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A Voice That Made Me Cry

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The war is over. Post war cleaning up is done too, and th Prince of Mirkwood is returning, only with a strange sence of dread. What is waiting for him?

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A Voice That Made Me Cry

Dread Love

As he turned to the Northeast, a cloud of dread settled over him. His step faltered, and a sigh escaped him.

"What is it, elf?" The gruff voice of an irritated dwarf floated up to his keen ears.

"What?" he asked, distractedly. His eyes were glazed slightly. His sight and mind on the far horizon.

"What do you see?" The clipped, irritated grunt from the dwarf roused the dazed elf.

"Oh. Oh, nothing. Let us continue." The dwarf shook his head, and the odd pair continued on. While the dwarf's mind was on the task of keeping up with the long strides of the elf (and not looking like it was a hard task), the elf's mind was of his home. And what was waiting for him in Mirkwood.

But, even though Legolas Greenleaf's stride never faltered, now, he wanted to turn and run as quickly as possible, and as far as possible.

For the third day in a row she stood at her window in the warm, morning sun. Her eyes were fixed on the mist horizon, hoping for a sign of whatever she was waiting for in the distance.

Thranduil, the Lord of the house, placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. She turned her head slowly, and smiled.

"Mare erin Hir Thrandui."[Good morning Lord Thranduil.]

"Mare erin Rian Laisidhiel."[Good morning Lady Laisidhiel.]

"Did you sleep well?" she asked, momentarily slipping into English. She turned her eyes back to the world outside her window.

"Very eithel,"[well] he said, giving her shoulder a squeeze. Laisidhiel smiled and they stood at her window for a few more minuets before Thranduil broke the warm silence. "Breakfast is ready," he offered. Laisidhiel turned and gave him another warm smile.

"You go ahead and start," she said in her melodic, soft voice. "I need to get dressed. But I will be down shortly." Thranduil nodded, and left Laisidhiel to change in peace. She stared out of her window again, waiting for her mind's obsession. After a moment, she sighed and turned from the window and her thoughts. She paused, closing her eyes.

"Echedi orme ata bor, meld Ernil."[Make haste back home, dear Prince.]
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