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Lucius Returns

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Some people aren't what they seem.

Category: Mystery - Rating: R - Genres: Action/Adventure - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-04-11 - Updated: 2007-04-12 - 478 words

Pierre drove back to the house, he got out of the car and walked to the trunk. He opened it up and cleaned what little blood was left inside. Than he walked to the back of the house and undressed, he quickly stuffed his clothes into the barrel he used to burn leaves. After he incinerated them, he went into the house by the back door. Pierre quietly padded down the hallway to the bathroom. He took a hot shower and washed off the remaining blood and mud on him. After he finished showering, he went into the bedroom. Pierre stopped in the doorway and observed Monica sleeping, thinking how beautiful she was. He got into bed next to her, she turned over and groggily said, "Pierre?" He drew her against him, and said "yes it's me sweetheart, go back to sleep." Finally after what seemed like hours, Pierre fell asleep.

Pierre woke up abruptly, Monica wasn't in bed beside him. He squinted at the clock, it said 4:15 in the morning. Pierre got up and walked out of the bedroom, down the hall, toward the living room. He froze at the doorway, Lucius sat there, on the sofa. He had Monica held against him, a knife to her throat. "Surprised to see me alive?" He sneered as he pressed the knife deeper. Monica whimpered in terror, "now you can watch as your wife dies," Lucius said. Than he slashed her throat.

Pierre sat up, perspiring heavily, Monica turned over. "Are you ok honey?" She asked with worry, Pierre nodded. "I'm alright," he said getting out of bed, "I just had a nightmare, go back to sleep." He quickly pulled on a pair of pants and left the bedroom. He went into the kitchen and made himself some coffee. "Lucius is dead, I know it," he whispered to himself. Than set the mug down on the table. He hurried over to the door and grabbed his keys. Hastily he got into the car and drove off, he drove until he came to the place where he had parked before. Pierre pulled over and jumped out of the car running to where the ravine was. Peering over the side, he didn't see the tarp. So he went back to the car and got the rope he used to climb mountains with. Looping on end around a tree, he edged his way down, until he reached the ground. He frantically began looking around for the tarp that held Lucius's dead body. Finally, he spotted it, "no it can't be," he gasped. The tarp lay unfolded, covered with Lucius's blood, but empty. Pierre saw a path of blood leading away from the tarp, he quickly followed it, hoping that something had dragged Lucius' corpse away. He found a human footprint in the mud and realized with horror that Lucius was still alive.
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