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Not to be taken seriously. This is done to poke fun of the Trinity Blood characters! Enjoy the insanity!

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A/N: I was under the heavy (humorous) influence of my friend, Passé on an Angel. This is my take on what happened after the epic battle in the last episode of the anime.

Updated on: 12th of April 2007

Insanity - Chapter 1: Reflections.

Written by: Guardian0Devil

Pairing(s): Don't ask me, figure it out yourself.
Warning: This is done in Cain's point of view. Insanity is ensured. Not to be taken seriously.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything of Trinity Blood or anything else that is copyrighted. Please don't sue me.

(At the main base of the Rozen Kruez Orden)

Stepping out from my recuperation unit, I walk lazily and stand by the window of my chamber, silently reflecting the recent events up till now since my battle with Abel over the skies of Londinium one year ago.

During the battle, Isaak had been the one piloting one of our battleships to destroy Albion as a distraction for the AX members while I went to collect my beloved and wayward brother.

It seems that our plan of retrieval had to fall apart as we had underestimated these annoying insects. The battleship was destroyed and Isaak was forced to escape using his 'shadow magic' that had branded him the title "Magus". Meanwhile, I was engaged in an intensive fight with Abel whom I had earlier thought to be in regenerative coma...

(One year ago, in Londinium)

I was leisurely taking my own sweet time as I walked towards the little church in which the humans decided to temporarily store my foolish brother in. I'm an immortal after all, having all the time of the world within the grasp of my hands.

Pushing open the large twin doors of the little church, I sense somebody has been here before me. An android clothed as a priest and a red-haired nun kneeling and praying beside the coffin. I vaguely remembered that her name is Esther and apparently she was the recent unhealthy obsession of one of my subordinates, the Puppet Master, Dietrich.

I slowly cat walked my way towards my brother's coffin undeterred by any of the android's attacks. His silver bullets are useless against my energy shield, yet he still keeps shooting. Such a waste of resources which can be used on killing filthy humans. I increased my speed to appear in front of the android and man-handled it across the church, where large cracks and a man-sized imprint can be seen on the walls due to my super strength.

Hmph, now it was time to retrieve my dearest sibling. However, just as I came near to touch the coffin lid, Abel just had to choose this time to wake up from his slumber.

I was strangely unsurprised in which Abel came back alive and left the coffin in which he was laid in. It figures that since I can came back alive and breathing from a pile of ashes that I was once reduced to when I fell into the Earth's atmosphere, so why can't Abel be alive when he's only taken a hit by my sound wave to his heart.

What really made my heart arches and filled my mind with appreciation was the beautiful dramatic entrance he made. A huge whirlwind of rich ruby red blood spiral out from the coffin. The freshly picked red roses which accompanied his coffin tore through the air and lashed menacingly around the church with the lingering sweet aroma of rose petals and blood. Then the whirlwind of blood slowly gathered into a shape and revealed my brother's lovely true form.

Ahhh... looks like he had unhesitant released to his full potential. This was perhaps the first time I have seen him up close at 100 Crusnik form; Abel had turned into a humanoid creature with dark skin, a pair of black bat-like wings and blue intricate markings cover his entire body that seems to glow and move with a life of its own. He looked just like a fallen angel standing tall amongst the angels on the stained glass that depicted his background.

What's even better was that his horrible priest clothes in which he was required to wear to work when he was in AX were dissolved at the moment he spiral out of his resting place leaving him in his naked glory.

Ohhh... This was such a pleasing and appetizing sight for my eyes...

Excuse me as I secretly wiped off my drool, I can't afford to look like a hormone-raging teenage.

His ruby eyes stared at me with an arrogant invitation to fight as he met mine. Then, he vanished from my sight as he broke through the stained glass of the church to reach the skies of Londinium. I smirked proudly at this change of events; it could never have gone better. I activated my Crusnik powers and grow 2 pairs of white wings as my eyes become the same shiny red like my brother. I heard a loud gasp coming from the red-haired girl who is protected by that android. What a pair of nuisances to disturb this wonderful moment of glory.

Mental note: Wipe them off the Earth sooner than the rest.

I fluttered my wings and easily lifted off the ground to join my Abel in the skies over Londonium. There was a bright full moon as the weather forecast had announced earlier in the day which was sadly covered by the clouds on this memorable night. The night sky looks even more refreshing inviting and romantic with Abel by my side. I was taking with great care over my appearance for my twin brother, Abel, who was just nice facing at the opposite of me. Raising my left hand to my chin and crossing my right arm over my waist, my pose was executed handsomely. I swear that my lovely little brother was checking me out head to toe over my trademark pose. How sweet of him to do that.

However, the short sweet moment was disrupted as Abel sneered and with a flap of his bat-like wing, strong surges of blue electricity surround him and with a gentle lift of his right hand, he called upon his weapon: a doubled-bladed blood scythe, the Scythe of Death. In which Abel was famously known as God of Death during the days of the Holy War.

Wait a minute; I thought I saw another pair of wings with a crown full of black feathers just below his bat-like wings. Since when does he use his 2 pairs of wings for flight or fight? Then again, he always does have a touch of drama for crucial moments and... It heightens his beautiful glory of nakedness.

Shaking my head amusingly, I lifted my left hand and too called upon my weapon to satisfied Abel's urge to play: a black lance with silver rune carvings materializes in my left hand which was ironically named the Spear of Destiny.

Back in the days of Holy War, people around me always wondered why it was named as it was. The reason: Lance of Destiny sounds far too girly for my taste. Besides that, I was more famously known as the God of Judgment and I need to at least maintain a manly impression.

Therefore, I carry the Spear of Destiny in my left hand and mete out punishments to wrong-doers that dared reached out to fight against me by impaling these "infidels" to death. Yes, definitely my weapon deserves the elegant usage of the word 'impale'. Any other words were too crude for my taste to describe my state-of-the-art weapon. Take for example the word 'stab', which led to 'stabbing my enemies to death.' I just don't like the way it described my actions.

Don't take it in the wrong way. I was a very fair judge and uphold justice back then. Take for instance; anyone who is suspected of breaking the law on littering will be given a fair trial and send to jail to serve a minimum of 50 years if proven guilty.

But now was not the time for all that history, it's Play Time: Abel was the first to make a move, discharging a bolt of sparkling blue electricity at me as he moves forward with a brute roar. I easily dodge it and raise my black lance to counter his blood scythe. His bolt of blue power hit a building behind me, sending rubbles falling to ground. As our weapons clashes in the mid-air of Londinium, a large amount of energy was created and bright sparks like fireworks light up the skies while sizzling the air full of ozone. I wrinkled my nose a little at the ozone smell and nonchalantly lift my right hand to discharge a small ball of sound wave towards my brother's chest.

Sensing my attack, Abel jumps backward and uses the other end of his scythe to counter it, while trying to get a critical hit at me. Too easy, I back away with relatively ease as I flapped my wings and hide myself in the clouds. While he was looking for me, I sent a bolt of concentrated red electricity to his back, which also helps clear the clouds in front of me and exposing me into his senses. It nearly hit him head-on but he veered himself off the course as it reached him and flied straight at me, attempting to slice one of my wings off with his scythe.

I backed away and led him to fly higher into the skies where we remain in a stand-still moment as we faced each other again after we 'popped' out from the clouds. Now we both were bathed in the soothing light of the beautiful full moon.

Sadly, time was short for an immortal like me as I can't afford to stay in battle for too long. The longer I stayed in my Crusnik form, I would use up more energy which is greatly required to maintain my body together. This is also why I came all the way down to Londinium to retrieve my beloved brother's body. I needed his DNA to reconstruct a new body of my own. After all, I'm still not fully recovered from my fall into the Earth's atmosphere 900 years ago. Did I ever mention that it was that treacherous Seth who pressured my poor Abel into dropping me out of our spaceship?

Enough of recap, I needed to end this now. I don't want my limbs to fall off during our Play Time; it would be too embarrassing and would definitely tarnish my reputation. With this decision made, I generated a strong bolt of red energy wave and discharged it at Abel, who also countered it simultaneously with an equally strong bolt of blue energy wave. Still, both our attacks don't seem to be decreasing at the moment. In fact, I'm seeing lots of sparkling and cracking huge ball of energy waves in the mid-air. Darn it, now we have a game of 'Let's see who's better at this.'

Ah yes... my beloved brother of mine had grown much stronger over the years. If it is not for that 'negative element Lilith' that had corrupted my sweet brother before her death, Abel will still be standing by my side and together we shall burn this polluted earth clean of those filthy humans...

Opps! I had lost part of my concentration and had gone all out to put more pressure behind my red wave of energy. Now, both our attacks were negated equally and sent us blown backwards with a theatrical sound of KABOOM.

Then without warning, Abel sent another strike of his blue electricity at me. I opt to evade the attack, but was not fast enough and one of my pretty wings was getting sliced off as a result. Owie, that's hurt. I felt my left eye twitched and immediately retaliated with a blast of red electricity of my own. I SCORED! Yeah, go me! I managed to slice off one of Abel's wings with my counter-attack. The black feathered one. See how he likes his wings getting sliced off.

This is bad... both of us lost our flight momentum and was rapidly sent spiraling down to the ground. A blast of blue electricity nearly does a direct-hit on my face, which startled me to elude it and leaving a small cut on my right cheek. Seems like Abel still want to play with his beloved big brother, as he continued to throw blast after blast after blast aimed at my face. Which makes me wondered if there was something wrong with my face... There's not enough time to think and so I decided to oblige and sent some blasts of my own electricity at him.

I would forever remembered this 'special moment' when we were falling closer to the ground, about nearly a few storeys high that we simultaneously dragged up our last energy resources to feebly and lazily aimed the final strike at each other. Look at it this way; both of us were trying to successfully hit the other with blasts of electricity throughout our falling down to Earth but never even get in a bull eye at all. It was such an ironical moment in my life and perhaps in Abel's too. Our poorly aimed final strike somehow managed to critical hit the other hard in the chest area, leaving a gaping big hole with blood spilling freely nonetheless. Go figure, talk about careless aiming.

Both of us were seriously wounded and fell hard to the ground at the final strike. I remembered the sharp sear of pain that tore through my wings as the hard unfeeling ground met my descent. Owie! That's hurt even worse than my wing getting sliced off. I even managed to see the infamous stars twirling in front of my eyes. Owie!

Just then, a small ray of my favorite moonlight touches my sight as the moon was finally uncovered by the drifting clouds. Turning my head upwards so as to catch a glimpse of the full moon, I saw something that greatly made the romantic feeling in me expanded real fast. Our feathers, black and white, sticky with our inhuman blood and grimly bathed in the light of the full moon, fluttered gently all over the skies of Londinium. Aww! That's such a romantic sight to behold... and it would be even more perfect if I could have my sweet Abel right now in my arms to watch this scene together...

Following that battle, if it was not with the help of my ever loyal servant and also butler Isaak, I would barely manage to make it back to my recuperation unit to recover. Depressing to said, as Isaak disapprovingly commented, my body started to break down after all that 'little fireworks display' in the skies. Isaak had to use his 'shadow magic' to help assemble all my body parts which were lying around on the streets of Londinium. It was a messy affair. I vaguely wondered whatever happened to my dear brother as I was gently put, and of course with all my body parts found, into my recuperation unit by Isaak before the darkness claims me...

(End of Chapter 1)

A/N: This is my first time writing a fic, so please review and give me your thoughts and criticisms. I would appreciate them very much. Thank you for taking the time to read it.
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