asked holding his hand. "it's crazy. there's a little person growing inside your belly" he said rubbing it. "i know. i love you ryan. and i'm glad i waited to have sex. my first time was with you and look what happened. i wouldn't dream of things being any different" i said, kissing him deeply. "and i wouldn't change anything either cam. i love you so much." he said, kissing me back just as deep. "we'll call our parents tomorrow and tell them the great news. for now, lets get some sleep" i said, snuggling in close to him.

ahh a baby! well things are looking good so far for ryan and camryn but i may just have some tricks up my sleep. you'll just have to read to find out :)
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