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Bullet to My Heart

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This is about Poisoned Hearts, a small band that's finally getting their big break this summer when they get news that they're going on warped. What happens when Izz meets one of her fav bands? Wha...

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Yay for stories. I'm so freakin hyped I wrote another! Here it is...

much love to Kamz who helped me figure out what to name my band.

A Little Warped Fun

Chapter One: We're going Warped.



It's something that I simply adore. Ask any one of my friends, and they'll be quick to tell you. It's on my top ten list of favourites. This is why I absolutely detest the sick bastard that dare to disturb my slumber...

...Just like the jackass who's sitting on my stomach now.

"Come on Ang, wake the fuck up already!?!" Yelled an annoyingly peppy voice. Oh yea, something else I can't stand, any person who's fucking this perky in the morning.

"Get the fuck OFF!" I yell, smacking the person repeatedly with my pillow till the roll of me and onto the floor with a loud thump.

Smirking, I gracefully step off my bed and over the lump on my floor, pulling my messy black bed hair into a ponytail. Humming softly I turn around to find one of my closest and best friends Jen on the floor cursing silently under her breath.

"You know Izzy, there's no need for you to be such a bitch all the time..." She said with a glare.

"Oh dear Jen, there is when my friends want to wake me up at..." I pause looking at the clock for extra emphasis, " 11 am in the morning. I made it clear to not wake me up before lunch, warning you of what would happen if you did."

We both looked at each other with our most evil glares before busting out laughing. I reached out a hand helping her up and made my way towards my bathroom.

"Now why did you come here so early for?" I questioned around the toothbrush in my mouth.

"Oh nothing really. Just that we've been invited to play on warped." She stated casually.

I nodded spitting out the toothpaste in my mouth. Warped...that's cool it- wait...


I ran out of the bathroom and came face to face with the rest of the band. Mione, Gin, Jen, and Wil. All had huge smiles on their faces and Jen was holding up my small duffel bag, packed half hazzardly.

"Yes Miss Izz. We're going on Warped." She stated.

I just stood there staring at them all, toothpaste dropping to the floor.



Hope ya liked it. let me know. bye byee!

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