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The Exchange Program

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You are a female with two very good friends. When you receive an email from your school telling you about an exchange program, you immeadiately sign up. You are off on a plane from NY to CA soon af...

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Your fingers dance on the keyboard as you write in your Live Journal. You have absoulutely nothing to do at all and that is not a good thing. You stare at the computer screen and click the "Ok" button to submit your journal entry. You exit out of the Live Journal and jump onto the Yahoo Instant Messenger. You look through your buddy list before clicking on a name and you begin to type:

(Your SN): Yo!
aleurameshi: Heyyo!!!
(YSN): What's up?
aleurameshi: Nuthin much. Just chillin.
(YSN): Same here. Check my LJ.
aleurameshi: Kay!
aleurameshi: Sweet!
(YSN): Thanks. Brb

You get up from your computer and walk to the living room where you hear knocking on the door. You open up the door to see a man with blonde hair and blue eyes staring down at you. You smile softly and let him in.
"How ya been, (YN)?" he asks.
"Pretty good. How about you, Jake?" you say to the blonde, going back into your room to the computer.
"I'm good. Daaaaaamn. You have a nice apartment." he says, looking at the apartment you own.
"I know." you reply and he laughs.
"You're supposed to thank me or something." he says.
"I'm not that type of person." you say and turn back to the computer.

(YSN): Back. Jake's here.
aleurameshi: Coolies! I wish I was with you.
(YSN): You like him, don't you?
aleurameshi: ME?!? Like Jake?!? LMAO Riiiiiiiight, (YN), Riiiiiiight.
(YSN): Lol.
aleurameshi: gtg, Jess is waking up.
aleurameshi has just signed off.

You close the Yahoo messenger and get off your computer chair. Jake takes off his jacket and throws it on a chair before falling down onto the couch. "Mind if I crash here?" he asks.
"Did your parents kick you out again?" you ask him as you walk into the living room.
"Yeah. They keep doing this because they say I'm stealing their money." he says, staring at the ceiling.
"Are you stealing their money?" you ask as you sit down on a chair.
"No!" he says, sitting up and looking at you.
"I was just asking. Sorry." you apologize.
"It's ok." he says and lays back down.
"Your parents are tough."
"I know...They don't know how to treat their own child..."
"You can crash here anytime they kick you out. I promise." you say and get up. "I'm heading to bed. See you in the morning." you say and head off to your bedroom.
You slip off your shirt and pants and grab a large t-shirt and put it on. You then lay under your blankets and soon fall asleep.

You wake up the next morning to the bright sun in your eyes. You yawn and sit up before rubbing your eyes and getting out of bed. You walk to your closet and grab some jeans and a t-shirt before going to your dresser and taking out a bra and some underwear.
You walk over to the bathroom and turn on the shower. You take off your t-shirt and your underwear(if you sleep with a bra on(like me) then you take your bra off too) and slip into the shower, letting the water slip down your naked body.
You close your eyes as the hot water makes contact with your skin. You think about your best friends, Jake and Ale, and you smile slightly as you realize they make a pretty cute couple. You open your eyes and reach over to the shampoo/conditioner/soap rack. You grab a bottle of shampoo and pour a little into your hand before slowly putting it through your hair.
You rinse it out as your finish washing it and you get some conditioner, massaging it into your hair. You reach over and grab a scrub and some soap and slowly begin to wash your body. You wash off the soap and rinse the conditioner out of your hair before you just lean up against the wall, letting the hot water hit your naked body.
After a little bit, you turn off the water and get out. You grab a couple of towels and begin to dry your body off before putting your clothes on. You quickly blowdry your hair and walk out of the bathroom.
You see Jake still sleeping on the couch and you smile as you grab a small something from the kitchen and eat it. You walk to the computer and log onto your email account. You see that you have an email from some program.
You open it up and it reads:

Dear Miss (last name),

We are glad to inform you that you have been selected to be in an exchange program. You will have the opportunity to go to California while a male or female comes to stay in your New York home. If you would like to do this, please send back an email before November 3rd.


Jefferson High School

You smile softly as you look at your high school's name. You decide doing this wouldn't be a bad idea. Maybe Ale and Jake could stay with the person that would come here and they could all stay in your apartment. You click the "reply" button and type a brief reply to the email, including you address and phone number before sending it and getting off the computer.
By now, Jake is awake and he is munching on something in the kitchen. You don't seem to care as you sit on the couch and turn on the tv.

It was November 15 and you were at the airport with Jake and Ale. They were going to see you off to California since they couldn't go. Plus, they exchange student was coming that day, so they had to take the exchange student to your apartment.
You smile and say your goodbyes before you head onto the plane. You see a teenaged boy walk up to Ale and Jake and you can see that will be your replacement for a while. You smile softly before heading onto the plane with your things.

You reach California about 6 hours later(I have never flown from New York to California, so I don't know how long it really takes). You get off the plane and look around for someone holding up a sign that says "Exchange Program: NY to CA".
You find the sign in a woman's hands and you walk up to her. "Hello, my name is (full name). I am the exchange student from New York." you say to her. She smiles brightly.
"Hello there, (YN). My name is Marrissa Matthews. My son just went to New York and I am guessing you are the young lady who will be here instead of him." she says. You nod and smile a bit. She leads you out of the airport and takes you to a black car. You both get in and she starts driving.

About 30 minutes later, you reach a nice two story house and Marrissa pulls up to the house. "This house belongs to my husband and I. I am sure he will enjoy having another girl around the house." she says as you two get out of the car.
You both walk in and a man in his late 30's walks in. He smiles softly at you. "You must be the exchange student. Very nice to meet you. My name is John Matthews." he says, introducing himself.
"(Full name)" you say.
"A very beautiful name for a very beautiful girl." he says. You smile and Marrissa leads up upstairs to a room.
"This will be your bedroom. My room is down the hall, to the left. The bathroom is down the hall, to the right. And across from your room is my son's brother, Nicholas." Marrissa explains. "Nicholas should be home soon. He went to hang out at the mall this morning after we saw Keith off."
"Keith?" you ask.
"My son, the one who is now in New York." she says and you nod. You look at Nicholas's room before heading into your own. You could tell it was Keith's because it had some tones to show it was a boy's room, but it didn't look too bad.
The bed had white sheets and a black blanket and the walls were a soft blue. You sat down on the bed and looked over at the desk. You saw a computer and a sticky note that said, 'You can use my computer anytime you want, Exchange Student.'
You smile softly before getting up and unpacking your things. You them in little places before walking out of the room.

You hear the door slam downstairs and you hear Marrissa's voice.
"Welcome home, Nicholas." she says.
"Nick...Not Nicholas." a male voice says.
"The exchange student is upstairs in Keith's room." Marrissa says, ignoring Nick's previous statement. You hear footsteps coming from the stairs and you sit back down on the bed in the bedroom.
You hear a knock before the door opens and you see a gothic boy. He has spiky black hair and brown eyes. He wears a baggy black shirt and some baggy black pants with chains on them. He wears glasses, but they look hot on him.
"You the exchange student?" he asks.
"Yes. My name is (full name)." you say, introducing yourself.
"Nick. Don't call me Nicholas." he says. You nod and he turns to leave the room, but remembers something. "Oh yeah, and don't mess up Keith's room. He'll get all pissed if he comes back to a messed up room." he says and goes off to his room.
When he leaves, you blush and squeal softly before laying your head down on the bed. Maybe being an exchange student wouldn't be so bad.


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